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May 18, 2021

Regarded as one of the most popular multiplayer gaming, Ark: Survival Evolved has a fair share of attention these days. You can build a base, collect food, keep hold of your tenacity and never miss an opportunity to have some fun!

But most importantly, the game lets you tame dinosaurs!

Be it one or two, you need to feed them from time to time and take care of them. But don't be fooled by their cuteness; these little monsters are either your boon or your bane.

Well, it all depends on your choices and skills. If you think you have what it takes to polish your survival skills to survive the apocalypse, get ready to uncover the secrets of this wild and precious world.

But be ready to take some risks, as what lies ahead might turn out to be more than you bargained for!

What Is the Best Ark Survival Evolved Servers?

1. is one of the largest and most populated servers out there. This server is the one of the best places for beginners and experts to play and enjoy. comes with a new set of rules and regulations, which you need to follow. The rules are created by the new administration in order to increase the fun and excitement level among the users. In addition, this server also allows the users to experience different features and offers various events regularly to make the gameplay interesting to experienced and novice players.

Navigating through is very easy and you can find all the necessary information on the buttons available at the top of the page. Nonetheless, you can visit the rules section to get all the information about the server and the new regulations. does not allow duplication and you need to provide your proper game steam account details in order to gain access. If you don't have the game, you can buy it from any of the online or offline game stores.

Since this is a private server and the administration is very vigilant about the cheaters and the hackers, they keep an eye on the passwords and the accounts of the players. They also get rid of the duplicate accounts and the ones that are inactive. If you wish to play and see the new and interesting features, you can ask the admin to verify your account.

The server features a 64 slot server, which is quite large and people can enjoy playing, discussing, and having fun with other users without any interruption and lags.
The server is up 24/7, which means that you can play and enjoy anytime and anywhere. However, the main server time is GMT +0.

So head over to, take a look at the latest post and messages. Also, you can take part in the discussions.

2. The Ghost Division Ark

The Ghost Division Ark is one of the most popular servers and the gamers, who have already played the game in other server can easily adapt to the environment. They are very polite and the beginner players will find it easy to play in this server.

One of the best things about The Ghost Division Ark is that it provides you with a diverse group of people to play with. All the levels are available and every player can find a suitable character to play.

While playing in The Ghost Division, you will experience several activities as the gamer can access all the content of the game. Moreover, the server is up 24/7 and the gamers can access the server anytime and play the game.

However, the admin and the moderators do their job pretty well and you won't find cheaters here.

This server has a decent population, which means you get to interact with several people in this game.

But, you will find the mature, experienced and the respectful players who will guide and support you in the game.

The server is very active and you can enjoy playing and discussing with your friends or with the clan mates.

The Ghost Division Ark has a new set of rules and regulations that are pretty friendly and easy to understand and follow.

However, you can check the rules section to get all the necessary information.

If you wish to check out the forum, you can easily find it on the top of the page.

However, the server is up 24/7 and the main time is GMT +0.

So, if you wish to enjoy the game with other players, join The Ghost Division Ark immediately.

3. Avalanche ark

Avalanche Ark is one of the top rated servers that you will find online. Due to its popularity, the server sometimes encounters the technical glitches. But that doesn't stop the players from enjoying the game.

The admin and the moderators check the server for a possible hack and cheating activity, which is a positive for this server. However, if you see any sorts of cheating or hacking activity, you can report it to the admin so that he can take the appropriate action soon.

The main focus of the admins and the moderators is to keep the environment clean of hackers and cheaters, which is pretty difficult to find in a vast and populated server. If you are playing in a populated server like this, you will often encounter the hackers and the cheaters.

However, since the admin is working hard, you will seldom come across the cheaters and the hackers.

The server's main time is GMT –0. So, as the GMT time changes, the server also changes its time.
Avalanche Ark takes pride in its superior private and secure servers. Whether a newbie or a professional player, you will always enjoy a safe and secure environment on this server.

The server is up 24/7 and you can simply click on the link and join the server.

However, if you wish to check the forum and the rules, you can visit the section and take a look at it.

4. Milicroca Warriors

MilicrocaWarriors is one of the highly rated servers, all thanks to its aggressive and proactive administration.
The main thing about this server that you will find the users friendly and very supportive. They will provide you with the necessary guidance and support through their experience.

The admin and the moderators will hunt down the hackers and the cheaters and also ban them immediately. So, you seldom find the cheaters and the hackers in the game. You can enjoy the game in its purest form.

However, if you do encounter any sort of hacking activity, you can contact the admin and the moderators will look into the matter.

If you are looking for a safe and secure environment with the other players, this is the right place for you. It is a perfect place for the beginners to learn and grow.

MilicrocaWarriors comes with a number of rules and regulations, which are quite friendly and easy to understand.
However, you can refer to the rules section to take a look at them.

What Is Ark Survival Evolved?

Ark: Survival Evolved is an action and adventure game produced by Studio Wildcard. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, OS X, Linux, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

This online survival game offers single-player and multiplayer modes for players to survive. On the other hand, the game is set in an open world environment with the extreme weather conditions and the dangerous wildlife lurking in the environment. The game sets aside up to 100 players to survive in this world.

According to Steam Charts, there are over 115,720 users playing this game at the moment. The game is available in two editions: with the standalone server and the Ark: Survivor's Pack. The latter comes with the base game and the pre-order items.

The game primarily focuses on the gameplay. Since this is a single-player as well as a multiplayer mode, you can choose any gameplay that you prefer. However, the ultimate goal of a game remains the same i.e. to survive.

In addition, the game has an in-built feature, which provides information on the best practices of surviving long enough for survival. So players can learn new survival skills while playing.

On the other hand, along with the screenshot, the best practices will show the gamer where to shelter, to find food and also when to get away from the dangerous threats. Along with the time, the gamer can learn the behavior patterns of the animals and the creatures through this feature. In fact, it also allows the gamer to recognize the terrain and the best areas that offer protection.

So, if the gamer is good at taming and keeping the creatures and animals, he or she can keep them away from the danger. Players can also use these creatures to hunt others and tame them. In addition, the gamer can keep their tamed animals at their camp to protect them against the intruders.

So, from hunting to farming, from taming to creating a camp, the game is designed to allow the player indulge in a prosperous survival experience. Well, if carving a path to survival is not enough, then you can hop into the multiplayer mode and be the part of the community for the Horde or the Survivors.

The gamers will also have a chance to test their survival skills before going to the online world.


Ark: Survival Evolved is available on Steam and this game becomes more and more popular among the users. However, the quality of the game depends on the servers. So, it is very important for the gamers to find the best quality server.

But it is also quite difficult to find the best quality server. Many people keep searching on the internet to find the best server to play their desired game.

Therefore, we reviewed different Ark: Survival Evolved servers and shortlisted their details. You can find their best features and services here. So, make use of these reviews besides the information you find on various online websites.

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