7 Best Gaming Chairs Your Body Will Thank You For!

July 22, 2020

If you have ever gamed for longer than 30 minutes sitting down, you know the importance of a good gaming chair.

Not only is it better for your body, but it also helps you stay focused on the game.

The last thing you want to do when you're in the zone is to be moving and getting yourself comfortable again.

In this post we are going to show you our top picks for the best gaming chairs!

Why Do You Need a Gaming Chair?

You may have the best gaming projector, consoles, and games to play, but without a comfortable chair, the gaming experience may not be as pleasurable. To enjoy the full delight when gaming, a good gaming chair is a necessity. It helps to prevent fatigue and soreness that are experienced when using the wrong chair. In this review, we are going to take a look at some of the best gaming chairs you will find in the market. 

Our Top 7 Gaming Chairs

Here is our top 7 best gaming chair you must consider.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series 

Secretlab’s Omega 2020 series tops our list as it is designed to offer ultimate comfort. It is built from high-quality materials that will last for long with minimal wear. The gaming chair might seem pricier than most models, but it is definitely worth the sweat. The designers at Secretlab brought life in this chair by adding ergonomic features like a lumbar pillow, neck pillow, and adjustable armrests. 

The chair also has a sleek design with the gold Omega logo engraved on the backrest. It comes in both black and grey color options and sturdy enough to hold up to 240 lbs. of weight. 


  • Adjustable armrests 
  • Durable and sturdy construction 
  • Comfortable and supportive design 

DXRacer King Series KS06

While gaming might be the main function of these specially designed chairs, the DXRacer Series is built for both gaming and work use. Racer chairs are nowadays common with every Youtuber, eSport athlete, or even twitch streamers. It is wider than most chairs and made of metal for sturdy appeal. 

Furthermore, the backrest is tiltable up to 135 degrees, suitable for a short break in-between game. Besides a flexible backrest, the chair features a leather-style vinyl, which extends up to the cushioned headrest. 


  • Best for larger frames
  • Trendy look  
  • Durable 
  • Supportive design 

Cougar Ranger 

In the spirit of racing chairs is this gaming sofa from Cougar. Its uniqueness is the reclining armchair designed for gaming. Its default configuration places the backrest at an upright position, though you can tilt it all the way back up to 160 degrees. 

It has lots of features for extra comfort, including a padded neck and lumbar and support. The padding is not as fluffy as other lines of chairs, but it’s still comfortable to spend a couple of hours gaming. 


  • Very comfortable 
  • Durable material 

Noblechairs ICON

Nowadays, gaming chairs almost look the same with their bucket design and basic headrest structures. The noblechairs ICON has a different outlook with a distinctive backrest made with real leather. The premium Napa leather used to make this chair is well-known for its soft appeal. But even with the softness, the noblechair still went out of its way to dye and treated it to make it more resistant to fade. 

You’ll also notice the chair’s backrest to be a little taller than usual. That’s because it not only brings an executive look, it is also suitable for taller players. The ICON is made of durable frames that can hold up to 330 lbs. 


  • Made of real leather 
  • Unique design 
  • Ergonomic backrest 

Vertagear PL4500

The Vertagear’s design was made with posture in mind. Gamers know that gaming chairs come with a slight drawback of sitting posture due to the adjustable backrest. That said, the Vertagear PL4500 has a more supportive frame that is stiffer than its counterparts. 

It is for a gamer that doesn’t fancy “sinking” into the chair and appreciates a great sitting position. However, the chair is not limited in any way and features the same adjustments that come with gaming chairs. You can adjust the chair’s tilt and height. The Vertagear is sturdy as well, holding up to 396 lbs. of weight. 


  • Promotes good posture 
  • High weight capacity 
  • Firm cushioning 

Brazen Puma 

Gaming chairs can be a little expensive, and sometimes you need something that fits your budget without affecting the quality. Most Brazen chairs are made to fit the bill and the Puma is no different. Don’t be fooled by the low price. Brazen products have high-quality craftsmanship and use top-notch materials. 

It’s fitted with a mix of fabric mesh over foam and PU leather, comfy choice for long periods of gaming. It is actually one of the most comfortable chairs on this list. Though it comes short on height, it is easy to adjust as well. 


  • Easy to build 
  • Less costly 
  • Sturdy construction 

Respawn 900 Gaming Recliner

This chair combines a big armchair design and a rocker design. Its faux carbon fabric gives it a sporty look that’s elegant and sleek. The gaming chair is designed with gaming in mind, hence the non-movable bottom section. To compensate for its movement constraints, this chair has a contour that supports your legs. 

Additionally, the Recliner 900 has a detachable pouch enough to fit a controller or remote. It has a smooth swivel action, but unlike most gaming chairs, it lacks a height adjustment section. 


  • Unique reclining design 
  • High-quality material 
  • Extra detachable pouch 

Why These Made The List Of Our Best Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs aren’t that easy to choose, and while this list narrows down the top lines of designers, you still need to know a few factors when looking for the best gaming chair. Here’s a quick guide on what to look for: 

Weight. The main question that should be popping in mind here is, are you a heavy person? Each gaming chair has a capacity that shows the maximum weight it can withstand. 

Comfortability. Gaming can take hours, and for you to get the best experience, you need a comfortable chair. Look at the frame’s structure and see how it fits with your posture. 

Durability. Now, gaming chairs are not cheap, and you need to get a piece that’ll last you until the next release of Xbox or PlayStation (or longer). Check for strong frames like aluminum, top-notch padding, etc.

Customization options. As an added point, you can also check if your chair is adjustable to your height, frame, or width. These options make it easy to switch from gaming to other functions like office use. Replaceable parts are also important. 


That’s it for our top 7 gaming chairs! As you can see, there are lots of options to choose from, and it will all depend on your preferences. Some chairs are amazing at giving you the comfort of gaming but lack a few customization options. Of course, nothing is 100% perfect.

But no matter the type of chair you choose, always check on the ergonomic features. Make sure the armrest, backrest, and lumbar support are great enough to sustain long hours of sitting. 

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