Top 5 Best Minecraft Prison Servers

January 18, 2021

Do you want to be the warden of your very own prison?

You'll need a Minecraft Prison server, but luckily for you, we've found the best servers out there!

From prisons with tons of jobs to create an economy and keep prisoners busy (and bored) all day long, to a huge variety of different maps where you can host your own jail from scratch.

There's something here for everyone.

So get ready - it's time to lock some people up!

5 Best Prison Servers For Minecraft:

If you are looking for the best Minecraft prison servers, you may find that you are unable to do so, unless you know the criteria under which you should pick them. The criteria can include the server type, the number of players allowed, the player diversity, and the type of setup in place, among other factors that can be investigated and compared.

So, when you search for the best Minecraft prison servers, you will come across servers which will generally have players from all around the world, and you will have to pick any one of them based on your preferences.

1. Purple Prison:

Purple Prison Minecraft Server

This Minecraft prison server is very different from the others and is located in a place called Republic City. Here, you will come across a virtual prison which is divided into two main sections and offers a lot of things that most other servers simply do not have. The first thing that makes the Purple Prison stand apart from the others is the way it is designed to work.

The Purple Prison is based on the prison design itself, which is in this case, a Purple Prison. The two different sections of this prison are based on two different sides of the world of Prison, something which is definitely not found on most prison servers.

Next, the Purple Prison allows players to play anywhere inside the world and interact with other players and NPC's. Since there is no set place like other servers, and a jail cell is not the only place where you can play, the Purple Prison offers a lot of freedom to players who wish to interact with others freely.

2. Minecraft Central:

Minecraft Central server

The second Minecraft prison server on this list is the Minecraft Central, which offers a lot of unique settings and a prison server that you can play by yourself. To begin with, the Minecraft Central prison server is located in the center of the whole Minecraft world, and can be accessed simply by typing in the single command which can take you there.

So, without the need to spend a lot of time moving around the physical world of Minecraft, you are able to reach anywhere in the game directly. The players on Minecraft Central, also receive a very important benefit that the players on other servers do not have.

This benefit is something that you find in the real world, and that is the benefit of being the admin. This allows you to staff the prison with guards and other roles that you can assign to players on the basis of their skills. Or the players can choose roles for themselves, but that freedom is only available on the Minecraft Central.

3. Destiny MC:

Destiny MC

This prison server of Minecraft works as a roleplay-based server, and has a lot of features which most prison servers do not have. Destiny MC offers you PvP battles, in addition to the freedom to create a prison for yourself and select inmates to put in it.

Here, you will be able to play on PvP-based arenas which are usually available on the server. The PvP battles can be set up for both members and non-members of the server, and these fights can be against anyone who wishes to join them.

The prison which is created on Destiny MC is a beautiful place, which is divided into sections and has a lot of houses inside it. One of the main things which make Destiny MC stand apart from the others is the fact that you are able to move in and out of the prison freely, even if you are not an inmate.

In fact, you can use the prison to fight against other players or have a good time sitting around.

4. Mineville:


This is a Minecraft prison server that is very similar to Destiny MC, and which offers a lot of similar features. To begin with, Mineville was basically created as a Minecraft survival server, and it will keep you engaged with the game of Minecraft by offering you a prison server. The best part about this server is the fact that you are able to create your own prison in it, and populate it with other prisoners and place them in the cells you have created.

You can also leave the prison anytime and come back later to check up on the progress of the inmates. Apart from creating prison cells for individuals, you can also create an entire prison for the entire community.

5. MineSuperior:

MineSuperior Prison

When it comes to the best Minecraft prison servers, MineSuperior is a server that you cannot leave out of the list. This server is a very special one, and is different from most of the others, in that you cannot really create a prison.

Instead, you are able to shoot other players who have joined the server or make them prisoners for up to ten minutes. In fact, you are also able to teleport them to the arena, where you will have to fight against other players of your skill levels. This adds in a lot of dimensions and makes the Minecraft Prison Server experience more fun and more challenging.

What Is A Minecraft Prison Server?

The main aim of most prison servers is to torture players in one way or another, mostly by trying to make them spend the longest possible time in the prison from the time they join. To do that, you can create as many jail cells as you wish, and assign them to people who have committed an offense against you.

Each of the cells can be designed in a specific manner, so that the inmates can be able to suffer or enjoy the experience, depending on your imagination. You can also make the prisoners do a lot of work by assigning certain tasks to them.

These tasks can be crafted works that players can commit to carrying out as punishments for a specific crime they might have committed, or you can just force them to craft good items that you can use later on.

Not only can you manage these prison activities, you can also make sure that the prisoners who break the prison rules pay the price for it by giving out punishments, which you can choose for yourself, to the inmates. You can also craft houses outside the prison where you may place items that can allow you a greater advantage over other players, such as guns, or traps.

This can be used to give you an advantage over others, who may have broken the rules and must serve the specified punishment, should they disobey the prison rules.

Prison servers are generally a part of the multi-purpose server category of Minecraft, and their popularity is increasing day by day. Playing a Minecraft prison server allows you to create, and run, your own prison and manage it, while each player is in charge of carrying out the prison rules and punishing the inmates if they break the rules or get out of line. While Minecraft Prison Servers do have strict rules, it also allows for role-playing.

For some people, prison servers are just the thing when it comes to bringing the jail-like theme to real life. And now that they are becoming so popular, people are being given more and more of an opportunity to create their own prison and put together their own set of rules for the prisoners.

And that is what makes this Minecraft server mode so much fun, because people can be their own prison managers, and may even get to be the guards.

Wrapping It Up:

So, these were some of the best Minecraft prison servers which you could try out. Now, you know where to go to have fun, or to simply connect with other players. But the real fun begins when you go into the virtual world of Minecraft and play on the servers.

So, start thinking about a great prison you wish to build, and improve your skills in playing Minecraft prison servers.

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