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January 19, 2021

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the entire history of gaming, and that's definitely not something that happened by accident. It is hugely popular because of its brilliant artwork, how fun it is to build stuff and explore the Minecraft universe, and how to build a camp in Minecraft with a lot of enemies to fight and outwit. Check out our top 5 Minecraft survival servers down below.

Whenever you're playing Minecraft, no matter if you're fighting the Ender Dragon, building a giant base, or exploring the vast biomes of the game, you're always having an adventure, and that's the most important part of Minecraft - the adventure.

What Is Minecraft Survival?

Minecraft Survival mode is the classic way of playing Minecraft, and one of the coolest ways to play. Minecraft survival gives you a large selection of custom Minecraft skins to choose from, and it makes a big difference in how you play the game.

It goes hand in hand with the other multiplayer modes, because survival mode is naturally online, and you can create and join most servers and play with your friends.

The primary way to play Minecraft survival is to set off on your own, with a collection of useful items and supplies, and build a base from which to explore the vast world of Minecraft. Once you have set up your Minecraft bases, you can explore the world more, fight monsters and animals, and gather resources. There are also duo and trio survival servers available.

On Minecraft survival servers, you can either play alone, or with another player, or with up to three players. These multiplayer modes are almost always video game servers, instead of PC servers.

Obviously, playing Minecraft survival alongside others is one of the best ways to enjoy the game and explore the map, and everyone has at least a little bit of a competitive edge.

Whether you're leaving the server to find diamonds and gold, trying to dominate the map, or making sure you have the nicest Minecraft bases, without the fiercest creatures, you're always on a journey.

It's what the game is about, and the creativity of Minecraft shines in survival mode.

What Is SMP In Minecraft?

Survival Multiplayer or SMP is the multiplayer option in Minecraft that many players on servers choose to play in.

In survival multiplayer mode, you are not in creative mode, but rather, you are in survival mode. This means you can still build and create your own customized weapons and armor to fight off the many mobs that will be frantically trying to make sure that you don't get the chance to do so.

The survival mode of Minecraft is where many players find the game most enjoyable.

However, it comes with many more challenges than the creative mode. If you're just starting out, you'll probably want to play on a survival mode Minecraft server first, so you can get the feel for the game.

The cool thing about SMP servers is that they give you a chance to experience the game at a whole new level. You'll need to fight for your life if you intend to stay online and make some precious diamonds out of all the blocks on the surface.

You will also get the chance to play with friends if they have also joined a survival server.

5 Best Survival Servers for Minecraft:

Minecraft survival servers are a great way to play Minecraft and to experience the game in a whole new way. Boasting a wide variety of mobs, terrain, and building blocks, a Minecraft survival server is a great way to venture into the deep wilds of Blocktopia and seek out glory and riches.

The survival mode is the primary game mode in Minecraft that indulges players in building things and even protecting their creations from the different monsters in the game and even other players. Some of the most dangerous kinds of monsters in this game include the Creepers, the Spiders, the Endermen, the Ender Dragon, and even the final boss in Minecraft, The Wither.

But when you need to take your gameplay to the next level and want to enjoy the more challenging tasks that only a surviving world can offer, you might want to try out these popular Minecraft survival servers.

Each of these servers offers a wide variety of challenges to players, and mostly involves building structures. Beware though, as with the added dangers of hunger and even starvation, you can't afford to slack off in your mission to survive.

1. MineSuperior:

When it comes to Minecraft survival, finding the right server can be difficult at best. You want to find one that is full of players, or at least what you consider a good population of players for fun.

On the other hand, you would like to find a server that allows your character to grow and become beautiful. You can do just that with the MineSuperior server. This server can give you exactly what you're looking for in a Minecraft survival server.

It has a wonderful player base and some very helpful players that are willing to aid you in your quest to survive.

They also have a dedicated store for custom packages all tailored to further your Minecraft experience. You can purchase ranks if you want more features on the server, and also donate to the server to help them out and get in-game perks.

2. MineVille:

MineVille lets you re-image the vastness of Minecraft and turn it into a highly customizable world that fits your vision of the universe. Players can interact with other players, and engage in a friendly competition to build the best cities possible.

You can build everything from simple houses and pyramids to giant castles and whole medieval villages.

If you are more of a competitive type and don't really care about how your creation looks, The Isles - one of the fiercest maps available gives you an opportunity to indulge in the fierce battle with 15 distinct monsters. You can check and compare the ranking of all the players and their creations, and even add your own.

But the great part about MineVille is that it has an enormous number of available packages and features to purchase. There are also advanced features that only come with a VIP package.

3. Pixelmon Reforged Server:

If you're a fan of pokemon, then you're going to love this server. Pixelmon Reforged Server takes the world of Minecraft and adds a pokemon spin to it. It has Pokemon, gyms, and rivalries, but it also has the trusty old Minecraft classes like warrior, cleric, ranger, etc.

It is a wonderful place where you can build a world of your own, and even choose to create gyms to battle the other players and push your way to the top. However, you're not safe from the other players until you make yourself powerful enough to take on your rivals.

You will have to rise to the top though and prove your strength. You can also play with hundreds of other people, and fight off the monsters that try to get in your way.

4. Manacube:

Manacube is a great Minecraft survival server. It boasts a large player base, a lot of mods, and a very helpful series of rules that all the players have to abide by. They have a great ranking and reputation system that lets you know how well you are doing, and how much the rest of the community respects you.

You can leave and join the server as you please, just so long as you follow the rules. They have an excellent spawn, as well as a great range of other features like potions, and a large collection of resource packs. Manacube is somewhat of a small, but tight-knit community that takes great pride in its helpfulness and reputation.

5. LemonCloud:

LemonCloud is almost like a playground for you to enjoy getting to know the basics of the game. You and your friends can create houses, castles, towers, and anything else that you desire.

You can trap monsters, tame them, fight them, steal them, and even befriend them. So get on this server, meet the people and your friends that you like the most, and have a great time getting to know the basics of the game, and try out some of the advanced features like using armor, weapons, and swords.


With the wealth of options available for the basics and for the more advanced players, there's no reason to settle for a subpar server. You can always take advantage of the Minecraft server list, check out our recommendations, or even make a list of your own.

All of that said, time will tell what the future of survival multiplayer Minecraft is, and if it could become as big as the original, but for now, it is definitely one of the more popular ways of playing Minecraft, and it's guaranteed to provide you with hours, upon hours, of exciting and challenging gameplay.

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