We've got some rules to make sure everyone has a blast playing in our community. Be cool and follow these rules, and we'll all get along just fine!

If you have been banned then you can appeal your ban here.

Last updated - April 12th 2023

👾 Core Rules 👾

  1. Use English in chats.
  2. Be nice – no bullying, racism, or hate speech.
  3. Keep it clean – no NSFW stuff.
  4. Don't spam text or voice chat.
  5. No advertising or self-promo (this includes trading).
  6. If you're banned, appeal on our website.
  7. Don't pretend to be someone else.
  8. Have a proper name and profile pic.
  9. No witch hunting or stream sniping.
  10. Stick to the topic of the channel.
  11. Staff can take action if you're causing trouble.

⏰ Ban Durations ⏰

  1. Bad sports: 24 hours to forever
  2. Bullying: 24 hours to 6 months
  3. Spamming support: 24 hours
  4. Ignoring staff: 24 hours
  5. Abusing bugs: 2 weeks to forever
  6. Cheating: 1 year to forever
  7. Dodging bans: forever
  8. Messing with staff: forever

🚀 Rule Breakdown 🚀

  • Bad sports: Don't ruin the fun for others (griefing, trolling, throwing games, etc.).
  • Bullying: Be respectful (no trash talk, racism, or harassment).
  • Spamming support: Don't flood support channels with messages.
  • Ignoring staff: Listen to staff warnings or face a ban.
  • Abusing bugs: Don't exploit bugs or glitches.
  • Cheating: No hacks or cheats allowed!
  • Dodging bans: Banned? Don't use another account to sneak back in.
  • Messing with staff: Be nice to our volunteer staff members and don't abuse them.
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