Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and inclusive gaming environment for all members of our community. To ensure this, we kindly ask all members to follow these rules. If you find yourself banned, you may appeal your ban on our website.

Last updated - June 23rd 2023

1. General Conduct

1.1 Use English in all community chats for consistent communication.

1.2 Treat all community members with respect. Bullying, racism, hate speech, and harassment are strictly prohibited.

1.3 Ensure your conduct is appropriate for all ages. No NSFW content is allowed.

1.4 Please respect everyone's right to enjoy the game. Do not spam in text or voice chat.

1.5 Be authentic and honest. Do not impersonate others or use deceptive identities.

2. Community Guidelines

2.1 Maintain the integrity of the community. No advertising, self-promotion, or trading unless specifically allowed.

2.2 Please adhere to the specific topic of each channel.

2.3 Community members are expected to have a suitable username and profile picture.

2.4 No witch hunting or stream sniping.

3. Staff and Moderation

3.1 Our staff reserves the right to take necessary action if you're causing trouble.

3.2 Ignoring staff warnings can lead to a ban.

3.3 Harassment or mistreatment of our staff will not be tolerated.

4. Game Fairness

4.1 Exploiting bugs or glitches is prohibited.

4.2 Cheating, using hacks, or any form of game manipulation is not allowed.

4.3 If you're banned, please respect the decision. Dodging bans by using another account is strictly prohibited.

Violation Consequences and Ban Durations

To ensure fairness and maintain a positive gaming environment, violations of the above rules will result in penalties. The severity of the penalty will correspond to the seriousness of the violation, with ban durations ranging from 24 hours to permanent expulsion from the GhostCap community.

1. Unsporting Conduct: Engaging in actions that spoil the fun for others, including griefing, trolling, or throwing games, can result in a ban from 24 hours to a permanent ban, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.

2. Harassment and Bullying: Any form of disrespect, such as trash talk, racism, or harassment, will not be tolerated and can lead to a ban ranging from 24 hours to 6 months.

3. Spamming: Flooding support channels or any community channels with excessive messages can result in a 24-hour ban.

4. Ignoring Staff Instructions: Disregarding warnings or instructions from our staff can result in a 24-hour ban.

5. Exploiting Game Mechanics: Abuse of bugs or glitches can result in a ban from 2 weeks to a permanent ban.

6. Cheating: Usage of hacks, cheats, or any form of game manipulation can lead to a ban ranging from 1 year to a permanent ban.

7. Ban Evasion: Attempting to circumvent a ban by using another account is a serious violation and can lead to a permanent ban.

8. Staff Harassment: Disrespect or mistreatment of our volunteer staff members can result in a permanent ban.

Remember, ban durations are subject to the discretion of the GhostCap staff and may vary based on the nature and frequency of the rule violation.

If you believe you've been unfairly banned, you may appeal your ban on our website. We are committed to ensuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all members of the GhostCap community, and we appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these rules.

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