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GhostCap is a dynamic gaming platform that seamlessly blends in-depth, user-centric articles with an exclusive community gaming experience.

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Founded in 2014, we've evolved from a Planetside 2 community to a multifaceted gaming hub, reaching nearly 80,000 unique visitors monthly. Whether you're seeking expert gaming guides, looking to join our vibrant 7,000-member Discord community, or exploring our exclusive game servers, GhostCap is your trusted destination for all things gaming.



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Founded in 2014 by Pedrotski, GhostCap began its journey as a Planetside 2 community. Motivated by a desire for more structured and competitive gameplay, Pedrotski envisioned a community where anyone could experience coordinated gameplay without high barriers to entry. The initial goal was simple yet profound: to create a coordinated group of players who genuinely enjoyed playing together.


By 2015, GhostCap's horizons expanded beyond Planetside 2. We ventured into other gaming realms, marking our presence with a competitive CSGO team that clinched first place in the AU WESG Qualifier. This success paved the way for GhostCap to branch into various games, evolving from a single-game community to a multifaceted gaming platform.


GhostCap's journey has been marked by significant milestones. Pedrotski showcased his leadership prowess by participating in the 2015 world record for the most players in an online FPS battle, with a staggering 1158 players. Our community-driven initiatives have always stood out, from running 96-player squads in Planetside 2 every Sunday to hosting top-tier CSGO servers in South East Asia, including our renowned modified CSGO zombie escape server.

Our Future Growth

Behind every click, article, and game session at GhostCap lies a rich tapestry of history, vision, and relentless dedication to the gaming community. As you journey further, you'll uncover the essence of what makes GhostCap more than just a platform — it's a testament to our commitment, growth, and the vibrant community we've built together. Explore the facets of our journey, the milestones we've achieved, and the horizons we aim to conquer.

Content Creation

From its humble beginnings, GhostCap's community has grown exponentially. 

Our robust website presence and YouTube channel, dedicated to helping players grow their gaming communities, have been instrumental in driving players to our 7,000-strong Discord community.
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Future Vision

At GhostCap, we envision a future where we stand as the go-to destination for gamers embarking on their journey with friends. 

Our commitment to producing more content aims to help and guide even more individuals in the gaming community.

Upcoming Projects & Expansions

As we look to the future, GhostCap is excited about several upcoming projects that will further enhance our platform. 

From expanding our game server offerings to collaborating with renowned gaming influencers, stay tuned for more exciting developments.
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