The Best Gaming Desks That You Need To Checkout

Best Gaming Desk

Why do you need a gaming Desk

While gaming desks may be designed to give you peace of mind while gaming, there are other important features too. For instance, they can double up as office desks or for professional purposes. Gaming desks are designed with extra accessibility features not available in normal desks such as adjustable height, cable management, or even cup holders. Plus, game desks are the best solutions to keep all your gaming accessories in one place with minimal clutter.

Best Gaming Desk: The top 7

1.Cougar Mars Gaming Desk

Coming at the top of this list is the Cougar Mars desk which is quite impressive functionality-wise. It comes with two USB ports and audio jacks to connect your gaming microphone and headset.

To top it off, the desk has an in-built RGB lighting which you can sync to the game you’re playing. The 5V RGB header is compatible with several applications including Gigabyte Fusion, ASRock Polychrome, and Asus Aura Sync.


Multiple functionality ports
RGB lighting
Sturdy steel frame

2. Atlantic Gaming Desk

A little extra is always exciting and the Atlantic gaming desk is definitely more than your average desk. It has multiple add ons and features that make the whole gaming experience convenient. It has a charging stand suitable for tablets and smartphones. There are also two speaker stands, a basket, and a controller stand.

Plus, the Atlantic gaming desk has extra storage for games, a cup holder for your daily espresso. With all these options, the desk helps declutter your gaming room while making everything accessible with minimal movement.


Great cord management
Multiple addons
Great game appeal
Built-in phone stand and monitor

3. Need ACA14LB-Pro

The Need laptop also has a couple of amazing features that add to its functionality. It has a slate-ash tabletop and a sleek matte black frame. The desk is wide and stretches up to 23,62 inches with a reasonable height of 29 inches. The stand is moveable and you can switch locations without having to remove the gaming desktop or laptop.

Also, the gaming desk has 7-color RGB lighting around the mousepad. Other features of the gaming desk include headphone hook, two drop-in cup holders, and a separate controller hanger suitable for keeping your gaming controllers at bay.


Two cup holders
Durable design
RGB lighting on mousepad

4. Walker Edison Soreno

If you’re looking for space for your 55” gaming monitor or for multiple gaming monitors, consider the Walker Edison Soreno for all your gaming needs. The L-shaped desk has lots of wiggle room for a number of gaming accessories. It can comfortably hold a gaming console, PC. mouse, router, headphones, and other devices.

The retractable keyboard tray is also an additional feature worth mentioning. Additionally, this desk is a great addition to your interior arrangement and can fit in odd spaces too. It also helps with decluttering.


Sliding keyboard tray
Polished top
Stand holds PC off the ground

5. Origami Foldable Desk

Origami Foldable desk is a dual purpose great for both gaming and work. It’s wood and steel construction makes the desk sleek and light for travel use. The desk also comes with an elevated shelf beneath it for CPUs, subwoofer, and maybe a wireless router.

The desk is also foldable and its sleek construction helps make the room look clean. The elevated shelf can also double up for soot support. Talk of comfort!


Foldable desk
No assembly kit required
Light in weight
Dual locks on folds

6. Eureka Ergonomic 160

The Eureka Ergonomic 160 is one hell of a desk for gaming. With carbon fiber texture, a fancy designed mouse, and a wide frame, it’s definitely the ultimate gaming must have. The desk’s 30-inch height is enough to allow you to keep your CPU without using too much space.

Its large mouse pad can fit both the gaming keyboard and a mouse. The Eureka Ergonomic 160 also has a cable management grommet that helps keep the cables underneath the table. The desk also comes with sturdy i-shaped metal legs which are great for its price point.


Sleek design
Heavy-duty base
Easy transportability

7. Arozzi Arena

The premium gaming desk comes with great ergonomics and has five color options- red, white, black, green, and blue. The table’s pure steel frame is curved at the front and has a 63-inch wide surface. You can easily fit up to 3 monitors on this desk plus other accessories like mouse, keyboard, and extra cables.

Plus, the steel frame means it can hold heavy loads of weight. The cable management system is fitted perfectly and makes sure all cables are not hanging around. The wide mousepad weighs an incredible 7 pounds and you don’t have to worry about it moving out of position. The Arena Desk has an adjustable height and does not limit your height or preference while playing your favorite game.


Adjustable height
Mesh dock cable management
High-quality build and design
Multiple-color options

What to Look for When looking for the best gaming Desk

What works for you will not be the same thing that works for another gamer. However, there are a couple of instances where we all agree to some point. That said, there are a few considerations to look for when shopping for a gaming desktop.

Price. Firstly, you should check your pockets and see how your budget fits with what you need most. That’s because the price tag of gaming desks varies widely from  $100 to $2000.
Size.  The size of the desk will determine how many accessories you’ll be able to fit in the desk. If you have a laptop and a monitor setup, you’ll need a small-frame desk.
Aesthetics. Although not critical, the aesthetic appeal of your desk can make a huge difference. For instance, if you don’t have a gaming room, you’d want a desk that blends well with the environment.
Storage and Organization. You’ll also need a gaming desk that has storage and organization features like wire management, shelves, and cup holders.


Gaming desks are useful and the choice of which one fits will depend on what you need as a gamer. But still, there are a couple of general features that you must look for like material, price, comfort, among others. Always look for a gaming desk that will not only beautify your room but will also amplify your gaming experience.