Best Minecraft Adventure Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Adventure Servers

Playing Minecraft adventure is mainly exploring other player-created maps. It is one of the most exciting game modes because you don’t know what to expect with each new adventure.

Now, if you play Vanilla Minecraft, there is no quest, but once you shift into adventure mode, you will encounter designers who have developed a game with a lead player who needs to work through a story.

Game creators or adventure mode creators, as they are called, are required to think through various scenarios. For instance, when playing Minecraft Adventure, players need to use the right tools to break more blocks, and in some instances, blocks can’t be broken.

That’s why the adventure mode is an excellent way of engaging in building challenges or maybe telling a story because players can easily break blocks if they want to bypass some content.

If you are a fan of Minecraft Adventure mode or would like to explore more worlds, you need to connect to a server. Fortunately, there are quite a few, and we list the best ones below.

5 Best Adventure Servers For Minecraft

Adventure servers are servers that usually have Hardcore difficulty enabled, meaning that they do not pause if the player's character dies. These servers incorporate a lot of PvP mechanics to create an intense gameplay experience.

For example, a server may have a pass-time mechanic that gives players a set time before being "assassinated," where the player is teleported to an arena and must fight for their life against every enemy they've slain previously. Or maybe even spawn in items like diamond swords or food.

What happens on these servers depends on the server rules and the developers of each unique server. Here are the top 5 Best Minecraft Adventure Servers.


Minecraft Adventure Server

Server IP:

Playblocks is one of the more popular adventure Minecraft servers. However, the server is also home to other game modes like Skyblock Survival, Creative, Economy, and Network. At present, the server is around 200 out of a possible 2000 maximum users, which means that you can still get a spot on here. If you vote, it enables you to get free rewards like Vote Keys for rolls on the game’s chest drop.

  • Growing community
  • Range of Minecraft adventure maps
  • custom mobs and different game mode.

With a very active community, they have a TikTok account to help grow the community, showing off their custom plugins and amazing content.

Minecraft Playblocks Website:

Minecraft Playblocks Discord:

Unlike other servers, this server requires a very limited amount of resources so anyone with a computer will be able to join.

Imagine Fun

Imagine Fun Server

Server IP:

Imagine Fun recommends that players update to Minecraft server Version 1.16.5 to play. Players can also choose different game versions via the main menu when the launcher is loading, then 1.16.5, and the jar will start to download. The server allows a total of 6 game modes. At present, the server has Network and Minigames in addition to Adventure maps. What are you waiting for? Join today!

  • Premium features with custom items.
  • Countless hours of fun either by yourself or with friends.
  • Offering a strong community with support around the clock.
  • Most realistic disneyland out of all adventure servers.

Imagine Fun Website:

Imagine Fun Discord:

If you're having issues joining their server you can check out their personally made tutorial here (On Java):

Survival Prison Slimefun 1.17 Dogecraft

DogeCraft Server


Playing on the Survival Prison Slimefun server will require that you have Minecraft Version 1.17.1 to play. However, you can choose various game versions via the main menu when the launcher loads and then choose version 1.17.1. The server allows only 6 game modes, which is why server owners may choose the most popular ones to have the most players. At present, the server hosts Economy, Adventure, Survival, Prison, and Towny.

  • Offering the one and only doge multiplayer experience.
  • Focusing on puzzles and custom features for its players.
  • Comprehensive and easy to use store.

Dogecraft Website:

Dogecraft Discord:

One of the good things about dogecraft is its live map on the website with survival, creative and slimefun.

Sylph MC

Sylph Server

Server IP:

Playing on Sylph MC requires Minecraft Version 1.17.1, which you can update using the method we described above via the main menu. The server supports only six game modes and is home to Adventure as well as Economy, Custom Enchantments, Towny, Roleplay, and Survival. This Minecraft server isn't as popular as the ones above but does have a dedicated community of Minecraft players that are willing to put the time in to make it better.

Sylph Website:

Sylph Discord:

They offer custom plugin kits and a ranking system to help you along your journey.


Pixlemon Server

Server IP:

i-Pixelmon is hosted in the United States, which ensures local players the best possible speed. At present, (Pixelmon runs) players with Minecraft Version 1.12.2 can join. It is one of the more popular servers for players who want to play Minecraft Adventure.

This server offers the latest Pixelmon reforged version (as of 2022)

  • Active forums on their website with fast support.
  • Custom content (Focusing on Pixelmon).
  • Updated grief protection.

This Minecraft server has everything you need if you are a fan of the Pokemon series (and more). This includes quests with friends, survival maps, and the ability to earn money.

Pixelmon Website:

Pixelmon Discord:

What Are Minecraft Adventure Servers?

Adventure Minecraft servers are all very popular because of how intense they can be; there's no room for error and any misstep could mean certain death! Fear and anxiety can make gameplay more fun than ever, especially when you're pitted up against other players who want nothing more than to kill you and steal your loot.

As you play Adventure servers more and more, you'll get better and learn the mechanics of each different Adventure Server. What you'll find is that most servers have a lot in common with each other when it comes to rules and mechanics, but the maps themselves might be a little different depending on what developers they hold.

What you can expect from Adventure Servers is a very fast-paced, intense server where players must work together or risk being killed by one another. PvP is usually enabled throughout the whole map, but you may also come across NPCs who are not fond of your presence and will kill you if they get the chance!

What makes Minecraft Adventure servers so much fun is that there's no knowing what to expect next! You could spawn up somewhere nice and serene or in an arena surrounded by lava with every enemy you've slain surrounding you… What will you find?

Some of the most famous Minecraft Adventure servers are the ones that provide unique experiences, so even people who aren't normally PvP can have fun! What's interesting about the Adventure servers is that because of how much they limit your resources and give you a set time, it forces players to work together and cooperate.

What I mean by this is that even if you hate PvP and normally avoid anything to do with it, you'll still have to team up with somebody in order to succeed. What makes Minecraft Adventure Servers so great is their ability to accommodate any type of player--simply find a server that sounds fun for you!

When playing these types of servers, be prepared for something fast-paced! Don't waste too much time in one place or else enemies may spawn around you… Always keep moving! There are no rules except don break other people's stuff without permission.

How We Defined The Best Minecraft Adventure Servers?

We admit that the “best” is a relative term and mainly depends on what you want. Each server has several adventures. You can also choose how many players to play with, and how many enemies you have as well as their difficulty, etc.


That's it for our list of the Best Minecraft Adventure Servers. Have something we need to add? Leave a comment below!

If you're looking for a Minecraft server that offers both an elaborate map to explore and a sound community around it, then these five mentioned above are a great place to start.

All with their own custom features and individual flair they are perfect for the newcomer.

Other players that want to stick with the standard survival servers can still find these fun but might see how they stray from what Minecraft origionally was.


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