Best Minecraft GTA Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft GTA Servers

Minecraft GTA is one of the most popular Minecraft minigames. While the game is a recent introduction to the Minecraft genre, it has become very popular.

The game drops players into the city of New Mineport, MineSantros, or Sanktburg. In the city, players get to loot chests that are filled with all manner of awesome gear. Furthermore, they (players) have the license to kill anyone who may stand in their way. However, players also need to be very careful because there are police just right around the corner, and they are hunting for people just like you.

Players can level up, giving them access to more powerful weapons and a laundry list of vehicles. Players can also purchase homes and vehicles. It is also possible to join a gang or make your own, which can be leveraged to become a Crime Lord. The possibilities are quite literally limitless.

3 Best Minecraft GTA Servers

If you want to play Minecraft GTA, below are some of the best servers. Our choice of servers is based on speed, size of the community, and the staff.

Grand Theft Minecart GTA


Grand Theft Minecart GTA is one of the best Minecraft GTA servers out there. It is home to hundreds of players who log in to play their favorite minigame. The server includes a large number of custom weapons (35 custom weapons, to be exact). The weapons include the GTM, shotguns, and sniper rifles. In addition, players also get to drive custom vehicles, including planes and tanks.

The major advantage of playing on Grand Theft Minecart GTA is the large community in multiple languages and gangs. It is also possible for players to build their own custom maps.

In our experience, the server is also regularly updated with the latest patches, so stability is certainly not one of the issues players will encounter here.


Twerion, is another large Minecraft GTA server with hundreds of players. In addition to a host of custom weapons and vehicles, the unique feature of the server is that there are lots of new players joining. The servers are also pretty fast, which is why we didn’t experience much, if any, lag when playing.

The other advantage of Twerion is its large community of players and helpful staff. You can always contact someone when something goes wrong or when you need help.

Cosmic Craft


Cosmic Craft is a pretty established server and home to several other games than Minecraft GTA. However, its stability and speed sets this server apart from the others we played on. For the most part, speed is excellent, and players get to create a gang and take on others in the city.

At present, the community of Minecraft GTA players is comparatively small. Still, there are an increasing number of players switching to GTA, which means it is only a matter of time before there are more players than it can handle (figuratively speaking).


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