Best Minecraft Magic World Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Magic World Servers

The beauty of Minecraft Magic World servers is that they allow players to easily cast spells and choose to take part in various fabled antics in the world of Minecraft. What’s remarkable is that all of this can be done without needing any extra mods.

Many servers also have a large inventory of custom magic spells that players can master and use against opponents. There are also a variety of unique and new enchantments added to the game for players to mess around with.

Just about every server we play on and is listed below tends to be well maintained with frequent updates. Furthermore, these servers are all free to join, with them being online 24/7. So, you choose when to play!

Purple Prison


There is no doubt that Purple Prison is an excellent quality Minecraft Prison server with numerous magical elements. The goal of the server is to plan for and work towards escaping the prison world, which seems to be currently under the hold of otherworldly creatures.

The Purple Prison server has many different custom magic enhancements like exploding blocks, pickaxes, custom potion effects, and custom weapons, amongst others.

The server has been online for the past six years and is considered one of the greatest Minecraft servers, with new players getting on to it every day. There is also a large Discord community with over 30k members.

Cursed Craft


It is a fully functional Minecraft survival server that offers a unique blend of mythical themed features that sets it apart from the other servers for many players. However, the difference-maker perhaps is that the Cursed Craft allows players to complete fantasy-style quests, in addition to defeating bosses which use magic and use various spell-based attack systems. In our experience, these bosses are tough and will require multiple attempts. But the effort is well worth it.

Lord of the Craft


If you are a fan of the popular Lord of the Rings movies or perhaps the series of books, you will enjoy playing on this Minecraft server.

The server has been entirely custom-developed, allowing players to roleplay as the character they want, with different special race classes. There are also custom monsters, kingdoms, and worlds.

Players can master new powerful spells turning their characters into the most feared in the lands.

The Last Block Bender


Now, if you are an Avatar: The Last Airbender animated TV series fan, then you will enjoy playing on this server.

The server allows players to learn and master a variety of magic spells and elemental bending, using four distinct elements similar to what you may be familiar with from the TV series.

However, the server also offers players the ability to rule over their nation in the fantasy world, and they can choose to battle other nations that other players on the server control. It is an excellent experience which even those not familiar with the TV series will enjoy.


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