Best Minecraft Minigames Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Minigames Servers

Minecraft is famous for its often cute, challenging, and highly engaging minigames; many of them are hosted across a multitude of so-called minigame servers. While minigame servers are a dime a dozen, the fact is that not all servers are the best for playing them.

It is essential to consider that many of these games have been a major part of the multiplayer community over the years. Today, the biggest servers host hundreds of players engaged in playing these minigames.

Some of the most popular minigames include Block hunt, Bedwars, TNT tag, egg wars, survival games, build battle, and various others.

Despite its success, Minicraft continues to bring out new minigames, every one of which offers a unique experience. The best servers, in our opinion, will have not only a large number of players but also custom-developed maps that can’t be found anywhere else. So, with that in mind, let’s start.



Mineplex is one of the oldest and biggest Minecraft minigame servers that continues to be popular to this day. The server is home to thousands of players every day, with 13 different and unique minigames.

Some of the most popular games here include Bridges, Arcade, Champions, Cake Wards, Skywars, Master Builder, Block Hunt, Survival Games, and Speed Builders.



Hypixel is the most popular server today, and it leads in every metric. The server has the largest number of players, i.e., 100,000, the last time we checked. Most of these players are actively engaged in playing every day.

The server has over 135 unique Minigames, with some of the most popular ones being TNT tag, murder mystery, bedwars, and build battle amongst a couple of others.



CubeCraft is another established and popular server with a myriad of Minecraft minigames. The server also supports the Java edition of the game and Bedrock edition, which means that you can connect to the server with any of these clients to start playing.

CubeCraft is also home to the new Among Us-inspired minigame called “Among Slimes,” which was developed by the owners of this server and is a significant hit. Other game modes include Lucky Blocks, Eggwars, Survival Games, BlockWars, SkyWars, MinerWare, etc.

Purple Prison


Purple Prison is another popular Minecraft minigames server that continues to have a growing number of active players. The website highlights the most popular games on the servers so that players can jump right into them.

The great thing about this server is that it is open to everyone who wants to enjoy playing minigames that are a little unconventional. Players can enjoy minigames like maze run, parkour, kit-pvp, etc. Once players join, they will need to type /kit PVP for the minigame. They can also type /warp parkour to compete against other players in the parkour game, and the same goes for warp maze.

MC Central


It is amongst the latest and fastest-growing servers with a large selection of classic game modes like skyblock, survival, and factions.


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