Best Minecraft Parkour Servers

Minecraft Parkour servers have been immensely popular for several years, in fact, we’d say it is as popular as it was 11 years ago!

Throughout the time Minecraft Parkour has been around, players have tried their best to push their movement skills to the absolute limit. This feat is achieved by mainly completing challenges, especially on Parkour Maps, with the goal of beating the course.

While there is nothing new about Minecraft Parkour servers, the genre has certainly evolved over the years, from dedicated servers to ones offering different types of Parkour action.

This article will list the very best of the best Minecraft servers for Parkour players. If anything, these servers will offer you the very best experience.

Mox MC


Mox MC has many different Parkour maps that players can experience and are suited to varying skillsets. The server also rewards those who can beat the most popular maps with various in-game tags and special items.

We love the fact that accessing Parkour on the server is very simple. All you need is to join the server and then type “/warp Parkour” in the server’s chat. This will soon mean that the brilliant and custom-built map comes up. Interestingly, the server also has mini-games like a maze which are worth trying.



It is a Minecraft server that’s now clocking in at over a decade. During this time Minr, has been able to add and refine its large selection of Parkour maps for its hundreds of players.

The server has maps that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, even those who are new to the game and want to develop a few basic skills. 



Happy HG has not been around for as long as some other servers in our list, but it does boast of several game modes. The server offers players the opportunity to fine-tune their parkour skills with the maps, which will help them target specific areas to improve.

Take, for instance, there are maps for “ladder parkour” or maybe “slime parkour,” which allows players to improve these areas of their skills.



It is another old server and has remained popular for years with the Minecraft community. Even though there are many different game modes here, the big reason why this is at the top of our list is because of the Dragon Escape mode. The mode has players use their skills to evade a dragon that’s rapidly approaching them.

The game mode has been developed for Mineplex and offers a thrilling, unique experience to Minecraft fans.



Finally, we have ParkourCraft, which is a smaller size server compared to some others on our list, but it still has lots of awesomeness. There are custom-built parkour maps for starters, and then there are various parkour plugins that players can have fun with.

Players are rewarded with coins each time they successfully complete a map. The coins can then be redeemed for various perks and features like chat tags and hats.

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