Best Minecraft Pixelspark Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Pixelspark Servers

Minecraft Pixelspark is very similar to Pixelmon servers, but with the added advantage of having more mods and more Pokemons. However, it was a challenge to assemble this list of the best Pixelspark servers despite its growing popularity. One of the reasons for this is that at the moment, it isn't as popular as Pixemon. The other reason is that the game is hosted on smaller, lesser-known servers so far.

You also need to keep in mind that because Pixelspark is a mod pack, you will need to install the Pixelspark client or the mod pack to join a Pixelspark server. We would recommend that you use Technic Pixelspark mod pack. Now, with that out of the way, let's discuss the best servers to play the game in our opinion.



FishsticksMC is a Minecraft Pixelspark server that is made for players by players. I guess that's one of its most appealing features. It was one of the best servers to have a good time because it isn't all about winning. The server also hosts its fair share of significant events, with an extensive list of giveaways. The monthly events attract dozens of players. However, there are also smaller events hosted regularly.

Since this is one of the newer Pixelspark servers, the platform is being built and honed. The plan for the owners here is to host many servers, so we'll say keep your eye on this server; it could explode.

The server is also offering free gear for people who signup. The actual offer may vary, but as of this writing, they are offering 2 free random shiny pokemon…not a bad start!

Pixelmon Dawn


Pixelmon Dawn has not been around for long, but the number of players on the server is certainly rising. Pixelspark is also the predominantly played game on the server, and it's encouraged with daily challenges, rewards, races, and lots of freebies.

Players can also auction their Pokemon, and trade them with other players. There is a lot to do in Pixelmon Dawn, and so it should keep you occupied for quite some time.



PokeNinjas caught our attention because it had the most players when we wanted to play. However, a few other reasons to start playing Pixelspark, here are the daily rewards, challenges, and special textured Pokemon every Friday. Also, they allow you to have an unlimited number of homes, and you can battle your way to the top of their roster each week, which earns you shop credit that can be used at the Auction House. Players can use their credit to buy items from other players or sell theirs for cash.

Plus, we were impressed by its large community of active players, who are happy to help and lend a hand in the game too.


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