Best Minecraft PvE Servers

June 29, 2022
Best Minecraft PvE Servers

Minecraft PvE servers are widely referred to as Player vs. Environment servers. Unlike PVP servers, the combat is disabled, and instead, players are encouraged to survive against the elements, mainly gathering their own resources and fighting threats in the environment.

The majority of PVE servers, as we will soon get into, have custom content that isn't part of the regular Minecraft survival game. The content can range from new mobs to dangerous weather like earthquakes, floods, and firestorms.

Players need to do their best to survive the onslaught of natural disasters and thrive on all the natural resources available to them. It is a game that requires a great deal of patience and skill but is highly rewarding, which is why Minecraft PvE has such a large player base and growing.

If you have decided to get Minecraft PvE a shot, below are a couple of the best servers which should point you in the right direction.

MC Prison

IP Address:

Many fans of Minecraft may have at least heard of MC Prison, which happens to be the most famous prison server today. The server has players serving some hard time in prison; it is their job to gather resources when inside, build weapons and earn money working in various mines.

Mining Dead

IP Address:

Now this server, as the name implies, is mainly based on The Walking Dead TV series. Players of the server will find themselves trapped in a wasteland filled with dirty, dangerous, and unpredictable zombies.

As a player on this server, you need to do your best to form a team to collect enough resources to protect yourself from the zombies. You will need to build shelter, cook food, make weapons to survive this Minecraft PvE server.

Hypixel Skyblock

IP Address:

It has to be one of the most popular Minecraft PvE servers out there, with over 100,000 concurrent players. You'll find thousands of players at any given time.

Much of the server's success is down to their Skyblock game mode, which has a heavy PVE focus. It is an ambitious project that takes on classic Skyblock, and it has proven to be a success amongst fans of both types of games.


IP Address:

MineRaze has quite a few different features for players to enjoy. The features include towns, jobs, 3D pets, and a few other things. The reason why MineRaize has made it to our list and why we think it is one of the best servers is because of the dynamic landscape that's packed with townships and cities. Players operate these places, and it's hard to find a server that feels more alive and vibrant than what's available here.


IP Address:

PokeSaga is an example of one of the best Minecraft PvE servers done right. It imports all the fun elements of the Pokemon Go game directly into the Minecraft universe, using Pixelmon mod. The server enables players to interact with their favorite pokemon, battling and also collecting them along the way. It is highly recommended to all the Poki fans out there.


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