Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Vanilla Servers

The idea behind Minecraft vanilla servers is that they are designed to offer an authentic Minecraft experience. In other words, you play the way it was meant to be played.

Today, with a large selection of server-side modifications available, it can be near impossible for players to find the vanilla version of Minecraft servers.

Some Minecraft servers will use server-side plugins which offer a more refined multiplayer experience. An excellent example of this is the land allocation system which helps players avoid getting raided and griefed.

Regardless, some players want to get a 100% pure, undiluted vanilla Minecraft multiplayer experience. If that person is you, here is our list of the best strictly vanilla servers with the least modification.

Purple Prison


We will start the list with Purple Prison. The server is one of the best, with a list of modified and non-modified versions of Minecraft multiplayer. The plugins are used to mainly refine the gameplay experience and maybe offer a fresh twist compared to the classic’s repetitive gameplay experience.

Many people love Purple Prison because it offers a vast vanilla survival world, which you can only enjoy after breaking out of the main prison. Then players can build and be entirely protected from being griefed.

Furthermore, the server has an in-depth economy, allowing players to create game shops.

Vanilla Europa


Vanilla Europa is an excellent Minecraft server that provides players with a no-nonsense approach to the game’s vanilla experience. The only extra feature you get here is the survival game mode and land claiming feature.

Land claiming can be used by players to protect pieces of land and to build on it. It is mainly meant to protect everyone from raiding and griefing.

We love that the server has a tight-knit and active community of players. Events are run for players by the server’s admins, including UHC events where winners receive unique awards.



It is one of the best Minecraft Vanilla servers running on 1.16 as of this writing. It is a minimalistic server with a bit of functionality. The server defaults to the hard difficulty setting along with raiding, PvP, and griefing turned on. So, all of this is allowed on the server, which means it may not be for everyone.

The best thing about the vanilla WTF server is the well-designed anti-cheat system which prevents players from gaining any undue advantage by cheating or hacking.

Vanilla High


Vanilla is a very family-friendly Minecraft server and is an excellent choice for people who want to find a server for their kids to enjoy the game in a multiplayer environment. The server has stringent rules that players need to follow, including no sweating during the chat.

Vanilla will not allow griefing other players or even stealing items. It is another one of those strict rules we mentioned above. The other feature is “keep inventory,” which means that players get to keep everything even after they die and respawn, which is excellent for new players.


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