How To Make Charcoal In Minecraft

October 4, 2021

If you would scale through your first night in Minecraft, then you would have to see in the dark. There's no way you can go through those mob spawns if you have no source of light with you. Trying to get coal to at least build some kind of torch is a herculean task that can put you in great distress.

Why not make some charcoal from the natural trees that you can find almost everywhere? Think of those trees as your ticket to walk out of darkness, that's a rather fun way if you ask me. Charcoal has many benefits that coal fails to have.

For one, charcoal is renewable and it runs for a long time. Even when it fails, you can always get some saplings to make some light for yourself. Saplings are abundant and you would find them in their multiple numbers if you can get them, you can always get some charcoal.

What Do You Need To Make Charcoal In Minecraft

Certain materials are essentials if you would make charcoal while playing a Minecraft game.

  • Wood logs
  • Furnace
  • Fuel Source

The major material that you need to make charcoal is wood logs. Each wood log you get from trees in Minecraft will produce one charcoal.

Also, a furnace would require you to use eight cobblestones. You would get these cobblestones if you dig down for more, just ensure that you do not spawn in the sky.

For a fuel source, you can use coal. In cases where coal is difficult to find, you can always use any wood-based item to make your charcoal.

How Do You Make Charcoal On Minecraft

You would have to place a wooden log on the top cell of the furnace GUI. Then, you would fill the lower cell using wood or coal. When you've done this, you wait for the arrow in the middle to fill up. When you are done making the charcoal, click on the green dye, then move it to your inventory. This is a summary of what you need to do.

However, here is the step by step process you need to go through to make charcoal Minecraft:

  • Look for a tree around you. If you can find the classic oak tree to the acacia or some jungle trees, they would serve you better. Use your hands to chop the trees down.
  • After getting your wood logs, turn those logs into planks for easy usage. If you have four planks, it would serve you well in making a crafting table.
  • Make a pickaxe so you can gather some stone after you've placed your crafting table. Also, place your furnace and use your leftover wood to make some charcoal. Open the furnace, then place the wood logs on top of it.
  • Use leftover wood to fuel your furnace. When you turn your logs into planks, it is more efficient as fuel for cooking stuff. Logs and planks will help you cook 1.5 items with ease. Leftover sticks would help you cook 0.5 items. This is why using planks is a better idea.
  • Put your fuel of choice either planks or sticks under your log. Then, wait for the logs to cook completely.
  • Your charcoal should be ready to use after it has been cooked.

How To Use Charcoal On Minecraft

Charcoal works in a similar way that coal does. You can use it as fuel for your furnace at the same time frame that you can use coal. If you have exhausted your first charcoal, you can employ the use of charcoal to make some more.

Charcoal is also a great way of making torches so you can light up the area you find yourself. Also, if you want to make a campfire, you can use charcoal instead of looking for coal to get the job done.

What Is The Difference Between Charcoal and Coal in Minecraft?

The major difference between charcoal and coal has to do with the method in which they are obtained. You need to harvest coal ore from underground veins if you need some coal. To make charcoal, you can use wooden logs and any type of fuel including coal itself.

Coal is dropped by Mobs and Withers have a slight chance of dropping coal after they've been defeated. In cases where coal is tradable, you cannot trade charcoal with weaponsmiths and villagers even when both items have similar usage.

They are different items that cannot be stacked together although they are used for the same purpose of producing fuel. You can craft coal into a block by putting multiple coal materials together, however, charcoal cannot be crafted into a block. You would have to use it as-is.

If you need materials for smelting purposes, coal and charcoal are your best options on Minecraft. These materials burn quickly and burn fast even better than using wood for fuel. They last for about 80 seconds. You can use them for various recipes or material recipes.

What Is The Best Fuel In Minecraft?

The best fuel you can get in Minecraft is a block of coal. If you need an all-round source of fuel, you require a block of coal. This one burns as long as the lava bucket. You can stack up to 64 blocks in your furnace all at once.

Final Words

Minecraft is a survival game that requires that you have a vast range of resources at your disposal. These materials are needed for you to craft or build some essential items that you need to use while playing. In the Minecraft world, materials such as stone, wood, metal, clay, sand, metal and charcoal are integrated.

Little wonder, you need charcoal as an alternative to coal to create some light for yourself while playing and also as a source of fuel. You need fuel to create a fascinating structure while playing Minecraft which is a major highlight of enjoying the game. In cases where you can use lava, wood and logs, charcoal appears to be the longest lasting fuel for you to use.


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