How To Surrender In Valorant

July 31, 2022

Just like any other game in the virtual gaming world, you have an option to retreat or surrender in Valorant game, especially if you are on the losing team.

In the quest to avoid spamming the surrender option though, Riot games made sure that your team can only do it once every half of the game.

So you have to be careful, strategize, and way things before clicking that surrender vote.

How To Surrender In Valorant

Here are the following commands to trigger and activate the surrender vote in Valorant:

Total Time: 1 minute

1. Press ESC

Press ESC while in-game.

2. Click Surrender

On the match tab, click the surrender button at the bottom right.

3. Press Enter (Optional)

Press Enter and chat and type any of the following three commands:

/surrender /concede /ff or /forfeit

Note that you can only queue the surrender vote in the 4th round on the defense and offense phase. Riot games won't allow you to surrender early. The surrender vote will be activated at the beginning of the 5th round and your teammates will have to vote.

You press F5 (Yes) if you agree to surrender and quit the game(it is in Green color), while you press F6(No) if you wanted to continue the game(in Red color). You can also chat /yes or /no in-game.

If one player opted not to vote, the system will count it as a No. So talk with the other players within your team about your decision to surrender, so your vote won't go to waste.

In a competitive mode or ranked match, you need a unanimous vote, meaning 100% surrender votes from all the players. While you only need 80% of the surrender votes if you play in an unrated mode.

If the surrender vote does not meet the 100% criteria for a competitive game and 80% for unrated mode, then you have to continue playing the next match and you can queue and activate again the surrender option after the first half of the match.

Why Surrender in Valorant?

When you play in competitive matches, your goal is of course to win. But just like any other game, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. The surrendering team has an option to retreat especially when you encounter these scenarios:

  1. You have afk teammates match mid-way and the remaining players have exhausted all their resources and skills and the last resort is to finally quit.
  2. One of your teammates is just trashing the game and you just want to quit to save your effort and time.
  3. The other team is using cheats and hacks. And it's impossible for you to win the game. Make sure you report them as well before queuing the surrender option, so Riot games can take a look at those profiles for suspension. Unfortunately, cheaters are everywhere and Valorant is no exception. But Riot games have a top-of-the-line anti-cheat system and have been doing their best to suspend and block those cheaters so legit players can enjoy the game without worrying about them.
  4. The winning team is way out of your league, no matter what you do and it's 0-1-0, for example. So to save time you queue the surrender option and just get better in the next game.

Valorant Remake

Another option Riot games have for Valorant players especially when you are in a competitive mode is to do a remake. A remake happens when at the beginning of the match, one player disconnects or is AFK. The remaining four teammates have the option to do a remake. Just enter and chat /remake while you are on your first match and the option to do a remake will be queued on the next round.

On remake, there are no RR earnings and deductions. It gives the surrendering team an advantage to forfeit the game without losing any points. Just make sure that you do this at the very beginning of the match otherwise you lose the chance to do a remake and have to queue the surrender vote instead of match mid-way.


There is nothing wrong with trying to concede or surrender in Valorant, especially when you have used all the options and you come to a realization that a comeback is impossible.

And since you are in the losing team it is expected that you get deductions on your RR(Rank Rating) and MMR(Match Making Rating).

So please communicate with all the players within your team before you decide to activate the surrender option to save you time and avoid more stress. After all, you play Valorant to get better on your skills and to unwind!


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