Is Garry's Mod Worth It? (Does It Still Hold Up In 2024?)

June 19, 2023
is garrys mod worth it

Garry's Mod (GMod) is a sandbox game that has been a staple in the Steam community since its release in December 2004. But with the ever-evolving gaming landscape, one might wonder, "Is Garry's Mod still worth it?" This post aims to answer that question by diving deep into the game's features, community, and overall experience.

What is Garry's Mod?

Garry's Mod is a physics sandbox game that doesn't have any set objectives. Instead, it gives players the tools and freedom to create their own game modes and experiences. The game was developed by Facepunch Studios and is powered by Valve's Source engine. It's a mod that has grown into a full-fledged game, hence the name Garry's Mod.

Gameplay and Features

The core of Garry's Mod revolves around manipulating objects in the game. With the game's physics gun, players can spawn and manipulate props, ranging from furniture to ragdolls. The tool gun, another essential item, allows players to perform various tasks like attaching props together to create contraptions or modifying the facial expression of a ragdoll.

The game also offers a wide range of modes. The sandbox mode, the game's default mode, allows players to explore and manipulate the game world freely. Other popular game modes include Prop Hunt, where players disguise themselves as props in the environment and hide, and DarkRP, a role-playing mode where players can take on jobs and interact in a player-created society. My personal favourite is DarkRP, which offers a unique and engaging role-playing experience.

Garry's Mod also supports user-created content through the Steam Workshop. Players can create and share their own props, maps, and game modes. The workshop has thousands of items available for download, further expanding the game's content and replayability.

Community and Servers

One of the strengths of Garry's Mod is its active and vibrant community. There are numerous servers hosted by players, each offering a unique experience. From servers dedicated to specific game modes to those that offer a mix of everything, there's a server for every type of player.

The modding community is also a significant part of Garry's Mod. Many players have taken to coding and creating their own mods, contributing to the game's expansive library of content. This has led to the creation of custom game modes, unique props, and even new tools.

Is Garry's Mod Worth It?

Garry's Mod is one of the best games ever made, offering endless possibilities and a high level of freedom. It's a game that encourages creativity and offers a unique experience every time you play. With its active community and limitless content, Garry's Mod is extremely replayable. I've personally clocked in over 300 hours in the game, and I'm still discovering new things to do.

However, it's important to note that Garry's Mod does require you to pay for the base game on Steam. But considering the endless content and replayability it offers, it's definitely worth the price. Plus, the game often goes on sale, making it even more affordable.


So, is Garry's Mod worth it? Absolutely. Whether you're a fan of sandbox games, enjoy creating your own content, or just looking for a fun game to play, Garry's Mod is a great choice. It's a game that offers endless possibilities and a community that continues to provide new and exciting content. If you've never played Garry's Mod before, I highly recommend giving it a try.


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