7 Best Pterodactyl Themes [Easy To Use Templates]

January 9, 2024
best pterodactyl theme templates

Get ready as we unveil the crème de la crème of Pterodactyl Themes. Say goodbye to mundane interfaces; our curated list features the most stunning, user-friendly, and innovative designs out there. From minimalist elegance to bold creativity, these themes aren't just visually appealing – they redefine how you interact with your server. Dive in with us as we explore these gems, each a masterpiece in its own right, transforming your panel into a work of art. Let's uncover the best Pterodactyl Themes that the internet has to offer, right here, right now!


Nebula for Pterodactyl BuiltByBit 1

Price: $12.49

Get it now!

Nebula is a minimal-rounded theme for Pterodactyl Panel that is also made on the blueprint framework (popular for installing addons), making it relatively easy to use and install.

  • Simple sidebar
  • Redesigned file manager
  • Easy to use settings page



Price: FREE

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Recolor is a simple dark mode theme for Pterodactyl, again based on blueprint. The major benefits of Recolor is the ability to use it with other extensions without needed to re-code anything. Oh, and it's 100% free!

  • Dark color
  • Easy to install


nook pterodactyl theme

Price: FREE

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One of the most popular and updated free themes for Pterodactyl is NookTheme. It is available free on their GitHub.

  • Clean server management interface
  • A better experience than some paid themes

Swift Theme

Swift Theme Latest BuiltByBit 1

Price: $8

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Swift theme is a modification to the popular free NookTheme. It adds additional features such as:

  • Live player counter
  • Server icons
  • Redesigned server cards


champion pterodactyl template

Price: $10

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Champion by far is one of the most well-designed themes we have come across. It's easy to install, well documented and extremely fast. For the price, it's a must-have.

  • Easy to install
  • Lots of documentation
  • Helpful support

Simple Visuals 2 1

Price: $7.99 (or name your own price)

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The Simple Visuals Pterodactyl theme is a nice sidebar style theme for Pterodactyl totally doing away with the top bar design. It's also built on blueprint making installation easy.

  • Full sidebar design
  • Easy to install


image 2

Price: $5 per month

Get it now!

Not exactly a Pterodactyl theme, but Pterodactyl hosted for you. It comes with a nice sidebar theme by default, as well as some extra features that Pterodactyl doesn't have. I thought I would give it a mention here as it's what lots of people are looking for.

  • Easier to install than any theme


Installing themes is pretty straight forward if you have a vanilla Pterodactyl panel, and most sellers have their own installation instructions or even install services. The only time it can really get messy is if you're using custom plugins or extensions.

Remember, if you have questions before installing your next theme, ask all the questions you need in their support Discords first.

Have you got a cool Pterodactyl theme you want the world to see? Reach out to us and we will get it added!


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