Best Minecraft Whitelist Servers

June 28, 2022
Best Minecraft Whitelist Servers

Many Minecraft fans can relate to the fun associated with playing with others. However, these servers can get pretty crowded, which reduces the overall connectedness of the Minecraft community.

After you get griefed once or twice, you want to know that when you go to bed your base wont be raided.

Minecraft Whitelist servers help server administrators keep the players they want to allow into the severs while fencing off access to others. So, it is an essentially private Minecraft server.

Whitelists ensure that there is little to no rude behavior, and the congestion is kept to a minimum.

4 Best Minecraft Whitelist Servers

Though whitelists are best used on self-hosted servers, they can also be leveraged on larger servers. This means you're normally playing with experienced players in a nice community, and with that comes experienced staff.

If we had to play on a Whitelist server for the rest of our lives, we would start here for a vanilla experience.


Best Minecraft Whitelist Servers Ironclad



This Minecraft server provides the Vanilla Minecraft survival server experience that perhaps many purists want to enjoy. The server keeps everything as it originally should be as far as gameplay goes for all players.


Though the experience isn’t entirely vanilla, the server implements small quality of life improvements or additions mainly to ensure that players don’t mess with each other.

  • Get a true vanilla experience with the quality of life improvements expected on a modded server
  • A persistent world means your build won't be reset, even after years of inactivity
  • No griefing means a safe and fun environment for all players (sleep safe and sound)
  • Keeps the game how it was meant to be played

Yes, there is no grieving, but there are also no spawn items. Preventing loss means that the server does not reset the world, which means a persistent world.

This Minecraft community built a great server that also host custom weekly events.

Visit their website to gain access today.

Creepers Lab

Creepers lab Minecraft Whitelist Server

Server IP:


It is a Canadian server that dates back to 2011, yes, the early days of these games. However, the server provides many different game modes, with active server staff ensuring that players’ are always accommodated.

Creepers lab is a great Minecraft server for gamers, whether you're into survival mode or not. The Creeper Lab has many servers with active communities and plenty going on in them - they now support both Java Edition AND Bedrock Editions too so there is something perfect no matter your preference (or compatible device).

You'll find special events like contests where winners can win cool stuff while partaking in their awesome community atmosphere.

  • Creepers Lab has been around since the early days of Minecraft
  • Provides many different game modes, with active server staff
  • Offers a great community atmosphere with special events and contests
  • Registrations are necessary to join, but they have a beginner-friendly server too

All players need to be registered to get through the whitelist, but they also have a beginner-friendly server that you can log into to start playing right away.

If you want to play in a mature community with high server specs then Creepers lab is worth checking out.


Server IP:


MaximumMC is a whitelist server that has a lot to offer its players. While they offer lots of Minecraft servers, one of the most popular game modes is SkyBlock.

In SkyBlock, players are challenged to survive on a small island in the sky. They must use their resources wisely and build up their island to progress. Many players enjoy this game mode because it is both challenging and rewarding.

The sense of satisfaction that comes from completing a difficult task is unmatched. Additionally, the community on MaximumMC is very friendly and helpful. Players are always willing to lend a hand or give advice. This makes the server a great place to play and makes MaximumMC stand out from other servers.

The server is mainly inspired by the Hermitcraft community, similar to many other whitelist servers. However, this tight-knit server tends to keep things like hacking, grief, and harassment to a bare minimum, if not eliminate them.

  • Play on a server that is inspired by the Hermitcraft community
  • Be part of a diverse organised community
  • Enjoy a challenging and rewarding game mode
  • Get more out of Minecraft with unique servers

The community does provide quite a few options, including the survival server, though the seasonal server is reset, and then there is an economy-based server and one focusing on events.

MaximumMC is a great semi vanilla server that is hosting fun events. They also update with new and unique features so you're never bored.

World of Keralis

World of Keralis Minecraft Whitelist Server

Server IP:


It is a modern take on what we define as a whitelist server. It is based on the world of Keralis, which may sound like the future, but it is a megacity that has everything from buildings to shops, and players are assigned a role. Think of a Minecraft survival server, but much more intense.

You can play and work to build a team that expands the city, add decoration, and apply to become part of the community.

  • A unique take on the whitelist Minecraft server genre
  • Based on a well-made and polished world
  • No major game altering plugins
  • Tons of player-driven content and interaction
  • Excellent community atmosphere

In addition, players are allotted their plots on which they can build, which allows them to share their modern independent builds with others on the forms.

Speaking of which, it has a very tight-knit yet friendly community. So, make sure that you share your best work. If you're looking for a better survival Minecraft experience, this is the server for you.

What Does Whitelisting Mean In Minecraft?

When it comes to Minecraft servers, there are two main types: whitelist and blacklist. Whitelist Minecraft servers are only accessible to players who have been approved by the server administrator, while blacklist servers are open to everyone.

The reason for this is that whitelist servers tend to be more exclusive, and as a result, they often have a higher quality of gameplay. In addition, whitelist servers are often better managed, with more active and attentive staff.

As a result, whitelist servers are generally considered to be the superior option for serious Minecraft players. However, blacklist servers do have their own advantages. They tend to be more relaxed and laid-back, and as a result, they can be more fun for casual players.

In addition, blacklist servers are often less crowded than whitelist servers, which can make for a more enjoyable experience. Ultimately, it’s up to each individual player to decide which type of server is right for them.


Minecraft is a game that allows players to build anything they can imagine with blocks of various materials. There are many different servers that allow for different types of gameplay, but the best whitelist Minecraft servers offer the most creative freedom.

Players must be approved by the server owner before they are able to join, which prevents trolls and griefers from ruining the experience for everyone else.

Hopefully, our Minecraft server list has helped you decide what adventure you want to go on next with your friends.


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