Best CS GO Hide and Seek Servers

May 18, 2021

Hide and Seek is a game of.. well hide and seek.

It sounds simple enough, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

The person who is "it" typically has to find all the other people who are "hiding."

In CS GO Hide and Seek servers, they have some extra rules that make this challenging: you can't just shoot your way in!

That would be too easy. You have to use grenades as well as other weapons like the knife or even fists if necessary.

Be careful though, If you're hiding with your friends, don't let them see you because then they'll blow you up!

3 Best CS GO Hide and Seek Servers

CS GO has a massive fan base all over the world. The developers of the game have always tried to include new modes and new maps to keep their game from getting monotonous.

And the same thing has been attempted by the developers of the servers, too. As the game grows in popularity, it attracts many skilled developers and this leads to the production of amazing servers with excellent modes.

And there is nothing better than playing an exciting game with your comrades from the server by picking up a gun and getting down to business. And if you want to experience that, then you must try these three best servers available with this game mode.

1. is a private CS GO server and is very well-known server for One in the Chamber mode. One of the best things about the server is that it is very user-friendly.

There is a pretty strong anti-cheat system, and you get to choose different modes to play. The server also offers perfect balance between terrorists and counter-terrorists, and you get to play with game agents. The server also has a very nice and responsive Admin.


Efrag is a very famous private CS GO server. And one of the best things about it is that you get to play different modes with different players and try your luck.

You get to play many different maps which you can't find anywhere else. It offers an amazing One in the Chamber mode, and you get to play with different players.

The server is very responsive and super quick. The server also has a very strong anti-cheat system and you get to face some amazing competition, and the best part is that there are many servers for you to choose from.


USP or UnderSurfaceProject is an adaption of CS HnS servers. It is a very well-known server with this mode. You get to play many different maps. This server also has a strong anti-cheat system to ensure a fair play.

And the server also has an optimized version which you can use for higher FPS. Once you are signed into the server, you can review the players playing on it, which also helps you to choose the one you want to play with. One of the key aspects of the server that stands out is the maps.

The map options are endless, and you get to choose something different every time you log in. There are no chances of getting bored with a single server.

What Is A CS GO HnS Server?

Hide and Seek or as it is more popularly called, One in the Chamber is quite a popular mode in CS GO. But unfortunately, the mode that has been casted in the pre-set scenario in the original game, does not include all the features this mode has to offer.

In the pre-set scenario of CS GO, the game includes 10 players out of which 6 are terrorists, and the rest are counter-terrorists. In order to make the game more interesting, the server has been modified to include more players and the maximum number is 15.

The game eliminates players one by one until there is just one player left. The one player left remaining becomes the winner, or until all the terrorists are killed. There are different servers available with different rules and different ways to play it. These servers offer different maps which have different options, and you can choose the one you like.

For example, you might want to choose one that lets you play without buying weapons. So, you have an option to not buy weapons. Another one might allow you to buy extra weapons. If you are truly a fan of this genre, then try playing it in CSGO.

Not only are the options incredible, you also get to practice aiming skills while displaying quick reflexes, and if you are lucky you might also come out as a winner.

With its implementation of cool features and abilities, CS GO has seen remarkable success. It has become one of the most popular action games out in the market (Now free to play).

With millions of players around the world, the game has earned it headlines and made it to the list of must-have games on steam However, as great as it may seem, CS GO has its limitations. Such limitations were then dealt with by offering players customizable community servers. As such, CS GO Hide and Seek Servers were born.

The pre-set length of maps or game modes might be overwhelming at times. And sometimes there might not be enough variety in maps and modes to keep you engrossed in the stock game.

With the same maps, same players and same matches, sometimes the game might seem to be a bit monotonous.

And if you are the kind of gamer who loves to play with different people, different maps and different modes, then CS GO hide and seek servers might be the perfect change for you.

There are numerous CS GO servers available with this mode, while some servers are dedicated to that. And one of the best things about it is that you can choose between the available modes and choose the server you like the most.


These were the 3 best CS GO Hide And Seek Servers. One in the Chamber or also known as CS HnS has a pretty good fan base. If you are a CS GO player and are looking for a change of mode, then this is the mode for you.

These servers are considered as the best you can find since players from all corners of the world come here to try their luck. These servers have been truly developed in the interest of the players, and you will never regret your decision if you decide to try them out.

These servers have made game-play more interesting with their features and have given various options to the players to choose from.

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