Best Minecraft Server Hosting

October 4, 2021

A good Minecraft server hosting is what you need if you’re playing the game with an online community or a couple of friends. If you get the perfect hosting, you would no longer have to deal with lags when getting into multiplayer sessions. It would also help you protect all your in-game achievements with its extra layer of security and frequent backups.

Minecraft has been around for nine years and it has grown really popular. It has almost 126 million gamers that actively engage it across the globe. Although there are various ways you can play Minecraft with your friends, it is more advisable for you to use an online server as a host.

If you are seeking a sure means to upgrade your Minecraft prowess, you need a fast and reliable service that would help you connect better with your best buddies. Our best bet is that you’re new or you’re merely trying to change to Minecraft server hosting. Anyway, we’ve put together a list of Minecraft server hosting that would work best for you.

5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting

Here are some of the best Minecraft hosting that you would come across, although there are multiple ones available, these have been shortlisted for their exceptional features.

Apex Hosting

Apex has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot from hundreds of reviewers. They’ve successfully hosted about 200,000 servers across the years. With this server hosting, you can access their experienced admins through a live chat at any time of the day. It also allows you to change the server version files with only a few clicks. If you want low latency on either Bedrock or Java, this is the perfect hosting to use.

This company gives you access to seven tier plans that fall between the range of 1-7GB RAM. You can pay for this hosting quarterly and gain access to a 10% discount. You can also decide to hide your IP address to increase the level of protection.


Shockbyte offers access to 12 different plans and one custom plan that ranges from 1 to 16GB RAM. If you are looking for a Minecraft server hosting that offers some of the best prices, this is the best one for you. You can get their cheapest plan for $2.5 every month and use $40 for the premium version. Shockbyte is distinguished by its money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the service.

Sparked Host

Sparked Host has all the solutions you need to enjoy your Minecraft game. It is the most affordable server that you can access for as low as $1 per month. They are currently rated 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot and they offer similar satisfaction levels. This server is transparent by offering you 99.99% network as uptime and also compensating you with your money in cases where the network fails.

Everything you need is already set automatically, however you can decide whether to dive into the game or include additional plugins to customise it according to your taste. Regardless of any option you settle for, Sparked Host has a support team that is eager to help you through your experience. If you need a hosting server with industry-leading hardware, this is a good shot.


Hostinger is a hosting server that employs the use of a Minecraft panel that assists you in setting up your server, you can easily manage it with a few clicks. It comes with pre-installed mods, they allow you to enjoy your experience quickly. If you need a highly protected hosting server, Hostinger is there for you, it protects servers from DDos and ensures that they are safe.

In cases where you lose your data or damage it, Hostinger comes to the rescue with its backed up data of enterprise level. It provides you with low latency regardless of where you are playing from because it has servers across the world. If you have little knowledge about network setup and using an advanced server, Minecraft is the perfect choice for you.


With ScalaCube, you can create a personal Minecraft launcher by using a custom control panel that gives you full control while playing. As a hosting server, it also gives you access to an easy installation of thousands of unique modpacks in just one click. It has a configured website and forum that helps you track the players on your servers by paying attention to their various activities.

ScalaCube uses powerful VPS servers that offer you unlimited slots to a large number of servers. The succeeding server you buy after the first comes with a whopping 50% discount, ScalaCube has all the packages you need. It offers flexibility and effective tools in monitoring people's activities.

What To Consider For The Best Hosting Server

It is not enough that you know the top hosting servers you can access, you also need to know how to choose the right one.


You need to settle for a hosting server that is close to your location to avoid lag. Select only the servers that are closest to your country or region.


Also, you have to consider the connectivity of the server, and settle for a company that has good uptime and high latency to avoid unnecessary interruptions when playing. Choose a hosting server with more processor than the one with RAM.


Although there is a limited number of players that a server can contain during multiplayer mode, you should still choose a host that can accommodate as many people as possible. Choose a hosting server that can take a minimum of 10 players at once.


Make sure your hosting servers allow mods and include them in their system. Mods help you change the interface based on your preferences and also provides additional tools that you can use to explore the Minecraft game.


Minecraft servers are usually attacked by DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) which causes the server to crash. When you settle for a reliable and effective company, all the possible threats are handled at a go.

Final Thoughts

Mine craft is an engaging and interesting game which should be played with ease. Choosing the right hosting server would help you save money, gain value and enjoy playing with others from across the globe.


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