Best CS GO AWP Servers

May 18, 2021

Are you a CS GO player that's tired of playing in public servers with all the hackers?

Do you want to play on a server where your score is based off your skill and not how much money or time you spend?

If so, then this article is for you!

We've gathered the best CS GO AWP servers out there so that when you go to play next, it'll be worth your while.

5 Best CS GO AWP Servers

Though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO) is one of the hottest first-person shooter game on the market, its growing popularity still leaves plenty of opponents to contend with.

Most of these opponents are minor, playing as guards and non-playable characters in the game, but a handful can actually harm the attacking legion, as well as players, with deadly weapons. Some of these weapons even include an Apogee weapon, which is known as a one-hit kiler.

And a few of those lethal weapons are actually based on the real weapons in the real world. But even these deadly weapons available in CS GO can be easily countered by a skilled gamer. In CS GO, the AWP weapon is a favorite of most players, and has become part of their kill arsenal.

As the name suggests, this weapon is actually a heavy sniper rifle, though can be fired rapidly, like an assault rifle. But according to most gamers, this weapon is not for everyone, and requires a considerable amount of practice and core skill to be able to use it properly.

Thus, people spend hours to hone their skills with the weapon, and sometimes, not just in regular gaming sessions, but also by playing on dedicated AWP servers. If you are an adept gamer, but enjoy using the AWP weapon on the regular servers, then you can easily divert your gaming to the AWP private servers.

Here are the top 5 CS GO Private Servers, that every AWP gunner would love to check out.

1. Hellzone PL

One of the best CS GO AWP Servers that can be used is the Hellzone Private Server (HPE), created and hosted by the N!faculty Clan. As the name suggests, the server is hosted in Germany and is open 24/7 for the gaming community. The server is a fully functional deathmatch server, and comes loaded with over 50,000 active players.

You can join or create your own custom match at any time of the day or night, and be sure to experience some of the most enjoyable deathmatches of your lifetime.

Besides deathmatches, the server is also loaded with numerous modes of gameplay, such as kill, freeze, arm wrestle, zombie, and gun game. It’s a fact that the AWP is great with headshots and, in most cases, can kill from a long distance.

However, taking out the enemy from such a long distance away requires a lot of practice, which is likely to bore you. In such cases, you can go ahead with the gun game mode to really sharpen your shooting skills.

This mode of gameplay basically includes players, taking on each other with different kinds of weapons from a starter pistol to all the way to the AWP. Apart from the gameplay mentioned here, there are numerous other ways of playing on the server.

There is also an opportunity to join a clan, in order to complete different missions and get rewards. However, we would highly suggest you to try out the Death match, the Gun Game, the Zombie mode and others, to see which ones suit you the most and then choose the clan accordingly.

The server is available on both the platforms, that is, the Steam and the Origin, which means you’ll be able to download it no matter where you might be.

2. RevenentZ

Another of the best CS GO AWP Servers, this direct competition server is massively popular among the gaming community. The name of the server itself, RevenantZ, is believed to be a combination of both the names of two popular gaming clans, namely, Revenge and Nihilum. RevenantZ, as a server, is said to have been created by a player and is now being hosted by several members of the Nihilumpro team.

The server is completely free of cost and can be accessed by simply signing in to the community. Although the servers are available on both the platforms, PC and PS4, the name of the server, RevenantZ, is strongly believed to be a symbol of the recent dissolution of the Nihilum pro team in November 2016.

It is said that the server actually stands for the glorifying of the great times that the players experienced while playing against some of the strongest teams in the world of gaming.

The server provides some of the most smooth gaming environment, which is free of any kind of jamming or lagging and allows the players to enjoy the numerous modes of gameplay, all of which are created, hosted and supervised by prominent members of the gaming community.

Even though the server is loved by most gamers, the player needs to be warned of the fact that there are numerous hacking attempts that come up quite often. Whether these hacking attempts are genuine or hacked by random players is not certain.

However, the majority of the gaming community believes that the hacking attempts are made by certain players on the server, who might be jealous of the fact that they are not as strong as you are and thus are trying to defeat you.

You are advised to stay away from the hacking attempts and not to give them a chance, whether you are a new player or have been on the server for years.

3. Uwujka PL

If you are interested in enjoying the CS GO AWP Servers on the PS4 system, then you can check out the Uwujka PL server. The server has been created by a gamer with the name av1o, and is available for PS4 users.

The password of the server has not been disclosed yet, and if you are interested, you have to contact the friends of av1o, who remain active on various gaming forums.

4. Third senses

If you are interested in CS GO AWP Servers on the PC, then Thirdsenses is the right server to get started with. The server itself has been hosted by the most authoritative member of the gaming community, with the name Wilczek112.

The server has been fully loaded with a wide variety of modes of gameplay and is known for its smooth streaming and unique gameplay. The unique thing about this server is that it was actually launched by the player name Wilczek112, which actually comes from the avatar he chose for his character on the server and is now maintained by the community.

The quality of the gameplay is one of the best in the community and should be tried out by any gamer who is looking forward to a more challenging gaming environment. Apart from the smooth gameplay, the server is also known for its fast downloading facility and is available on both the Steam and Origin platforms.

The best thing about this server is that there are a number of features, such as downloading and streaming, which is not available on certain other servers. Another reason why we would recommend this server is that it doesn’t allow hacking attempts, and is very efficient.

5. Napas Project

If you are looking for CS GO AWP Servers on the Xbox, then check out the Napas Project. The server has been created and is maintained by two brothers, namely, DarkMimi and HitMouse.

The server is completely free of cost, and you can download and join in with all other members in the community. The server is available on both the platforms, that is, the PC and the Xbox. However, in the case of Xbox, it is further divided into two categories, that is, PC 360 and Xbox One. The server basically remains open for the gaming community the whole day, and is loved by gamers from all over the world.

It provides some of the best modes of gameplay and has been known to provide excellent gaming opportunities for people belonging to a wide range of gaming skills. In some of the gameplay modes, the players are allowed to use different kinds of weapons to defeat the other team, while in some others, the players can only use knives and other close range weapons.

The server is equipped with a number of different maps, including highrise, back street, High jeopardy and Lost in forest.

What Are CS GO AWP Servers?

The very basic of all things CS GO revolves around the fact that the player needs to be in possession of an AWP (M4A4) and have level 3 on the scoreboard. At present, there are numerous servers where players can experience some of the best CS GO AWP Servers.

Some of the most popular AWP servers of today comprise of all the major 6 maps. These servers are specially created and verified by the CS GO community itself. These servers help the players to obtain more experience with the AWP by providing a unique opportunity to play in a competitive environment against other players of the same rank.

The servers will provide a player with a realistic and competitive gaming environment, especially when considering the use of an AWP on a large map such as de_dust 2 or de_nuke.

People generally enjoy CS GO due to the fact that the game boasts some of the finest, most realistic features of all times. Combined with the ability to purchase different kinds of upgrades, weapons and accessories, players are given numerous ways to customize the game according to their liking.

However, when it comes to players who have a fascination with a certain weapon, all of the customization and upgrades in the world won’t be able to beat the sheer power of the rotating bolt action sniper rifle built to take on any different kind of enemy and deliver death at almost the speed of light (This is why CS GO AWP servers were created).

Even though this weapon becomes available to players only after a certain level of completion is met, the power of the AWP will keep the players dreaming and daring to come closer to the behemoth and imbibe the expertise to play with this weapon.

Though it’s a fact that there is no level playing field in CS GO, there are several game servers running around that allow AWP users to play on different maps with their weapon of choice.


Most players will tell you that the thrill and excitement of playing on an AWP server is incomparable. As a gamer, you can experience the true thrill of playing against some powerful enemies with a gun that will make the whole battlefield kneel down in front of you.

If you are a newbie and have started playing on the regular servers, but are not ready to jump into the deep end, then the AWP servers are the perfect option for you. But the choice of which CS GO AWP server you should go ahead with can be a difficult decision.

This is especially true given the fact that there are numerous servers available on the internet. Thus, we have gone through the process of identifying the best 5 CS GO AWP servers for you so that you get to know more about your choices, and can make an informed decision.

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