7 Best Rust PVE Servers [Get A Goodnight Sleep]

January 1, 2024
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If you have ever played Rust before, you know firsthand how unforgiving, sneaky, and rat-like the players can be (not to mention the toxic bs). You can't even get a good night's sleep without the thought of someone raiding you while you're offline.

However, what If I told you that you could play on a PVE Rust server and it's like playing a totally different game? Something that is fun, unique, and full of friendly players.

7 Best Rust PVE Servers

Here are my picks for the best Rust PVE servers that you can join today.

1. Salty Zombies

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Salty Zombies is a gaming community that loves survival crafting zombie apocalypse games. They host various PVE games like 7 Days To Die, Minecraft, etc. But they have been dominating the RUST PVE scene for a few years now. Not only do they have a great combination of premium plugins, but they do special events, like building competitions with prizes for the winners. There are also over 10 in-game events that happen throughout the day that you and your friends can try to beat.

Server Features

  • Night Zombies
  • XP/Skill Tree
  • Skin Box
  • Jet Packs
  • Backpacks
  • Virtual Quarries
  • Custom Helis
  • Boss Monsters
  • Epic Loot

USA PVE Server:

EU PVE Server:

Salty Zombies Website:

Salty Zombies Discord:

2. RFL | Pure PvE [MOD] - No Killing/No Raiding/No Looting

RFL PVE servers are the perfect place for new players and seasoned veterans alike to relax away from the raiding, looting and killing on typical PVP rust servers. There are two PVE servers under the RFL name, RFL VAN is a full vanilla experience and MOD is a modded server with extra plugins to enjoy. Both RFL PVE servers are non looting, non raiding, non killing and non trespassing making it a safe environment to learn and play all wipe long. If you are looking for a great community with top performance then RFL is the place to be!

  • Increased stack size so you can loot for longer
  • Building damage by other players disabled
  • No crash damage to Mini copters
  • Skinbox to decorate your items for free
  • NPC Raid bases to practice your raiding skills
  • Bradley guards to make taking Brad just that bit harder!
  • Convoy that travels around the map with a locked crate to attack
  • Cargo ship that can be blown up with timed explosives
  • In car radios so you can listen to music as you farm

RFL Modded PVE Server IP:


RFL Website:

3. Rust Empires - Roleplay/RP friendly, Cities, PVE, No KOS

Rust Empires is a friendly PVE server that offers players a unique gaming experience. With PVE dungeons filled with hostile NPCs and designated PVP zones, there is always something to do.

Players can claim land as a solo server player or as part of a clan, and even visit player-run cities or create their own. In these cities, players can establish shops, clubs, hotels, museums, theaters, and more. Quests and interactions with NPCs are available for players to complete and earn rewards.

Community events such as boat races, builder battles, and mazes are also available for players to participate in. During special event weeks, other players can come together and enjoy unique themes and mods.

  • PVE dungeons with hostile NPCs
  • Custom map
  • Designated partial PVP zone
  • Ability to claim land as a solo player or as part of a clan
  • Player-run cities and the ability to establish shops, clubs, hotels, museums, theaters, and more
  • Quests and interactions with NPCs to earn rewards
  • Train and portal system for easy travel around the island and access to Frontier Zones
  • Community events such as boat races, builder battles, and mazes
  • Special event weeks with unique themes and mods
  • Fair gameplay without random KOS or roof-camping snipers

Rust Empires Server IP:

Rust Empires Website:

4. Paradise Island |PvE/PvP|Zones|Zombies|zLevels|Raid Protection|NPCRaidBases

Looking for a noob friendly PVE Rust server that has a little bit of everything for every type of player? Look no further than Paradise Island! This mostly PvE server features designated PvP zones, custom AI at all monuments, a friends list and clans, gathering levels for incremental gathering, increased stacks, quests for server rewards, and friendly admins to resolve any issues.

The server has also been optimized with numerous plugins, including custom loot tables, set homes, teleports, and town, backpacks and banks, a server rewards store, recyclers, quarrys with quarry locks, fishing, skinbox, and more.

  • Rust PvE server with designated PvP zones
  • Custom AI at all monuments and a Zombie King
  • Custom map
  • Skill tree
  • Friends list and clans
  • Gathering levels for incremental gathering and increased stacks
  • Quests for server rewards and active admin staff to resolve issues
  • Optimized with numerous plugins, including custom loot tables, set homes, teleports, and town, backpacks, and banks, a server rewards store, recyclers, quarrys with quarry locks, fishing, skinbox, and more
  • Rules in place to provide a fun and welcoming environment
  • Based in the US East and follows EST time
  • Bi-weekly wipes and decay set for server performance, with a 36-hour raid protection

Paradise Island Server IP:

Paradise Island Website:

5. RustEZ Scourge PvE | Zombies | No Raiding | No Killing

RustEZ is a well-balanced, high-performance modded server called Scourge that offers players a fast-paced zombie-shooter experience.

The focus is on survival and progression in a ghastly atmosphere. To ensure fair gameplay, player and building damage is disabled on the server.

Wipes only occur when forced, and there is an active and helpful community of admin staff to assist players. Decay is active at a low rate to discourage large bases, and inactive players are removed after 7 days of inactivity.

The main features of RustEZ include:

  • Custom AI zombies to keep other players on their toes
  • Teleportation to friends and placed beds or bags
  • Auto upgrade feature for base building
  • Advanced fishing mechanics, tools, and resources
  • Sorter to easily organize items in containers and furnaces
  • Revive feature to restore last position before death, at a cost
  • Remote trading with other players
  • Increased item stacks to reduce tedium of storing items
  • Additional backpack inventory that can be accessed at any time
  • Levels system with XP gained from farming to increase efficiency

RustEZ Pure Server IP:
RustEZ Website:

6. Skyline PvE - No Raiding/Killing, No Decay, Noob Friendly

Skyline is a PvE server that prioritizes peaceful gameplay and a welcoming environment for all players, particularly those new to the game. On Skyline, killing, raids, and stealing are not allowed. This includes killing sleepers.

Trespassing and looting are also prohibited. The server has active player admins to ensure that toxic behavior is not tolerated. If you want to enjoy a peaceful and noob-friendly Rust experience, consider joining Skyline.

  • PvE server with no raids, killing or stealing allowed
  • Nice skill tree
  • No killing sleepers
  • No trespassing or looting
  • Active player admins to ensure toxic behavior is not tolerated
  • Welcoming and noob-friendly environment

Skyline PvE Server IP:

Skyline PvE Website:

7. Zombie Land Outbreak PVE | Raid Bases | Custom Maps | Skills

Are you ready to put your survival skills to the test in a world overrun by zombies? Join and see if you have what it takes to "nut up or shut up."

This server features raidable player and NPC bases (optional), true custom maps and monuments, PVE with PVP day and bubbles, and a play-to-win system rather than pay-to-win.

You can earn VIP status by playing for 20 hours and Veteran status by playing for 60 hours. Teleportation, warp, and homes are available to help you navigate the world, and you can even have your own boats and copters.

Keep an eye out for the roaming zombie horde, and use personal recyclers to gather resources. If you're ready to test your mettle in a zombie apocalypse, join and see if you can survive.

Some main feature bullet points for include:

  • Raidable NPC and player bases (optional)
  • True custom maps and monuments
  • PVE with PVP day and bubbles
  • Play-to-win system instead of pay-to-win
  • Teleportation, warp, and homes
  • Personal boats and copters
  • Roaming zombie horde]
  • Skins with skinbox
  • Personal recyclers

Zombie Land Server IP:

Zombie Land Website:

Frequently Asked Questions about PVE Rust.

If you're looking to play PVE Rust, there may be some questions on your mind. Here are the most common questions other player have had about PVE servers.

  • What does PVE mean in Rust?

    Rust Music

    In the game Rust, PVE stands for "Player vs Environment." This refers to gameplay that involves players working together to survive against computer-controlled enemies and challenges in the game world, rather than competing against or fighting other players (which is known as PVP, or "Player vs Player" gameplay).

  • Can you play Rust without PVP?

    Rust PVP

    Yes, it is possible to play Rust without engaging in a Rust PVP server (Player vs Player) gameplay.

    On a PVE server, players work together to survive against computer-controlled enemies and challenges in the game world, such as wild animals, natural disasters, and other environmental threats.

  • How to make Rust server PVE?

    GhostCap 1v1 Rust Server

    To set up a Rust PVE server, you need to start with a vanilla Rust server. Once your server is running, you simply need to go to the server console and type "server.pve true" followed by "server.writecfg" to save the settings.

    However, for the best experience, I suggest you use Oxide for installing plugins and use the plugin True PVE by nivex.


Rust PVE party

In conclusion, the Rust servers listed offer a range of exciting features and gameplay options for players.

GhostCap PVE offers a thrilling and immersive experience with PVE gameplay, custom maps, zombies, and waterbases, while Rust Empires offers a unique roleplaying experience with player-run cities and inclusive community events.

Paradise Island offers a diverse range of features including designated PvP zones, custom AI, gathering levels, quests, and numerous plugins for a customized and optimized gameplay experience.

Each Rust PVE server offers a great PVE experience for every type of Rust player, so be sure to check them out and see which one is right for you.

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