5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting]

Author: Pedrotski
Published: July 7, 2022

If you're a gamer, you know that having a good gaming PC is only part of the battle.

You also need a great gaming server to ensure smooth, uninterrupted gameplay.

But when you went to look for a dedicated server, you saw the high price tag along with the long contracts.

That's where virtual private servers (VPS) come in.

VPS hosting is the perfect solution for gamers who want the performance and features of a dedicated server without the high price tag.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the best VPS hosting providers for gamers and discuss what makes them so great. So read on to find out which provider is right for you!

Who Am I And Why Should You Trust Me?

You have seen a bunch of review articles of people trying to push their crappy game server host on you when they have not actually used them.

You can be assured that this is not one of those articles!

My name is Pedrotski and I have been hosting game servers for our gaming community and local LAN parties for the past 20+ years.

I help people on a daily basis with their game server setups and to put it simply, it's my passion.

Over this time of helping people, I have seen, worked on, and got to use a bunch of different game server hosting platforms.

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 1

In fact, we run one of the most popular CSGO servers in the world right now so we know what we are talking about.

Here we have round up our top picks for your next game server.

1. Vultr


If you're serious about self-hosting a game or voice server, this is how you should do it.

Out of all the VPS servers, I have run, the best and most consistent VPS for gaming I have had is from Vultr.

I have been a Vultr customer since 2015 (maybe earlier?) and during that time I have run multiple game servers, voice (TeamSpeak servers), web server, bots, you name it.

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 2

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Best of all, you can test them out free if you use this link (Free $100 Vultr coupon). That is enough to test most of their services and see if the performance is right for you.

Here are some of the reasons I love Vultr:

  • Reliable network and hardware
  • They notify you of updates/maintenance
  • A fast dashboard means you can start servers quickly
  • Awesome documentation
  • Very clear and easy-to-understand billing

Generally, when you're running a VPS server, you're only getting a slice of the dedicated host machine, sometimes this means you can end up with a "noisy neighbor". In all my experience with Vultr, I have never personally had this happen.

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 3

Vultr also charges their hardware by the hour so if you start a server and you realize it's too much or you need to change something, you only pay for what you use. No need to pay for the entire month upfront.

Their plans start at $2.50 per month for the smallest plan and go all the way up to $640 per month for their top tier 24 vCPU VPS (No, you shouldn't buy this lol)

It's super simple to get your virtual private server up and running as they have spent a ton of time on their dashboard and making it easy to use.

Seriously you can get your game server started in just 5 clicks from their dashboard.

Vultr also has "One Click Installers" on their marketplace so you can deploy WordPress, Cpanel, and even Minecraft servers with just one click.

If you ever outgrow your VPS, you can easily snapshot your game server and then move to one of Vultr's affordable dedicated servers.

If you want to test our Vultr, then click here to get $100 credit to test it for free!

We have a more in-depth Vultr review that you can read here.


  • Hardly any "noisy neighbor" issues
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Full root access
  • Lots of operating system options
  • Good for web hosting or game hosting
  • One click access for remote desktop


  • Dedicated servers can be pricey compared to the competition
  • Windows servers cost extra
  • Not much SSD storage

2. Digital Ocean

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 4

Digital Ocean (DO for short) is another server hosting provider I have used on and off for a long time now and they fall into the same tier as Vultr.

Digital Ocean and Vultr both offer:

  • Linux or Windows virtual servers
  • Great pricing
  • Their own hardware
  • Lots of computing power for game and web hosting
  • Create teams to allow other users to gain access

Most of DO's plans are very similar to Vultr's in terms of pricing and performance as these companies are pretty much direct competitors. That's not to say Digital Ocean has all the benefits of Vultr.

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 5

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One of the main reasons why I choose Vultr over DO is that Vultr offers Dedicated servers. Digital Ocean only offers you a vCPU (It's still a VPS but with dedicated resources).

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 6

This means as you grow your game server on shared hosting, you cannot upgrade to bigger dedicated hosting. And this is kind of a big problem when it comes to hosting a game server as you would end up having to switch away to another provider in the future.

With that said, Digital Ocean is still a great choice at an affordable price for your gaming VPS especially if you're just playing multiplayer games with a few friends. They offer a ton of VPS plans and configurations as well as a really fast setup process.

You can even add more resources to your VPS plan easily after you have set up your VPS services.

So in the end, Digital Ocean is a great virtual private server provider as long as you don't mind not having to upgrade to a dedicated server in the future.

If you want to try out DO, then click here to get $100 credit to test the platform for yourself.


  • VPS plans are cheap
  • Hardly any "noisy neighbors" issues
  • Good network
  • Perfect VPS for game server hosting


  • The interface is difficult for a beginner
  • No dedicated server options

3. Contabo

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 7

Running a game server costs money no matter how you look at it, but sometimes your budget doesn't allow for a decent VPS server.

If this is the case then Contabo is for you.

This is really the host you want to use if you need extra data and RAM for a cheap cost. One of their most popular plans actually offers 6 CPU cores, 16GB of ram, 400GB SSG all for $11.99 per month

Sounds good right?

Well if you saw the host before, then you would understand the issue of noisy neighbors.

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 8

While there might be more resources, there is a chance someone else is on your shared server using the same resources. This can cause lots of game lag with many online players, ping loss, or even worse, you might not be able to connect at all.

Despite this, the value is good for the resources you get.

I would only suggest VPS hosting like this if you are going to be running games that don't really rely heavily on ping such as Minecraft or Factorio etc.

Finally compared to other VPS game server hosts such as Vultr and Digital Ocean, Contabo doesn't really have many locations. They only offer Germany, the USA, and Singapore


  • Lots of resources for a cheap price


  • That cheap price usually means servers are overloaded
  • Interface is dated
  • The signup process is painful (I rage canceled my latest VPS to test again with them!)
  • Not many server locations

4. Oracle Cloud Free Tier

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 9

If you have heard of Amazon AWS or Google Cloud, then this is exactly what Oracle Cloud is. It is a mega host with huge infrastructure.

While this is free, it is extremely complicated to set up and there is no guarantee you will even get a host.

What this is more designed for is to get people familiar with a Linux server and with the Oracle platform, so when they are older they take those skills into the workforce.

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 10

You cannot host a Windows server here, only a Linux VPS but that is all most people will require. You will also need some networking skills if you want your game server installation to go smoothly as they block ports by default.

To be honest, it might be worthwhile signing up just to play around and learn, but if you're serious about growing a successful dedicated game server, then you shouldn't run your community off these kinds of free hosts.


  • It's free, you don't need to spend actual money.
  • Generous resources if you can get them


  • It's free, your virtual server can be terminated at any time
  • Not really suitable for game hosting
  • There is a better server choice out there for game hosting

5. OVH Cloud

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 11

OVH is mostly known for its cheap dedicated servers, however, if you're looking for something cheaper then OVH VPS hosting might be perfect for you. What sets OVH apart from other VPS game hosting is that they offer 40GB SSD NVME storage and unmetered bandwidth on their lowest plans (This "unlimited bandwidth" is under an acceptable use policy). This is the perfect Linux VPS hosting if you're looking to host games such as a Minecraft server and non-competitive FPS servers.

You can also turn your own server into a Windows VPS if you're willing to log in via their free KVM and upload your own ISO. This makes it one of the cheapest ways to run a Windows game server if needed.

They also have data centers in lots of countries and unlike some smaller VPS hosts, OVH actually owns its data centers.

While OVH has some cheap plans on the surface, there is a lot of misinformation out there about OVH.

The biggest one is they claim OVH has DDoS protection on their VPS cloud line and while that may be true for a website, the reality is this is not going to mitigate most attacks that are aimed at a gaming VPS.

Make no mistake, it's not a matter of IF you get DDoSed, It's a matter of WHEN.

With that said all the game, VPS hosting providers listed here don't offer any GAME firewall. I just thought I would clear that up. If you need GAME DDoS protection, you would need to move to their dedicated server hosting.

The biggest reason why OVH is so far down on our list is simply their dashboard. Compared to the other VPS providers such as Vultr or Digital Ocean, the dashboard is slow and bad to use. This makes it difficult for people who are just getting into game server hosting and are not that familiar with Linux servers.


  • It's cheap for unlimited data
  • Easily select your operating system
  • Generous disk space for the price, perfect for hosting CSGO and other large games
  • Ability to turn your VPS into a Windows server with KVM
  • Excellent choice of operating systems


  • The dashboard is very slow making tasks such as an operating system painful
  • DDoS protection isn't a game firewall
  • Support is one of the worst we have used having to wait over 24 hours for a response

Is A Virtual Private Server Or Dedicated Server Better For Gaming?

When selecting a VPS provider, you may notice they offer dedicated servers too. The main difference between the two is that a VPS is a shared server, meaning you only get a slice of a single server.

However, a dedicated server means you have access to the entire server resources.

For the most part, shared hosting is perfectly fine for most people who want to host game servers, and for the most part, it won't affect your gaming experience for players. Most VPS providers offer instant setup on their shared hosting plans.

The only time you would go with a dedicated is if you're planning to run a large public server, and need low latency and strong DDoS protection on the internet connection.


If you're serious about game servers and really want a VPS for gaming, then start with Vultr. In my opinion, they offer the best gaming experience for the lowest price.

5 Best VPS For Gaming [Your Own Game Server Hosting] 2

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Selecting a VPS plan and os configuration is simple compared to other providers and that makes it easy for first-timers to get started.

  • It's the easiest
  • You get a free $100 credits to test their platform
  • Only changes by the hour

Then in the future, you can always upgrade to dedicated hosting. It's as easy as taking a snapshot of your server, then transferring it to a dedicated server.

If you still have questions about VPS game hosting, then come join our Discord below and ask us some questions!

Article written by Pedrotski
Pedrotski is the founder of GhostCap. He created it with the simple goal of helping provide gamers with a great community, amazing servers, and good reviews. Pedrotski loves gaming and wants to ensure that everyone has a great experience playing their favorite games.
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