Ark Survival Evolved: How to Force Save a World

December 25, 2023
How to Force Save a World in ark

Ark Survival Evolved doesn't have a traditional save button. Admin commands are required for saving the game in most scenarios, including on the console. This functionality is available only to players with admin access.

How to Save in Ark

The game automatically saves progress as you play, but knowing how to manually backup the world is crucial for securing your progress after significant achievements, such as building structures or taming creatures​​.

Manually Saving in Ark

Manual saving in Ark involves using console commands. The 'admincheat saveworld' command forces the game to update the save file immediately​​.

Steps for Saving on Different Platforms

  • On PC: Log into Ark, open the console with TAB, type 'admincheat saveworld', and press Enter​​.
  • On Mobile: Choose Options, select Manage Save Data, pick a slot, and tap Save​
  • On Xbox: Log in, use the console command combination, type 'admincheat saveworld', and select Finish​.
  • On PlayStation: Access the console through the main menu, type 'admincheat saveworld', and press Finish​​.

Backing Up World Files

To save the world file, locate the save folder in the game's directory, copy it, and store it in a backup location. Repeat this process for any other maps you wish to save​.

Other Saving Aspects

  • Saving Settings: Change settings, exit and re-enter the game to ensure they are saved​.
  • Saving Characters: Use the Character Data Transmission process at an Obelisk or Beacon​.
  • Password Saving: Currently, there's no way to save server connect passwords in Ark​​.
  • Quicksave: There is no quicksave option; use the saveworld command​​.
  • Reverting a Save: Move backup files into the active game folder to revert to a previous save​​.

Force Saving in Ark

To force save in Ark, use the 'admincheat saveworld' command. Adjust the 'AutoSavePeriodMinutes' option in the server's configuration files to change the automatic save frequency​​.

Loading a Save in Ark

Loading a saved game is as simple as logging into the game with the correct files in the ShooterGame and Saved folders. Replace the current save files with backups if necessary, then launch Ark and select the desired map​​.


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