Best Cracked Minecraft Servers

Author: Floppychicken45
Published: September 13, 2021

Now, those who don’t know cracked servers are mainly a type of server that allows Minecraft players without a licensed copy to play the game online.

All that’s needed for players is a cracked client, aka a copy of the game installed to join millions of others who love the game. The fact that you don’t need to worry about owning a license is one of the top reasons, so many people search for cracked servers.

We are strongly against game piracy, which means if you love the game, buy it. Also, playing an unofficial copy of the game may be illegal where you live. That said, let’s dive into listing the best cracked Minecraft servers today.

Cosmic Craft

IP: mc.cosmicmc.net

Website: https://www.cosmicmc.com/

The Cosmic Craft server allows up to 2000 players and is mainly a hub for Minecraft lovers worldwide. The server allows players with cracked copies of the game to start playing. However, those with a legit copy can also join.

Players are treated to Minecraft games such as paintball, Skyblock, Battle arena, and Skywars amongst many others.


IP: pikadex.sedexcraft.com

Website: https://www.sedexcraft.com

While the PikaDex server can only accommodate up to 300 players, it provides a unique experience, mainly focused on Pokemon-themed Minecraft minigames. Players get to experience the world of Pokemon, complete with the Minecraft twist to the series.

Everyone can enjoy Pokemon’s Kanto, Safaris, and Gyms regions. Players can Battle gym leaders or face the Pokemon that spawns on every world within the PikaDex server.


IP: mc.holocraft.club

Website: https://holocraft.club

Many players who have cracked copies of Minecraft clients enjoy playing on this server because it gives them the opportunity to enjoy new and mind-blowing games. Games on the server include Survival, Sky Blocks, and Bed Wars.


IP: ultimismc.com

Website: http://play.ultimismc.com

UltimisMC is an excellent cracked Minecraft server for anyone who wants to have a fun time. While we played with many random people on the server, it does have quite a few different minigames, from parkour to PVP. However, the server is strictly moderated, with weekly gifts to keep players happy and involved.

Some of the best games on this server include Redstone PVP, Sky Blocks, Sky PVP, and Survival.


IP: hd.join-ml.com

Website: https://mineland.net/

Mineland offers cracked Minecraft players loads of features, which are otherwise only found on top servers. You’ve got everything from quests to monthly tops and a number of unique game modes, ensuring a next-level Minecraft experience.

Some of the awesomeness of the server include Sky blocks, Anarchy, Build battles, Survival, and Bed Wars.


IP: top.pika.host

Website: http://https/pika-network.net/

The server is perhaps most famous for the prison minigame. However, many of the other minigames on this server are fun and unique. If anything, the sheer number of players on this server means that there is always something to play and someone to play with, regardless of what you want or your timezone.

Notable games on the server include Survival and Sky blocks.

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