Best Minecraft Big Dig Servers

June 20, 2022
minecraft big dig servers

Minecraft Big Dig is perhaps one of the most popular mods in the game’s universe. While the core game has remained the same, much of it has gradually evolved.

The same can be said for any other Minecraft mod, but its evolution hasn’t dented the original charm of the game, which is why it is still played by thousands of people across the world.

Though in our experience, finding a Big Dig server was a little more challenging than we first imagined.

3 Best Minecraft Big Dig Servers

Below are some of the best Minecraft Big Dig servers we could find, and for the most part, they are of comparatively exceptional quality.


Best Minecraft Big Dig Servers

Server IP:

Coming in number one on our Minecraft big dig servers list is MasterCraft.

MasterCraft is a community where players can come to play games and have fun. They offer two rankup servers for our members, which means that no matter your skill level or how much time you have each day we will find something new in store!

Mastercraft was founded by Jheyson Henrique with the mission of creating an online gaming environment tailored specifically towards hobbyists like himself - someone who enjoys playing video games.

You won't need to waste your time collecting resources here as there are frequent ore veins on their map.

  • Server tailored specifically for hobbyists
  • Frequent ore veins on map
  • No need to waste time collecting resources
  • Only downside is that server's primary language is Spanish

The only downside is that the server's primary language is Spanish, but this could also be an opportunity for you to play one of the best mods and learn another language in a creative world.

Tryxe MC

Server IP:

Tryxe MC is perhaps the best Minecraft Big Dig server we could find. The server does not focus on all the common modes like other Minecraft multiplayer servers do with Bedwars or Prison, but instead, there are modes you will not find anywhere else.

The Ascension mode is an excellent example of having rare modes in addition to Craft of Clans, with the company working on many other modes, some of which are in the survival hardcore multiplayer genre.

Big Dig, in our experience, ran considerably well. There were a few other players we teamed up with, and overall the results were great.

  • Unique game modes not found on other servers
  • Great performance with few issues
  • Suitable for hardcore multiplayer gamers

However, we can’t help but notice that Tryxe MC isn’t yet optimized entirely for Big Dig, which is why you could experience lag and glitches.

We, on the other hand, didn’t experience any issues.

Advancius Network

THE BEST SKYBLOCK SERVER Advancius Network 1024x576 1


Now, if you are tired of all the pay-to-win servers out there that seem monotonous after 30 minutes, or you hate the communities on those servers, then try Advancius.

Not only does Advancius have the best Big Dig experience, but these guys have a wonderful and friendly community. The staff is professional, and they got back to us ASAP whenever we had a question.

The server provides an excellent quality experience. In addition, players get to experience the prestige system, and they are 100% rank-free. In addition to Big Dig, the server includes many modes like creative plots, factions, semi-vanilla survival, prison, multiple events each month, several custom mini-games, etc.

Joining Advancius is easy, and just about anyone can walkway having a good time.

  • No pay-to-win system - all players are equal
  • Advanced and professional staff who are quick to help
  • Excellent quality server that is always up and running
  • Many game modes for a variety of experiences

The drawback, though is that there aren’t as many people on the server playing Big Dig.

That could be an issue, so you will need to figure out when most people are online and plan to play accordingly.

What Is Big Dig?

What Is Big Dig

Big Dig is a mod pack created for the Minecraft community by the Technicpak team. The server is mainly a pack that centers around a new type of world generation, with frequent and large ore veins.

In addition, there is a hefty mod list with fat veins, so you spend less time trying to collect resources and more time having fun experimenting.

So, you can ride a chochob, maybe build your dream factory or choose to melt down all the ores.

You can also make factories to blow stuff up, similar to what it is in Volz, but it is more advanced here.


Searching for Big Dig servers can be hard as the pack centered around this Minecraft game mode is no longer supported. That means the latest patch is going to be the last version with no fixes added.

While some say it's one of the best mods for a Minecraft server, it's not the most popular. I hope that this post has helped you find more Minecraft servers to add to your favorites tab.

If we have missed out on some Big Dig servers, leave a comment below on our website and we will be sure to add it.


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