Best Minecraft Economy Servers

September 13, 2021
minecraft economy servers

Minecraft was meant to be an open-world game that allowed players to build and explore the world quickly. However, soon after, playing online, with multiple people on servers became the best way to enjoy the game.

Today, many different types of Minecraft servers allow players to enjoy various aspects of the game. Though the most popular in our opinion has to be the Economy servers. The Economy servers allow players to work in order to earn in-game money using various methods. Like the real world, money earned can be saved and then used to purchase a variety of items from some of the other players out there.

If you have never played Minecraft Economy before, then we reckon that you give it a shot. This article lists the best Minecraft servers and what makes them so much better than the others.

Purple Prison


Purple Prison happens to be one of the most popular Minecraft Prison servers and has thousands of players on it at any given time. It is also one of the oldest servers out there. Many people don’t know that the server has a very strong emphasis on economy, with it (server) rarely, if ever, resetting. Players on the server can earn money using everything from opening their shop to trading items and coinflip games.

In addition to having a large community Purple Prison also has a very vibrant and helpful Discord community, with over 40k members and counting.



DemocracyCraft is presented as a large functional Minecraft town, maintained and governed by players. Players on the server can elect people as members of the government; those in the government can then decide on rules for the city.

Economy is a significant part of the city, with players having the ability to earn money by doing various jobs or even running a business and then hiring others.

Like the real world, there are also many ways to spend money, including extravagant purchases like helicopters, mansions, and fancy cars.

Hypixel Skyblock


Skyblock has probably become one of the most popular game modes with its massive Hypixel network. When the server initially launched, it was offering players a new experience that was unlike anything else that Skyblock players were experiencing.

Today, the economy is a major part of the Hypixel Skyblock universe. It has features like shops, bazaars, and farming contests. In addition, there are many ways for players to earn money.



The server boasts of uptime of over 11 years. Yes! That makes it the oldest server on our list.

The sever uses Eco Dollars to operate as its main currency and part of the economic system. Players can enjoy a towny-like experience mainly centered around earning money using features like public markets and auction houses.



If you are a fan of capitalism, then this is the sever for you. The goal is to make a lot of money, buy huge homes and live the life of a superstar. There are dozens of ways to make money, from starting your business to trading stock and investing.


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