Best Minecraft EggWars Servers

September 13, 2021
Minecraft EggWars servers

The idea behind Minecraft EggWars is for people to defend their eggs while at the same time hatching an attack on the other party’s eggs. The first team to destroy the other party’s eggs wins because that prevents their team members from respawning. In other words, winning requires surviving, which is easier said than done.

Every island also has a generator. The generators are used to produce money, and then they can be upgraded with better generators allowing them to produce more money. The more money a team produces, the more they can build up their team by spending money in the shop. The stuff purchased at the villager can be used to attack other teams’ eggs.

Are you interested in playing the game? Here are some of the best servers to play it on.



Anyone who prefers shooting and action will enjoy the Brawl server. It is by far the best Minecraft server to play EggWars in our experience. However, in addition to EggWars, there are loads of other gun games, and numerous ways to win. While the EggWars community on the Brawl server isn’t as large as some others we checked out, it is more than adequate, especially since everyone wants to play instead of chat.



MineSuperior is for those who want to experience EggWars in a way that’s not possible on most other servers. The game has various modes, and there are many new players joining the community. Also, because the servers are hosted outside of the US, many of the players may not speak English, but that does not mean they don’t know how to play.

We enjoyed playing on the server for two reasons, the first being that there were always people to play with regardless of the time, and the second being excellent customer service.

Extreme Craft


Extreme Craft is a highly popular Minecraft sever, with packs a load of modes. The most popular of these modes is EggWars. That said, players are also treated to hunger games, Skygrid, Skyblock, and Skywars, amongst others.

The server is fast and highly responsive. However, there aren’t as many people playing EggWars compared to some other servers.

Potterworld Mac


Potterworld Mac is mainly a Hogwarts sever, with the intention of bringing that type of gameplay and trill to Minecraft players. However, they recently introduced EggWars, and we had a go at it. So, far our experience has been great, and we’d strongly advise that players check out the server.



Hypixel is one of the fastest-growing servers and has many different mini-games. You’ve got duels, murder mystery, PVP games, etc. However, their EggWars minigame is amongst the most popular. Even though we did run into some slow down when the server was underload, by and large, the experience was terrific.


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