Best Minecraft Hardcore Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Hardcore Servers

Minecraft hardcore servers are the most challenging mode among various archetype Minecraft servers where you have only one life to survive. These servers are the same survival mode that typically ends with a “last man standing” scenario.

Correspondingly, Minecraft hardcore servers are similar to anarchy servers that basically have no rules at all. When you die in this game mode, either you will get a temporary death ban from the server or have to wait until every other player is dead, depending on the map set.

As a matter of fact, we have compiled the best Minecraft hardcore servers list and inviting all the hardcore gamers to enjoy their darkest impulses to fight with us.
Be cautious, geared up, be ready to fight and survive! Let’s find the most suitable hardcore server from our list.

Best Minecraft Hardcore Servers List


DonutSMP aims for the #1 position on the Minecraft hardcore servers. This server is a hardcore SMP server that allows both java and bedrock. Not only is this server extraordinarily active and famous, but it also earns a good amount of revenue from the active players.

On this server, you will get a ban for two days whenever you die. Additionally, killing, stealing, griefing, everything is all allowed in this hardcore server. Right now, anarchy game modes and hardcore survival are on the rise and most played by the community players.

Furthermore, DonutSMP has Survival, One Life, Anarchy, OneTrySMP, Vanilla, LifeStealsmp, and other SMP-related Minecraft servers for players to choose from.
Henceforth, every player is welcome in this java and bedrock hardcore SMP server and survives till the last.

DonutSMP Website:

DonutSMP Server IP Address:

DonutSMP Discord:

Fight To Survive

Fight to Survive hardcore server is definitely not for beginners. With the newly introduced extra hardcore mode, players now have the option to choose from two different modes.

In this server, there is classic hardcore mode and extra hardcore mode. To start with, the traditional hardcore server has a safe zone to spawn, and every death leads to thirty minutes of deathbans. But on extra hardcore mode, you have to accept whopping three days deathbans on every death. Moreover, there are absolutely no safe zones, and of course, chickens can fight back here.

The advantages you will get in this server are no hacking, no advertising, no glitches, or no doxing. Simply, be respectful to the game management staff and players while enjoying playing on the hardcore server to its fullest.

Fight To Survive Website:

Fight To Survive Server IP Address:


JackpotMC is one of the best hardcore GTA servers that focuses on PVP game modes. It’s a unique gameplay server that offers plenty of things to do. With a recently added new feature named lifesteal SMP mode, players can now steal hearts from each other.

Additionally, this server always focuses on newer things and provides plenty of updates to make the game mode more attractive to players. On this hardcore map, you can rob and spray down other players with weapons, do bank heists, and now you can take heart from players after killing.

Moreover, this pure hardcore anarchy experience on this server comes with no claims and no rules on griefing. On every death, you will lose a heart to the other player and get banned for the rest of the day when you are out of your hearts.

JackpotMC Website:

JackpotMC Server IP Address:

JackpotMC Discord:


One of the oldest servers of Minecraft is 2b2t that offers a neverending world and no rules at all. This anarchy hardcore server is famous for its aggression, and survival in this server is not assured.

On this server, you can free to destroy property, self-destruct and abuse too. The world in this server is still the same since the launch in December 2010. There are new rules introduced lately about using mass kick exploits that will result in a priority ban, and chat spamming will also mute from the server.

Since July 2016, this hardcore Minecraft anarchy servers popularity is rising again, and a rusher war was started. Newly joined players and old existing players started this war and the server got hit. Still, now, 2b2t is one of the hardest hardcore Minecraft servers to die.

2b2t Server IP:

2b2t Website:

2b2t Discord: N/A

Hardcore Essence

Hardcore Essence is a dedicated 24/7 hardcore multiplayer server that is focused on player survival. Griefing and PvP are allowed in this hardcore server and death results in a twenty-four deathban.

The difficulty level is set for the hardest on this server, and you have to start from zero. As a result, you have to make the best of the situation and have to hold your ground. To survive, you have to challenge yourself to the harshest and toughest environment while enjoying playing in this open world.

Additionally, while exploring Hardcore Essence multiplayer survival mode, you will find the community and staff are friendly to help you. You will see multiple events more frequently than other hardcore servers.

Hardcore Essence Server IP:

Hardcore Essence Website:

Hardcore Essence Discord:


HydraCraft Server offers a variety of game modes where you can farm, join clans and factions, do PvP and survive on this complex economy. This hardcore game server is set on hard mode and has a survival server too.

Additionally, if you lose all the power, you will be power death banned for one minute in the game. There are exclusive items and crates are available for economic farming and VIP options too.

In this hardcore server, you have to play very tactically to become the strongest among various clans. Also, while chatting with each other, you have to refrain from asking about staff rank and being polite.

HydraCraft Server IP:

HydraCraft Website:

HydraCraft Discord:

What is Hardcore Mode on Minecraft?

Hardcore mode is a java edition exclusive type on Minecraft servers and focuses solely on Survival mode. Additionally, when a player dies in hardcore mode, the player can not respawn and is locked into spectator mode for a time limit or go back to the straight title screen.

Moreover, cheats are by default locked off in hardcore mode, and bonus chests option too. If you want to set hardcore mode on your game server, various mods and plugins are available to customize your server with additional settings.

Nonetheless, finding a suitable hardcore Minecraft server to challenge your skills and experience is the best way to prove your guts and maximize your enjoyment and gaming capabilities.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Play Minecraft on Hardcore Mode?

Hardcore mode on Minecraft allows players to think strategically, create new standards and goals for themselves. As a result, it will bring the full potentiality of a player, and they will get much better at various skills.

What is Minecraft's best hardcore server?

DonutSMP is currently one of the best hardcore servers of Minecraft. By the same pattern, 2b2t was the best hardcore server previously. JackpotMC, HydraCraft, Hardcore Essence are also considered the best hardcore server of Minecraft.

What do you do in a hardcore world in Minecraft?

In a hardcore world of Minecraft, you have to take shelters first. Alongside shelters, you can do mining, take preparations, explore nether and overworld and do PVP too.


The best Minecraft hardcore servers on a survival map will force you to mix up your playstyle. With formidable opponents to face, no extra life, or no cheats, you must survive on your own using your skills and techniques.

In short, you have to spend every little bit of character health carefully and survive to WIN! Good luck!


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