Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

In the Hunger Games, people are forced to kill each other in an arena until there is only one champion left standing.

What if I told you that this scenario was a reality and it's happening right now?

It seems like such a bizarre concept, but with Minecraft Hunger Games servers, it's definitely possible.

The best part about these games is that you can make your own rules or play by default game settings.

You're able to do anything from playing on teams of 2-4 people (the more players the better) to turning off all weapons except for bows and arrows!

In this post, I will show you my favorite Minecraft Hunger Games servers you can play on right now!

Best Minecraft Hunger Games Servers

Minecraft Hunger games servers are dedicated servers that are specifically designed to challenge Minecraft enthusiasts to test their skills. These types of servers can be grueling yet rewarding if you manage to fend off the almost countless competition to reach the top.

Gamers can get connected to the Minecraft Hunger Games servers and can prove their skill and passion for the game, along with other gamers and friends on the server.

If you are interested in the Minecraft Hunger Games server, then you can go through the details mentioned below.

1. Minecraft Central


McCentral was one of the first online Minecraft hunger games servers, which started its business in 2012. Since then, the company has been offering great services to the delighted players. It has been working with the motto of providing a complete Minecraft hunger games server experience to all of the players.

This server had hosted more than 200,000 players in the past and has been ranked as the most recommended server for Minecraft hunger games in which each player should try to survive with their Minecraft skills in such modded servers as x2, x3, x5, or x10 hunger games mode.

This Minecraft hunger games server is on the list of the best online Minecraft hunger games servers because it is run by highly experienced people, who are well known for providing incredible services to their players. Due to its massive popularity, this server has recently been rated as one of the most visited servers on the internet, especially for game lovers.

Due to the massive popularity of this server, there is almost no chance that you will not be able to play on it. This hunger games server is the best option for people who have different language skills. People from different countries around the world can easily communicate with each other and can play this game on the servers.

Minecraft Central Hunger Games Server IP:

Minecraft Central Website:

Minecraft Central Discord:

2. OmegaCraft


If you have been searching for another good and trustworthy hunger games server for playing Minecraft, then OmegaCraft is the perfect choice for you. This hunger games server is run by a passionate and hard-working group of people who have been working on this server, in order to provide the best possible experience to the gamers.

This server is trusted by more than 50,000 players and is actually a big hit in the online gaming community. Since this server has been launched, it has been providing the players with top-notch service by organizing exciting and thrilling games in the Minecraft style. This hunger games server allows every player to play the games with their friends and allows them to compete with other players on the servers. In the servers, people are forced to play on the survival mode servers, in order to fight with other players to win some valuable resources, armor, weapons, and much more.

This hunger games server allows you to play very different games along with other players on the servers. One of the major attractions of this server is that it allows people to play different types of games, along with one single Minecraft account. In the competitive environment in the servers, people can utilize their Minecraft skills in order to build a base for the competition.

Players can build their base to avoid the zombies as they try to destroy the players' base. This hunger games server also provides players an opportunity to play the most popular game modes in Minecraft, such as Survival, Hunger Games, Creative, and more.

But if something is not available for the survival contest, then you can set your own customized game mode for playing this game.

You can include different types of rules, settings, and even prizes, which will motivate the players to play this game on the different servers. As the players usually play this game in survival mode, they always stay on alert, so that they can complete the challenge successfully.

3. CraftRise TC


CraftRise.TC is one of the best Minecraft hunger games servers, which is loved by many players all over the world. This server is one of the first servers that started to offer the best possible service to their players.

It is better to start your journey of playing Minecraft hunger games on this server, as this server is run by highly qualified and experienced online game players. These people lead the server team in delivering excellent performance to their players. In this hunger games server, you will experience a great and thrilling game experience, along with other players on the server.

This server is considered one of the best for playing Minecraft hunger games, especially for the players who have different language skills. This hunger games server allows people of different countries to play a variety of games on their servers, without any problem. People from different languages and cultures can communicate with other players while enjoying the game on the servers.

When it comes to playing on Minecraft hunger games servers, you will be allowed to create your own base along with everyone else on the server. There are different game modes available on this server so that you do not get bored at any point in time.

In every game mode, you can set the custom rules for the playable world. Due to the massive popularity of this server, you will be able to find tons of people playing any and all different mini-games.

This hunger games server is definitely worth trying so that you can play the Minecraft games in their original setting.

4. Hypixel


Hypixel is another great server for playing Minecraft hunger games. As the name of the server indicates, it is very popular in the northern hemisphere as the server is located in Canada. It has been rated as one of the best Minecraft hunger games servers of all time.

This game is highly played by its dedicated fan base and has been ranked above the other servers due to the better quality of the services and exciting gameplay. This game can be played by players of all ages, but making friends will only be possible if you are playing this game on a trusted server, like Hypixel.

When it comes to playing hunger games on any of its vast servers, players usually stay on alert and try their level best to win against other players. Hypixel is the best server for people who like building their bases, and then going out to play the game.

This server allows players to build and own their own houses and castles in the game so that they can recover from the damage that will be created by other players.

This game usually involves spying, building a remarkable base, and developing flexible tactics for winning the game.

Hypixel Creative Server IP:

Hypixel Website:

Hypixel Discord: N/A

5. SonOyuncu Network

SonOyuncu network

When it comes to playing Minecraft games on online servers, the SonOyuncu network is a stable option for those looking for a Minecraft server that has been around for a few years.

This server is run by a highly professional and passionate group of online gamers, who have been working hard to provide the best possible service to their players.

This Minecraft hunger games server allows players of all ages to play the game and to engage with other members of the community. This server is originally designed and customized for playing the Minecraft hunger games in its original settings.

SonOyuncu network has been operating since 2012, and has been providing the players with a stable and dedicated service.

This server is considered one of the top options for players who want to play this game with their friends online. You will experience a great and thrilling game environment on the server, and you can have a great time. This hunger games server also allows players to experiment with a lot of game modes so that they can choose the best one as per their choice.

As the game requires good craft skills, you should definitely try this server.

What Are Hunger Games Servers?

Minecraft Hunger Games servers are usually used by gamers to prove and evaluate their Minecraft skills against other players. Almost all of the Minecraft Hunger Games servers are designed and customized in order to provide players with an exciting and thrilling experience so that they never feel bored to play and have fun on the servers.

Usually, these types of servers are set on hard mode during this challenge, so that players get plenty of opportunities to play the games on a survival basis. This mode creates such an environment of the game, that players should face different challenges and difficulties for surviving against the competition.

You can find plenty of Minecraft hunger games servers all over the world, specific to your expectations and skill level.

What is your desire of playing Minecraft? Do you have that desire to establish a colossal base with the help of your friends?

Do you want to keep away from the long fights of the game? Then you probably are really tired, and have no other option than to go for online Minecraft Hunger Games servers.

Minecraft Hunger Games servers allow you to play the popular Hunger Games mini-games along with other players on your favorite server. Just like the original version of the game, the hunger games servers available online necessitate gamers to fight each other until the last one is standing. The primary objective of all the players is to be the last one alive, and not to follow the rules, like in the original version of this game.

The great part about this style of server is that you are required to be a jack of all trades to stand a chance at winning. Having an impressive understanding of the crafting system doesn't mean much if you are out aimed by someone with a bow.

When it comes to the best Minecraft Hunger Games servers, there are some very popular ones out there, which provide players with an amazing atmosphere, and exciting gameplay.


In order to play Minecraft hunger games, it is necessary for the players to have good crafting skills. There are different game modes available for playing on these servers, so that players can play the game and enjoy an almost endless choice of modes. You can always choose the best hunger games servers for playing these games, as you will be able to have a great experience on the servers.

One of the most important factors while choosing a hunger games server is that the servers should provide a completely secure and safe environment for persons of all ages to enjoy.

Once you choose the best hunger games server, you will be able to play the Minecraft hunger games with your friends in an entertaining, popular way.


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