Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Skyblock Servers

Skyblock servers are part of the Minecraft universe, where players start their lives on a small patch of land with limited resources. The goal is to build a cobblestone generator, then a farm that will allow you to survive long enough to level up.

While the Skyblock game mode has been around for a while, it has remained very popular throughout amongst diehard Minecraft players. However, the servers hosting the game have significantly evolved, with many serve side plugins, which allow for many fresh and cool features.

It is worth mentioning that our listing of the best Minecraft servers below supports the latest version above 1.16. Also, these servers are home to hundreds of players, feature a support team, and are updated frequently.



If you want to enjoy the classic Skyblock experience, then this is the server to choose. However, the server has been modernized to compete with many others in 2022. It is the best choice for players who want to start someplace simple and stick with what they are familiar with in terms of gameplay style, which is very easy to get the hang of.

The upside to playing on Mox MC is that it is home to thousands of online players at any given time. Each of these players has its own tiny Skyblock island, which you can visit. Players also have complete control over the path they want to take.

The server allows players to start their own shop, build a farm, casino, or anything else, without being bugged by tutorials and complex gameplay mechanics.



ExtremeCraft is one of the best Minecraft hub servers, with several game modes including Creative, Survival, and of course, Skyblock. As a player on the server, you get to enjoy several modifications, including a few additions to the default game, which changes the core experience to a great extent.

Some of the additional features we enjoy are server-wide auction system, vote parties, PvP events, crate keys, and island teams.



If you want to play on the most popular Skyblock server, Hypixel would be it. It beats all other servers by a large margin, mainly because it is part of a vast network consisting of thousands of players online at any time of the day.

The other reason you may want to play at Hypixel is that it has many Minecraft content creators with which they have partnered to promote its Skyblock game mode, including Nullzee and Technoblade.

The gameplay is excellent, with mainly progression-based mechanics. Players are strongly encouraged to choose a path of their own by leveling up a few skills.

Our favorite thing on this server has to be the economy because players can make money farming on the island, complete quests, trade, fight bosses, etc.

Cosmic Sky


Finally, we have Cosmic Sky, which offers a genuinely different Skyblock experience compared to what many players are otherwise used to. That’s why it may not be everyone’s cup of coffee.

If you are skilled with Skyblock mechanics and want to experience something different Cosmic Sky is the right server. The custom island challenges and minions with gambling features make this a genuinely engaging play style that again may not be for purists. But we enjoy the server, and you should certainly give it a shot.


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