Best Minecraft Skygrid Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Skygrid Servers

The game Minecraft has made significant progress since after the introduction of the first edition in 2009. “The Java Edition”, as it was called was introduced on the TIGSource forum: an Independent game forum. Ever since then, game developers and publishers have replicated it into different consoles and mediums including online game servers.

One of these platforms is the Minecraft Skygrid servers, which uses a separate map called ‘Skygrid’ to allow Minecraft players to access the game from their different locations.

Designed by Seth Bling, the Minecraft Skygrid servers generate random blocks using the dimension configuration file while placing them in grids. In this article, we will be making a list of some of the best Minecraft Skygrid servers, and some of their attributes. Read on.

16 Best Minecraft Skygrid Servers


This is an Australian-based Minecraft Server Network, with many carefully configured plugins and other features like McMMO, Jobs, Custom ranks, Player markets, and Monthly build competitions players on this platform are bound to always come back for more fun Minecraft experience.

Users can as well shop, sell some of their items, and purchase extra plots from the online store. Some other items you can purchase from the store include Minecarts, Boats, Spawners, Ender Eyes, and Commands Blocks.

KadimBlok Network

This is a Turkish-based Minecraft Server with a total of 115 members on the Discord platform and 1881 players. Their Minecraft server is named MineBlock Network, and it has been there since 2020 before it metamorphosed into the current name KadimBlok. This server brings together all the uniqueness and the Ancients of the Minecraft Blocks.

Although the contents are all written in Turkish, it also provides its players with many features like the ability to fly on the Island, getting back the Blocks you broke without failing, and lots more. Players are also eligible for many different gifts and “items of need” which you will be rewarded after each accomplishment.

Topstrix Network

This is one of many Minecraft Skygrid Servers with a very high pixel and with over 4000 Discord membership. This server is dedicated to the Israeli gaming community where they come together to discuss and play the Minecraft. The server also has an array of interesting games like Gun Game and My World, One Block, Games Party, Skyblock, and Untitled Project.

This server also has a store where players can purchase in-game items, and play with over 100 payment channels including credit cards and PayPal. On this platform, payments are made in dollars, but you can still change your currency from your shopping cart.

CyanCraft Network

This is server is dedicated to Indian Minecraft players and comes with great game modes. This server rewards their top voters with real money, and it seems this method is working because their player’s loyalty keeps getting stronger. CyanCraft Network has a well-managed Faction/PvP server that comes with a variety of game modes, a deliberate attempt by the network to keep their players entertained.

While on this server, you can get really violent by bowing up your enemies using a TNT cannon, get a godly armour with the cash you must have earned, and get the rare privilege of getting free ranks. Unlike many other best Minecraft Skygrid Servers out there, CyanCraft Network offers a free VIP rank each month to the top voter. This is also an easy way to get a kit using enchanted diamond armor.

Jtrent238 Network

Jtrent238 Network Minecraft server is US-based, it is embedded with super fun features that have made it a perfect place for friends to hang out. It also comes with a lot of game modes, some of them include factions, prison, survival, skyblock, creative, and lots more.


This is another Minecraft Skygrid server with a custom island and a strong Minecraft community. They have a fictional ATM but working towards adding more features as their continuous update progresses. In their subsequent update, they’d promised to include more reward items, an online store, and more popular payment channels. And by the way, BandiCraft is a US-based Minecraft server.

Cubic XP Open Beta

This is one Minecraft server on the list of our best Minecraft Skygrid servers that has the most in-game offering. This server gives its players more than one reason to stick around for longer. Some of these offerings include a new survival map, accompanied by grief protection, death chests, and silk spawners. It also comes with 5 different types of Skyblock including Acid Island, SkyGrid, standard variations, Oneblock, and Caveblock. Unlike most servers, Cubic XP Open Beta has more than 50 pets to accompany you, you can also ride and play in any of the worlds. It is also important to add that this server supports Minecraft version: 1.17, and you can as well use an older version to play and connect to the server.


This US-based server has been named one of the Minecraft servers with the highest number of games, most updated features, and general timing. While on this game, you are expected to have the most prison and Skyblock experience.

On another note, PvPGlobe's many features include Skyblock Prisons, Factions, Minions, Free Fly, Events, PvP, Free Ranks, Need staff, Pirate Theme, and lots more.

PowerFul-MC Network

This is another US-based Skygrid server with a truckload of features, ever ready to satisfy its member's enthusiasm for the Minecraft game. This server is available 24/7, and every player is invited to get involved – they also have a few other mini-games to complete the older ones. It comes with regular updates which always come with exciting updated plugins and custom plugins.

The server has over a thousand slots, making it available for more players to join. Some of the Skyblock features include Factions: it makes you go violent by raiding other people, blowing and killing each of every one of them. Others include RankWorld, Prison, Spleef, Worldedit, Skygrid, Vanilla, Skywars, and many more.

Treebo Minecraft

This Australian Minecraft server is a bit different from others when it comes to creativity. From the way the server is managed, one can tell that they have some really good developers behind the scene. The managers always reassure their players with the promise of creating a more exciting Minecraft gaming environment galvanized with culture-based excitement, and a community where everyone can participate.

Some of their features include Survival 1.15: this is where you see Player Shops, Marriage, Player Economy, Grief Prevention, etc. SkyBlock 1.15 contains Stackable Spawners, Pets, Custom Challenges, Ore Generator, etc. The Creative 1.15 contains Armor Stand Editor, Voxelsniper, Build Competitions, Multiple Freebuild Worlds, etc. The Prison feature has Random Mine Crates, AI Prison Guards, Crop Farms, Treasure Keys, etc. Other features include Skygrid, Ultra Hardcore PvP, and Custom Hardcore which also comes with a sub-section.

And from the server management update, developers are coming with exciting features to compliment the already existing ones.

Cracked PowerFul-MC Network

Aside from having a capacity to accommodate over a thousand slots: giving room for new players to join, this US-based server is also developed with beautiful features that give players more opportunity to explore the world of Minecraft. The online store section provides players with the opportunity to make an in-game purchase while still giving them the option to donate using the ‘Donate’ button on the same page.

It has quite amazing custom Minecraft-themed plugins that constantly changes due to constant update. The Skyblock features include the opportunity to play with your friends to survive small areas with few important items. Other features of the Skyblock include Pvp, Hunger-Games, Factions, Prison, RankWorld, Spleef, Skygrid, Worldedit, and lots more. With this server, Minecraft hasn’t been any adventurous.

Dragon's Nest

This US-based Minecraft server has something for everyone, it has faster-ranking criteria; it can rank players after a few hours of gameplay. This server is designed in such a way that there is something for everyone. The developers did a good job by integrating as many fun-inciting features as possible. Some of them include Hide and See, Infection, Snowball fight (Paintball), HungerGames, free-for-all creative, and a whole lot more.

Hollyweed Minecraft

This Bulgarian-based server is the first Hollyweed Minecraft platform, founded in 2012, they prefer role-playing gaming to play on a PVP. To better augment their gaming experience, the server has introduced many exciting plugins, game versions, and even modules to make the whole Minecraft gaming experience interesting and attractive.

In their effort to make the server more interesting, they have integrated more unique sections, like the online store, to allow players to do much more while still on the site. Players are also given more leverage to earn much more while taking advantage of the store’s many discounts.

AEM Network 1.7.2-1.8

This US server is ranked among the top best Minecraft Skygrid Servers with the most amazing features. The Skyblock feature makes players start the gameplay on a small island, with very limited resources. You are expected to make your way to a huge sky castle even with the few survival kits, this is where your knowledge of survival instinct comes to play.

They have this hardcore economy at their skyblock server section hence, only the strongest is likely to survive. But you can make your adventure a lot easier by visiting their shop to get a few essentials, but remember, “they operate a hardcore economy .” you can as well choose to join your friends on their island using their multi Player Island Party features. All the islands on this server are “grief-protected,” so you don’t have to worry about the next person “griefing your items.”

Again, you can vote daily for 4 dirt blocks and $200, and you also stand a chance of getting extra money and receiving more sand, that is, if you get lucky. Other features on this server include MCMMO Factions PVP, Survival No Grief No PVP, and Hunger Games.

Mineaurion FTB Agrarian Skies

This French Minecraft server is the best Minecraft Agrarian Server on the list. This assertion is based on a popular review, 98% of players on this server testify to it. Unlike some of its counterparts, Mineaurion FTB doesn’t have any restrictions on its modpack, and it doesn’t have any lag, thus, works on 20TPS.

There were features on the Skygrid section that guarantees the safety of any player’s items. This server is described by its players as a “Ton of Fun,” as the modpack has always been known to be a major proponent of creative thinking. The gameplay is designed to put players in the sky with very limited resources. In the game, each player will be provided with a quest book that helps them navigate through the mods.

The process revolves around a mod called the “Ex Nihilo,” this mod will help you get some game resources like the ores and cobble, which you will be needing while still on the game.

Powerful MineCraft Server

This is one of the best Minecraft Skygrid Servers in the United States that allows the players to do so much more. The Skygrid Minecraft section of this server has a similar feature with its counterparts, some of these features include PVP: This is where you battle your way to victory, either as an individual or as a team in the battle domes.

But mind you, you will be made to face some difficult situations in the process. Hunger-Games enables you to get a large group of players, get the best items, and slay them before they do. Factions help you raid others by blowing up every one of them. Other features you can find on this server include RankWorld, Spleef, Worldedit, Vanilla, Creative, Skywars, and lots more.


Finally, with so many Minecraft Skygrid Servers out there, one hardly finds the ones that fit their specifications. But to get the best Minecraft Skygrid Servers, you have to look out for the highest player votes. And note, that there are still more good Minecraft Skygrid Servers out there, but the ones we listed above are considered the most performing according to the up vote.

Again, most of those Minecraft servers listed above also experience continuous updates, so don’t be disappointed should some of the mentioned features get changed.


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