Best Minecraft Spigot Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Spigot Servers

The chances are that you’ve grown tired of your current spigot servers. And why wouldn’t you – you play with the same set of rules and players day in day out. As a result, the adventures that used to be so much fun have gone stale, eh? So, would you be open to exploring uncharted territories? What would you say to our collection of the best Minecraft spigot servers?

Before you answer that question, know this: our collection has everything - from big guns, survival, land claiming to deep adventure. Regardless of your taste, you'd find a new server that fits your interest.

That said, we doubt if you’d turn down our collection now. Enough talk already; let's get to the list - shall we?

5 Best Minecraft Spigot Servers Worth Your Time

Grand Theft Minecart GTA

The best way to ease you into our list of the best spigot servers is to get you straight into the action – all gun blazing and rough driving. In that case, there is no better place to be than on Minecraft's version of Grand Theft Auto: the Grand Theft Minecart.

Much like the original GTA, this network contains all the fun and adventure that is typical of leading a gangster life. In particular, you can build your gang from the ground up or join one. And while you are at it, you can choose from a unique set of custom weapons – about 35 of them!

If that sounds fun to you, then check out the IP -!


You might not want to go full gangster mode. Perhaps all that unnecessary violence and ganging isn’t you.  Well, that's okay – your heart loves what it loves!

But, would you still love to shoot your RPGs, complete missions, create nations and cities, and earn some money? If you answered yes, you’d like the TownySMP spigot server.

This server is still brand new but quite exciting and fast-gaining lots of users. The first thing we love about it is the improved RPG experience - it is much like the Vanilla, but better. Lastly, despite the many users on TownySMP, the games don't lag – thanks to the dedicated hardware! Check out the specs:

  • 16GB RAM
  • 1Gbps bandwidth
  • 240GB SSD (NVMe)
  • i9-4790k @ 4GHz

That said, would you love to give TownySMP? If yes, here is the IP -!

Tulip Survival

Tulip Survival, like the name, involves lots of survival and adventure games. The entire server revolves around that. So, if you are the one who fancies such themes, this server is where to be.

And don't worry if you can't find your feet around quickly on Tulip Survival. The mods are generous and helpful; they will guide you in the right direction to connect with the server, its users, and offerings.

About the offerings, here are the specific things you can expect:

  • Custom items,
  • Grief prevention,
  • Player economy,
  • Player warps, and
  • Voting ranks

If those features pique your interest, then you can join Tulip Survival with this IP -!

BlockDrop Network

This network is much like TownySMP; they are both new, exciting, and getting lots of raves. In particular, BlockDrop is undoubtedly the fastest Minecraft network at the moment. Plus, it is flexible too!

Beyond the fast growth, the community, and the flexibility, BlockDrop has some enticing features. The best of the lot, in our opinion, is City Life: it is a simulation game that is fully customizable by its user.

But if simulation and city is not turf, you can always check Bedwars or Skyblock. Sounds fun, eh?

Here is the IP to join this server -!

Newwind Survival

Here is the truth: the four servers we listed earlier have their rules just like the old ones that bored you. But that's not saying they are no fun. Regardless, if you still want that "no rule, no sin" kind of vibe, Newwind survival is the perfect destination for you.

In this server, expect all sorts of survival missions and experiences. And now to the best part: there are no rules of engagement whatsoever; no mods to drive you around – you make your rules and have fun to the fullest!

However, note that there are no land claims here. Also, you can't exploit or misuse the "no rule" fun. That said, here is the IP to get started -!

And that's it: the end of our list of the best Minecraft spigot servers. Out of curiosity, which of the listed options would you try first?


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