Best Minecraft Towny Servers

September 13, 2021
Best Minecraft Towny Servers

Towny is one of the most-loved classics of Minecraft game modes, attracting thousands of players every day. The server allows players to start playing right off the bat, and that’s when they can also snap up large plots of land.

The land can be used to build their towns and invite other players to live there. Every town has its own ecosystem and economy, but the servers also allow trading with other towns, holding mayoral elections, and even attacking another town.

In our opinion, the best Towny servers are ones that have well-balanced economies, have lots of features, and are actively modern.

Now that we have you interested in playing Minecraft Towny, here are the best servers to play.

Mox MC

IP Address:

It is one of the most popular and dare I say loved Minecraft networks offering dozens of game modes. One of those happens to be Towny, which allows players to build their dream towns from scratch or join the existing thousands of others.

The server has many custom features, including a global auction house system, allowing towns to trade with other towns easily. Trades can be for anything like armor, food, and weapons, amongst others.


IP Address:

This is a dedicated Towny server, as the name should suggest. It is also home to nearly a thousand players connected to it daily. The server supports both the Java Edition and Bedrock versions of Minecraft.

Unlike other Towny servers, CraftYourTown boasts extensive features that enhance the experience. This will include custom enhancements, jobs, bank accounts, and player shops, amongst others.


IP Address:

Now this one is best described as a geopolitical sandbox; it is an enjoyable Towny server that’s based on the map of the world. The map was built for the game using actual satellite data.

Players can forge their towns in any country they want, rule over the land, and invite other players to live in the nation. If that does not sound thrilling, nations can invade others and declare war.


IP Address:

It is one of the newer Towny servers, with the latest features. It is perfect for anyone who wants to start enjoying an adventure with a growing community. The server has everything that a Towny player will want, like rates, jobs, McMMO, town elections, and a balanced player economy.

The server has everything any towny player could want, with features like jobs, crates, town.


IP Address:

Finally, there is MineRaze, which boasts of many unique features like pets, quests, dungeons, and various custom items. Unlike the other servers, this Towny server is updated instantly and thus supports the latest Minecraft version as soon as it is released.

That means as a player; you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy the latest and greatest features that the game has to offer when playing on the server.


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