Best Minecraft Voltz Servers

June 27, 2022
Best Minecraft Voltz Servers

I can bet that many of you have sat up all night thinking about how the world would look had a nuclear explosion occurred. Well, if that’s you, then log on to a Voltz server.

The Voltz server is one of the most popular Minecraft servers because it gives players the ability to decimate the Minecraft universe.

In addition to launching nuclear warheads, there are many other heavy weapons players can resort to. If the enemy camp is giving you trouble, just send them your mail with love. Yes! This is one of those servers where you can gain absolute victory.

Now that we’ve got you interested in Voltz, here are the best Minecraft Voltz servers, in our opinion.

3 Top Voltz Servers

We spent hours across every game server, browsed every Minecraft server list, and installed every Minecraft client to bring you our top Voltz server list.


Mineplex voltz servers

Server IP:


Mineplex is one of the most popular Voltz servers, but it hosts many other Minecraft modes. Members can’t get bored here for two reasons. The first is that there are loads of players on the server at any given time.

The other is that many of those people are playing Voltz. That means regardless of when you log in to start playing; there are adversaries available to decimate with your superior weapons. However, there is also the chance of you being annihilated too.

  • Create with friends and make new ones on one of the most popular Minecraft servers
  • Play Voltz and other game modes for hours on end
  • Get challenged in a variety of ways while playing Voltz
  • Be a part of a friendly, welcoming community on Discord

The Mineplex official server is a great place to play that is easy to connect to from almost any client version.


Purple Prison Map Screenshots 1

Server IP:


PurplePrison is a popular Minecraft server. Over the years, this has grown into a thriving community of players, playing everything from prison escape modes to a Voltz server. Speaking of Voltz, it is one of the most popular modes on the server, so there are dozens of players on it at any given time.

The only drawback is that many of these PVP players are much more experienced than you, and that would mean being blown out of the waters sooner than you expected.

  • Get access to a thriving community of gamers
  • Learn from the pros with our detailed wiki and guides
  • Join friends or other players in an immersive and exciting world
  • Join the fun on one of the most popular; custom Minecraft servers

We’d strongly advise that players engage in the community. There are many tips and tricks shared by community members who can help you survive the blitz a little longer.

Pros and Cons Gaming

Pros and Cons Gaming

Server IP:


Now, this may not sound like a server, but we assure you it is. It is probably not as popular as Purple Prison, but it does hold its own.

Out of the few Voltz servers in existence, we’d have to say this one is amongst the best. The only drawback is that many of these players are not in the US, so they may be playing when you are working.

  • A top-quality Minecraft Voltz Server that is always up and running with lots of features
  • Experienced and dedicated staff who are passionate about the game
  • An active and friendly Discord community of gamers who love to chat and collaborate
  • Constantly updated with new features and plugins to keep the gameplay fresh

That means not as many players active during the evening. That said, it does have a healthy community, with many discussing Voltz.

What Is Minecraft Voltz?

Voltz is an innovative Minecraft mod pack that brings exciting possibilities to the table with its customizable electricity system, deriving from Calclavia's Universal Electricity API. This tech- Enhanced gameplay makes for new adventures not imaginable before!

This originally started at a single server mod for the Technic launcher, however, it has since gone on to be merged into Feed The Beast/Yogscast Complete.


What Is A Minecraft Challenge Server

Out of all the Minecraft multiplayer servers, this was the hardest unofficial server list we had to make.

While Voltz is a popular mode, the fact is that there aren’t many servers with the game, especially with custom plugins.

However, that means it is easy for someone to host their own Voltz server and pull in a growing community of fans.

It is comparatively easy to do, and there are loads of tutorials online that will walk you through it. That way you can enjoy this modpack with friends and family.


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