CS2 Plugins List [For Metamod, CounterStrikeSharp and Sourcemod]

December 26, 2023
CS2 Plugins List

With the modding scene for Counter Strike 2 (CS2) rapidly expanding, players are facing a flood of new content, making it tough to identify the most effective and exciting mods out there. That's where we come in. This post is dedicated to cutting through the noise, providing you with a concise list of the CS2 plugins you shouldn't miss.

Also, if you've never installed a plugin before, then follow this guide, and it will show you how to install any CS2 plugin listed below.

You must have a modding framework installed on your server to use this. Here are the 2 plugins you need to get started with plugins.

List Of CounterStrikeSharp CS2 Plugins

CounterStrikeSharp (Also known as CSS - Join their Discord here) is currently the most popular Sourcemod equivalent for Counter Strike 2. Here is a list of all the known CounterStrikeSharp plugins available right now. If you have a CounterStrikeSharp plugin you want listed, simply reach out to me on the GhostCap Discord, and I'll get it listed!

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Plugin NameTagsDescription
cs2-instaplantGameplayPlants the bomb instantly as T. To be used with cs2-retakes.
SLAYER_1HitKillGameplayAllows players to kill each other in 1 hit.
SLAYER_UnrestrictedFOVGameplayThis simple plugin allow players to Change their FOV.
cssharp-soccerballFunSpawn scoccerballs in CS2.
cs2-gungameGameplayGun Game Mode for CS2.
cs2-Chat-LoggerAdministrationLog any chat to discord or text.
cs2-Kill-SoundFunplay a sound when a kill is made.
cs2-Connect-Disconnect-SoundFunMessages sent when certian events happen.
cs2-instadefuseGameplayInstantly defuse the bomb once conditions are met. To be used with cs2-retakes.
CS2-AutoplantGameplayAutomatically plant the bomb after freezetime ends.
cs2-retakesGameplayCS2 implementation of retakes. Based on the version for CS:GO by Splewis.
cs2-Game-ManagerAdministrationBlock/Hide, Messages Ping, Radio, Connect, Disconnect, Sounds, Restart On Last Player Disconnect, And More.
CS2-One-In-The-ChamberFunEveryone has a deagle that will insta kill other players.
CS2-DeathmatchGameplayCustom Deathmatch CS2 plugin. Includes custom spawnpoints, multicfg, gun selection, spawn protection, etc.
LanguageManagerPluginAdministrationChanges the players language based on their location.
cs2-VIPCoreAdministrationVIP API for other VIP plugins.
cs2-simple-discord-reportAdministrationSend player !report directly to Discord.
CS2_AntiVPNAdministrationBlock players from specific countries or VPN users.
NameChecker-cs2AdministrationChecks the names of the players when connecting.
CS2-RecordAbuseAdministrationAllows admins to record demos with a command.
ZombieSharpGameplayZombie Escape Gamemode plugin for Counter-Strike 2.
cs2-css-flashlightGameplayAdds a flashlight to the server.
NightVipAdministrationGives player basic VIP privileges, but for a certain period of time. 
cs2-hideadminAdministrationHide admins from the player list.
cs2-ctbanGameplayCan ban player from connecting to CTs.
Cs2TelegramAdministrationManage your CS2 server using a telegram bot.
cs2-simple-guns-menuGameplayAdd a chat gun menu to your server.
CS2-DeleteLogsAdministrationAutomatically delete logs from your server.
CS2-ShowDamageFunDisplays information about inflicted damage on the screen.
cs2_teleportprotectionGameplayProtect players for X seconds when they touch trigger_teleport.
cs2-mapchooserAdministrationThis plugin handles basic map voting features like nominate, rtv, extend and end of map voting.
CS2-Check-CheatsAdministrationAssist administrators in checking suspicious players for the use of cheats.
cs2-deathrun-managerGameplayDeathrun Manager for CounterStrikeSharp Framework CS2.
cs2-AdminchatAdministationAllow admins to chat with each other.
SuperheroPluginFunCSS based superhero plugin.
SLAYER_NoscopeGameplayThis plugin disables scope of weapons like AWP, scout, etc.
DiscordStatusFunMonitor your server by sending cute embeds to Discord.
CS2-WarnSystemAdministrationIssue warnings to players who violate the rules
cs2_IPBlockerAdministrationBlocks messages that contains an IP.
CS2-SimpleAdminAdministrationManage your Counter-Strike 2 server by simple commands.
WelcomeFunSend a welcome message when the player joins the server.
CS2-AntiTeamFlashGameplaySimple anti team flash plugin.
cs2-countdownFunA simple countdown for admins.
flashbattlesFunMakes you swap with the flasher if you get flashed.
IgnoreMessagesAdministrationThis plugin can remove the messages from the chat like an auto moderator.
cs2-BlockerPassesGameplayBlocks passages if there are not a certain number of players on the server.
CS2-SteamGroupRestrictAdministrationRestrict commands for players who are not in your Steam group.
cm-cs2-colorsayFunAdds color to your chat messages.
cs2-specialroundsFunRandomly generates special rounds.
CSS-CreateCustomCommandsAdministrationCreate custom responses for messages such as !discord or !help.
cm-cs2-defaultskinsGameplayEnforce default skins on players.
EconomyFunPlugin for creating economic relations between players on cs2 servers.
ResourcePrecacherAdministrationPrecache any Resource in CS2.
cs2_chat2vkAdministrationSend chat messages to VK.
CSS-Regenerate-HealthFun!medic, !heal or !regen to regenerate your health to full.
MedicFunAllows you to refill your health.
CS2-ChatManagerAdministrationAllows managing CS2 chat messages.
cs2-spawntoolsGameplayDynamically create spawns per map.
deleteBuyZonesAdministrationDelete all buyzones for a map.
Force-AllTalkAdministrationA very simple plugin that enables every 'talk' related convar.
WeaponPurchaseCommandGameplayBuy weapons using commands.
CS2_BombsitesRestrictGameplayRestricts the random bombsite of each round.
CS2-ParachuteFunParachute when you press E in the air.
PugPlugin-CSSharpModesCS2 PugPlugin for setting up 10man servers.
CS2_DiscordRelayEnhancedAdministrationThis plugin sends chat messages from players to your Discord channel.
VoteBKMAdministrationPlugin for blocking players by voting.
Weapon-SpawnerGameplayGives players weapons from a chat command.
CS2-VipManagerAdministrationPlugin for CS2 that stores admins in mysql and apply permissions on the game.
cs2_SetbothpGameplayJust set your HP value for bots.
ScoutsNKnivesModesClassic ScoutsNKnives with a bit of customization.
CS2-TagsFunAdds tags before player names in chat and the scoreboard.
CS2-RanksPointsStatsRanksPoints system is based on a simple principle: players perform various actions in the game, resulting in either gaining or losing experience points.
cs2-vipAdministrationA VIP system for CS2.
CS2-CallAdminAdministrationPlugin for CS2 that reports a player on game and send a webhook message to discord.
css-C4-TimerFunThis plugin adds countdown to c4 bomb explosion to your server.
cs2-ranksStatsAn in depth ranking system for CS2. Simmilar to Levels Ranks for CSGO.
CS2-BotSlayGameplaySlay all bots when the last player dies.
cs2-rockthevoteAdministrationPlayers can !rtv using the stock CS2 map chooser.
css-basic-adminAdministrationA basic admin plugin for CSSharp.
CS2-PlayersBetFunAllows players to bet on the next winning team.
SharpTimerModesA timer for Surf, Bhop, KZ and MG maps.
cs2_ShowPlayersInfoAdministrationShow info about players in game chat(UserID, Name, SteamID64)
CS2_SteamRestrictAdministrationEnforce minimum CS2 playtime and Steam level requirements, and customize restrictions for Prime and non-Prime players.
CS2-Kill-PluginFunAllows players to suicide via chat by entering "!suicide" or "/suicide"
cs2-SimpleResetScoreStatsThis plugin resets your score with command !rs
cs2_blockradiocommandsAdministrationA CSSharp plugin to block all radio commands.
CS2-AutoUpdaterAdministrationAutomatically checks for a server update and restarts your server while notifying players in game.
CS2-Practice-PluginModesOpen Source Plugin for Counterstrike 2 based on CounterStrikeSharp
Discord-cs2-ReportSystemAdministrationAllows players to send reports (complaints) about other players straight to a Discord channel.
CS2_DiscordRelayAdministrationThis plugin sends chat messages from players to your Discord channel.
CS2 Simple RanksStatsAllows you to create an unlimited number of ranks with customizable experience thresholds and rank colors.
MatchZyModesFor running and managing practice/pugs/scrims/matches with easy configuration!
CS2 Damage InfoGameplayDisplays the amount of damage players have inflicted on the victim's HP and Armor, as well as the hit groups they have hit.
CS2_PlaytimeTrackerStatsThis plugin allows the players to check their playtime, team-specific playtime, and death or alive playtime.
CS2 Connection LogsAdministrationThis plugin adds players to a database to track when they join with their IP. It prints to discord through a webhook when a player join (with their IP) and leaves.
cs2-LiteVIPAdministrationPlugin for CS2 with basic VIP functions.
Get SteamIDAdministrationA simple plugin that adds display of all types of Steam IDs to chat.
AFKManagerGameplayA simple AFK Manager plugin for CS2.
Lite MapChooserAdministrationThe most lightweight and functional plugin for changing maps, rtv and nominations
Auto Map ChangerAdministrationAutomatically changes the map when not active to the one specified in the config.
ColoredSmokeTeamFunAllows you to change the color of smoke grenades.
ResetScoreStatsReset statistics (kills, deaths, assists, head-killers, damage). The same as !rs on CSGO.
Connect InfoAdministrationDisplays a message to everyone in the chat when a player connects (with information about the city and country) and disconnects.
RandomStartMapAdministrationSets a random map when the server is started.
PugSharpModesPugSharp is a PUG System Plugin for CS2 based on the awesome CounterStrikeSharp.
AutoClearMapsAdministrationAutomatically deletes the default maps to save disk space.
cs2-advertisementAdministrationA plugin for cs2 that allows you to show ads in chat/center/panel
CS2_SpeedometerGameplayJust a speedometer for CS2
CS2RetakeModesImplementation of a Retake plugin for CS2 using CounterStrikeSharp
Weapon-RestrictGameplayAllows CS2 server owners to block/whitelist players from a country based on IP
CS2 Mini AdminAdministrationAdds basic administrator functions
CS2 Instant DefuseGameplayThis plugin allows the bomb to be instantly defused
CS2 RconAdministrationEnables RCON inside CS2
MapConfiguratorAdministrationEasily create unique configuration files on a per-map basis.
NoBlockGameplayPlayers will then be allowed to walk through each other without being stopped due to collision settings, regardless of their team affiliation.
MetaCommandsBlockerAdministrationBlock your server's Metamod, plugins and modules version from players.
CS2_WhitelistAdministrationRestricts access to the server for Steam IDs listed in the whitelist.
DeathmatchPluginModesDeathmatch plugin, with player configurable loadouts, killstreaks, and a (mid) buy menu integration.
K4-SystemStatsPlaytime tracker, statistical records, and player ranks. Additionally, it includes VIP functions and admin commands for added functionality.
DisableWeaponsGameplayAdd the weapons you want to be completely restricted from the game.
cs2_Advertisements_DatabaseAdministrationAdvertisements plugin with database for multiple server
CS2 JailbreakModesJailbreak plugin for CS2
cs2-vipgunsAdministrationAllow players with VIP to buy specific guns
cs2-showdamageGameplaySimple show damage plugin for CS2
CS2-AutoBalancePluginGameplayAuto Balance Plugin for CS2 using CounterStrikeSharp
cs2-chatspyAdministrationCatches the enemy team's message and sends them to the administrators
CS2 TeleportGameplayAdvanced teleport command plugin
cs2-killfeed-filterGameplayShow players only their own killfeed. Perfect for deathmatch servers.
SimpleAdminAdministrationThis is a very basic ban/unban/kick plugin for CounterStrikeSharp that uses SQLite.
GoSpecGameplayAllows players to type !spec in chat
NoKnifeDamageGameplayStops players from taking knife damage. Perfect for AWP servers.
WorkshopDefaultMapAdministrationAllows you to choose your own CS2 start workshop map.
TeamBetsFunPlace a bet on what team you think is going to win.
Weapon-RestrictGameplayRestrict the user of certain weapons
Simple Spawn ProtectionGameplayGrants spawn protection to players
No Zoom RoundsFunAllows players to vote for no zoom rounds.
BOTikiGameplayAdd or remove bots depending on the number of players
Admin ListAdministrationSimple admin list plugin
CS2 Hide Lower Body PluginGameplayHide player's lower body by using the command !legs

List Of Metamod CS2 Plugins

Here is a list of all the known CS2 Metamod plugins available right now. If you have a CS2 plugin you want listed, simply reach out to me on the GhostCap Discord, and I'll get it listed!

Plugin NameDescription
cs2-weapon-skinAllows you to use !ws and change skins on your CS2 server.
mm-cs2-coachThis Metamod add-on ONLY adds the workaround to set a player as a coach on competitive matches.
cs2-bansA Metamod plugin that allows server administrators to manage bans, designed specifically for CS2.
mm-cs2-scrimThis Metamod add-on is tailored for CS2, facilitating competitive teams by adding essential features.
MiniVIPA Metamod:Source plugin that introduces basic VIP player features in CS2, enhancing the gaming experience.
MovementUnlockerThis plugin removes the max speed limitation for players on the ground in CS2, mimicking the feel of CS:S.
advertisingA unique Metamod:Source plugin for CS2 that adds advertising capabilities to the server.
cs2-fake-rconAdd back RCON support to CS2
cs2kzKZ plugin for CS2
AcceleratorLocalLocal Linux crash handler for CS2
surfcombat-metamod-cs2Surf Combat Metamod plugin for CS 2
dmrankServer plugin for rating deathmatch players.
CS2FixesA plugin with various features suited towards Zombie Escape servers

How To Install CS2 Plugins With Metamod

Edit: I now have a full guide on how to install CS2 plugins

Installing CS2 plugins is pretty straight forward and almost the same as CSGO. In fact, some game hosts such as Game Host Bros (that I own) support installing mods right from their dashboard. I would check to make sure they don't already have a Metamod installer there first, as it might be better for you to use that.

Game Host Bros GCG CS2 RETAKE AU Mod Manager

If they don't have a mod install, or you're self-hosting your own CS2 server, here is how you install plugins on your vanilla CS2 server.

  1. Download Metamod
  2. Extract and copy the Metamod /addons/ directory to /game/csgo/
  3. Inside /game/csgo/, locate
  4. Open it in notepad and look for the line " Game_LowViolence csgo_lv // Perfect World content override"
  5. Create a new line underneath and add " Game csgo/addons/metamod"
  6. Restart your game server and type "meta list" to see if it works. If it says unknown command, then check you copied the Metamod addons folder to the correct location.
  7. Download the plugin you want to use and extract it.
  8. Copy all the files inside to /game/csgo/metamod/
  9. Restart the server again and type "meta list" to see if the plugin is loaded

Each plugin will have its own install instructions, but this is going to cover 99% of plugins that you install.

How To Install Sourcemod On CS2

As of writing, this Sourcemod isn't released for CS2. We will add it once it's released.


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