How To Fix Black And Invisible Walls In CS2 [Texture Bug Glitch]

September 1, 2023
How To Fix Black And Invisible Walls In CS2

Today I just got access to Counter Strike 2, however as soon as I loaded into a match I could see through walls and some of the textures were black. I had also noticed on Reddit some other users were experiencing the same glitch.

Here is what my game looked like.

No matter what graphics settings or resolution I selected, it didn't change anything. However, after some tinkering, I was able to figure out the cause, fix this glitch and start enjoying CS2.

How To Fix Black And Invisible Textures

There are 2 issues that can happen that cause black textures. One is corrupt files and another is a game bug. Here are the steps required to fix both of them in one go.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to your Library
  3. Right click on Counter Strike Global Offensive
  4. Click Properties
  5. Go to the Install Files tab
  6. Click Verify integrity of game files
  7. Once that's finished, go back to the General tab
  8. Look for Launch options and enter -vulkan in the text box.
  9. Launch Counter Strike 2
  10. Go to Settings > Video > Advance
  11. Disable FidelityFX Super Resolution

What this does is makes the game use the Vulkan API instead of DirectX. Right now, if you don't disable FidelityFX with Vulkan enabled, you will get console spam and your game will stutter once you go into combat.


It's still early days for CS2, so these textures bugs and invisible wall glitches are bound to happen. Give it some time and they will be ironed out eventually. At least this fix will help you get a head start with Counter Strike 2 and you will be able to play with your friends.


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