How To Host A Soulmask Server [Easy To Follow Guide]

June 5, 2024
How To Host A Soulmask Server guide ghostcap

You know what's better than playing Soulmask alone? Playing it with friends!

In this guide, you will learn how to set up your own Soulmask dedicated server, set admins and configure your server. Even if you’ve never hosted a game server before, this guide will have you up and running in less than 15 minutes.

If you get stuck or have questions, come and join the GhostCap Discord server and get help from the community.

Soulmask Server System Requirements

Soulmask is fairly easy to run, however, it’s very heavy on ram usage. Soulmask needs at least 11GB free to start.

  • CPU: 2 Threads
  • RAM: 16GB
  • HDD: 10GB

How To Set up Soulmask Dedicated Server

To set up a Soulmask server, we will use a free tool called Easy SteamCMD. This will install SteamCMD and keep your game updated every time the tool starts.

  1. Download Easy SteamCMD.
  2. Extract the files for Easy SteamCMD to your C:\ drive in a new folder called soulmask.
  3. Replace the contents of easysteamcmd-config.txt with this Soulmask version.
  4. Edit the STARTUP_COMMAND with the settings you want to change such as the Server name, password etc.
  5. Run easysteamcmd.bat and let it install. Make sure you install any Unreal Engine popups it asks for.
  6. Your Soulmask server should now be running. Any time you want to run your game server again, simply run easysteamcmd.bat.

By default, Soulmask uses port 7777. So your connection IP should look like this:

How To Connect To Your Server

Once your server is running, you can now connect to it to test. Keep in mind that you will need to port forward 7777, 27016 using UDP on your router for players to connect from outside your home network.

  1. Open Soulmask and click Online Game > Connect to the server directly.
  2. Enter your IP address, port and click Confirm

How To Add Admins In Soulmask

Soulmask doesn't use a normal admin file, it needs what's called a gm password. This is set inside the STARTUP_COMMAND in easysteamcmd-config.txt. Stop your server and look for the section 


replace the value with your own, like this 


  1. Open Soulmask and connect to your server.
  2. Once connected, press ~ tilde on your keyboard.
  3. Type gm key YOUR-ADMIN-PASSWORD. It should now load the admin menu.
  4. In the window, type the password again and click Become the admin. Now you have access to all the settings of the server.

Make sure you check out our Soulmask Admin Commands post that covers all the admin commands you can use in game.

Upload Your Existing World Save.

If you need to upload your existing Soulmask save that is local on your PC to your new server, then we have written a guide here that covers the entire process.


There you have it, your private Soulmask server should now be up and running.

Did you get stuck at all? Come and join the GhostCap Discord server, where you can get help from our friendly community.


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