How To Respawn The Ender Dragon In Minecraft

October 4, 2021

Minecraft is a sandbox video game that can be played across several platforms. You could choose to play with a computer bot or with other players. Killing the ender dragon is a highlight for many players depending on the dimensions they are in

You could choose to respawn the ender dragon for many reasons such as gaining access to the dragon’s breath or 500 experience points. Knowing how to respawn the ender dragon in Minecraft you can do it multiple times.

This article shows you how to resummon the Ender Dragon should you need to fight it again at any time.

About The Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is also known as the end boss of Minecraft. It would only appear in the End Biome. In your first encounter, if you defeat her, you would earn 12,000 experience points and the Dragon’s Egg which she drops. After that, for every battle, you fight you earn 500 experience points and a new portal connecting the end and the overworld

Before you resummon the Ender Dragon you would have first found and killed it at some point in the game. To find the Ender Dragon you need to find a Stronghold on the overworld map. These strongholds are not easily found as they are underground so you have to use an Eye of Ender. When you place the Eye it will fly up in the sky towards the stronghold. Yours is to follow it till it gets to the location of the stronghold

As it gets closer to the location, the Eye of Ender will get lower and lower till it deigns to dig. Once it begins to dig, watch out for stone bricks as the stronghold is made of a stone maze. In the stronghold find the End Portal Room in this room to activate the portal with 12 Eye of Ender. Jump in when the Portal is open to fight the Ender Dragon

What Do You Need To Respawn The Ender Dragon

To respawn the Ender Dragon you will need 4 end crystals and place them at incorrect points. However, the end crystals have to be created. Here is a list of things you need to make the end crystal are summoned the Ender Dragon:

4 Ghast Tears

to obtain the Ghast tears you have to kill Ghast using a looting sword. For this, you would need to go back to the Nether, using bows and arrows or a looting sword, and hunt the Ghasts. Be careful as you hunt so the tears don’t drop into lava. Also, Ghasts could drop gun powders so be careful.

28 Glass Blocks

you get Glass blocks by melting sand in a furnace so you will have to make it yourself. Keep at it till you have 28 of them.

4 Eye Of Ender

you obtain the Eye of Ender as you did in your previous battle. They are made using an Ender Pearl and some Blaze Powder

16 Ender Pearls

Ender Pearls are dropped by Enderman so you pick them as you fight.

8 Blaze Rods

to get blaze rods to kill blazes in the nether. Blazers occasionally drop 1or 2 blaze rods

Steps to resummon the Ender Dragon

Remember that the End crystal is what is needed to summon the Ender Dragon so all efforts are directed towards that. If you already have the items listed above you are good to go

  1. Open the crafting table
  2. You will need to get your Blaze Powder from the Blaze Rods to place the Blaze Rods in the middle squares of the crafting tables. By clicking or tapping the Blaze Rods 4 times you can then move the Blaze Powder into the inventory.
  3. Place 4 Ender Pearls in the middle square of the crafting table. And combine with 2 stacks of blaze powder. It should be the Eye of Ender which you can move to your inventory.
  4. To craft the four end crystals place an Eye of Ender in the middle square. Put the 4 Ghast Tears in the bottom middle square and the four glass blocks in the surrounding boxes or squares. A purple end crystal icon would appear by the side. You can tap or click it to your inventory. Do this for the remaining crystal till you have four eyes of ender.
  5. Next, you go back to the end portal to go to the end. If you don’t have an end portal you can locate one using an Eye of Ender but make sure you still have four for the summoning of the Ender Dragon
  6. At the End Portal place the End Crystals in the most centered block on the sides of your End Portal. If you have previously made a dirt scaffold remove it before installing the End Crystal
  7. Once the End Crystals are in place you will have to wait for like 20 seconds for the Ender Dragon to respawn. During this time there will be a short animation, with light shooting from each of the pillars and an explosion near the center. The End Portal will disappear and then the end dragon comes back then you can fight it again.
  8. One thing you should note is that if you have not picked our Dragon Egg before respawning the Ender Dragon it will be destroyed. Make sure you pick up the egg before placing the End Crystals.


Respawning to the Ender Dragon is not difficult and you can do it multiple times if you have all the ingredients needed. With the exception of the Ghast tears, the remaining items are usually along the way, especially if you have had to look for strongholds at times.

Remember that if you need to locate the End Portal you will need to create an extra End Crystal. Also, remember to collect the Dragon Egg before summoning the Ender Dragon. Lastly, since the End Portal will disappear make sure you defeat the Ender Dragon to get back home safely


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