Minecraft Speedrun World Record

October 4, 2021

Minecraft Speedrunning refers to the time a player takes to complete the Minecraft game. All over the world, players try to complete the game within a set time. Most times, it is a time they have set for themselves. Some players who have held the world records have played the game over and over again. And they have developed ways of winning the game.

When Minecraft players try to complete the games in less time, they usually spawn in, proceed to the nether and gravitate towards the end. Arriving at the end, they defeat the Ender Dragon in as little time as possible. The Minecraft game is interesting and with practice, it takes expert players less time to complete it. Players who have held world records usually take advantage of glitches to achieve their aims.
There are different categories of the game available. The speedrunning records have categories including glitches with a random seed and glitches with a set seed. Holding the speedrunning world record is the result of continuous hard work. With constant speedrunning, players accomplish the game in less time. They get to know ways of reaching their goals in less time.

The speedrunning world record holder usually changes often because there is always someone else who beats the previous record holder. So far there have been several holders of the record. Here are five impressive world records of speedrunning on Minecraft.
Minecraft speedrun world record holders


Brentilda is one of the best players in the Minecraft game. Brentilda lives in Scotland and according to his Twitch, he has been in the game since 2010. That is a long time for a player to become an expert in the game. One thing with Minecraft players is that with time they get better at the game. They develop ways of completing the game in less time than they could when they started playing.

Brentilda took his Minecraft playing game a little further and started streaming and running the game. According to his Twitch, he had his first streaming and running on October 8, 2020. On April 19, 2021, he had a run where he set the world record for speedrunning. He beat the Minecraft game in 11 minutes and 9 seconds in real time and his in-game time spanned 9 minutes and 36 seconds.

His accomplishment made a huge statement on the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboard. If you want to check out the game, here is the seed: -8422260959436812016.


Before Brentilda came on board, the world record holder was TheeSizzler. TheeSizzler is a Minecraft streamer from Canada. He is not new to the game and has made some impressive headlines on world records before. As expected, he gets better at his game and has made a world record on the Minecraft speedrunning game.

He came out as the leader on the world records of speedrunning when he came out the fastest player on the Minecraft game. He spent 11 minutes and 20 seconds in real-time and 11 minutes and 17 seconds in in-game time.

Since his victory, TheeSizzler has gone on to speedrun Java Minecraft and modded Minecraft. His games always get better and he is making impressive moves in the game. If you want to check out the game, the seed is -534577935224618238.


Couriway is one player that has always aspired to move higher up the game even after setting great records. Couriway is in the United States. He has set impressive records that have put him on the speedrunning world record leaderboard. However, his zeal to move higher in the ranks led him to beat his own record and move higher in the ranking ladder.

On May 12, 2021, Couriway recorded impressive speedrunning time when it took him 11 minutes and 40 seconds to win the game in real-time. He spent 11 minutes and 15 seconds in-game time on the whole. After setting this record, there have been greater records by other players. The world record is usually not held for long as players are constantly working on getting better at the game and setting the world record.

After setting this game, Couriway has shared some challenge videos. Still aspiring to do better in the game, Couriway is working to set new records in the 1.17 Caves and Cliffs: Part I update. If you would want to check the game out, you are welcome to. The seed is 6933077906883194765.


nMerald is another good speedrunner in the Minecraft game. He lives in the United States and has been in the game for some time. On June 8, 2021, nMerald played the game and came out with some impressive records. He spent a real-time of 11 minutes and 49 seconds and an in-game time of 11 minutes 24 seconds on the game.
He has continued on Twitch and has shared some speedrunning after this record. If you are interested in checking out nMerald’s game, you are welcome to. The seed is -1818725263831511874.


fe666 is another speedrunner on Minecraft that has made some impressive history in the game. fe666 lives in Hungary and has been in the game for some time. On March 16, 2021, fe666 played the Minecraft game and completed it within an impressive time frame. He spent 12 minutes and 37 seconds in real-time and 11 minutes and 50 seconds in-game time on the adventure.
After setting this record, fe666 has continued speedrunning and is hopeful of completing the game in less time. If you are interested in checking out the game, you are welcome to. The seed is -6504894542059302982.


Before these players made these records, there have been other speedrunners with records. However, as time goes on, players get better at the game and set new records. Fans and enthusiasts of Minecraft speedrunning have to keep up with the constant change the world record holders change often. This strive for completing the game in less time than previous speedrunners and setting new records have contributed to making the game interesting as people look forward to interesting news on the leaderboard.


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