The 5 Best Rust Training Servers To Get GOOD!

January 20, 2021
Rust Training Servers

It's never easy to get started in a game.

You have to make decisions about what type of character you want, where you want to start, and how best to survive the first few minutes.

But if none of that interests you, then there are easier ways into Rust than most people think!

One way is by joining one of the many Rust training servers out there.

These servers allow players with no previous knowledge or experience with Rust all the time they need without any risk of permadeath or losing their gear just because they made a wrong move.

So join up on one today and see your skills skyrocket!

The 5 Best Rust Training Servers

With a myriad of  Rust training servers available for the game, the task of choosing the best ones can be quite confusing. But fret not, as I will highlight the top 5 choices to make your task easier.

1. GhostCap Gaming

GhostCap 1v1 Rust Server

GhostCap Gaming 10X Rust server is a fast-paced PVP server with action after every respawn. Custom events such as raidable bases and random loot drops keep players on their toes at all times, making GhostCap's game time more memorable than ever before.

The GhostCap Gaming server is the perfect place to find all of your favorite mods. With Loot+, InstaCraft, Teleport, and inventory manager for starters! If you want something more obscure though then try out event randomizers, helicopter hud, or plane crash events.

All these are free so there's nothing stopping you from experiencing them firsthand!

The training doesn't just stop at learning how to PVP.

  • Join a fast-paced PVP server with action after every respawn
  • The GhostCap Gaming server has custom events such as raidable bases and random loot drops
  • Free mods to choose from (Loot+, InstaCraft, Teleport, etc.), or more obscure ones (event randomizers, helicopter hud, plane crash events)
  • Play for free

Many of the players know exactly how to design a perfectly protected base with their resources, and this server offers you the perfect opportunity to learn those skills while practicing raid techniques on your opponents' bases.

Yes, sometimes wiping out foundations is necessary!

So come check it out for yourself and see what everyone's talking about - Rust has some great opportunities here that will help you hone your building abilities even further than before.

To quickly connect to our server, in the game menu, press F1 then type client.connect

GhostCap Gaming Rust Training Server IP:

GhostCap Gaming Website:

GhostCap Gaming Discord:


Rust PVP

The modded Rust server is one of the best ones to use for training and practice before going on a hardcore raid with your friends, or just trying out different modes like Sandbox!

You can find all sorts of gameplay themes and game types in these multiplayer servers so there's something here for everyone no matter if you're new at Rust or have played it since day one! is a server with an amazing number of options for players to hone their aim and gameplay skills in exciting ways!

The best part?

They have over 100 crates that can be bought using the in-game money, which you earn by playing on the servers-- and they're all full of incredible goodies like skins, knives, grenades, etc.

Not only do they offer modes such as Gungame or Scrims where people train together against others (or themselves), but UKN also has Targets so you can practice your headshots at home without fear-- because it's Aimbots ONLY mode!

  • Relax in a safe environment before going hardcore
  • Try out different modes with friends
  • Unlimited gameplay options
  • Friendly, welcoming staff

So, all in all, it's quite obvious that training servers have everything for a truly rich and immersive Rust experience. Rust Training Server IP: Website: Discord:

3. CosaNostra Battlefield Server

Rust Night

Cosanostra Battlefield Rust server lets you play with a random team in a battle royale kind of setting.

It's a really fast-paced and super exciting game where players will have to collect resources, build fortifications as quickly as possible, all while being hunted by other teams!

The thrill is heightened when the clock ticks towards the end of an hour-long round - do I push my luck or stay put?

This adrenaline rush invites players who thrive on unpredictability into this battlefield that never ends.

  • Explore an infinite battlefield
  • Spontaneous gameplay with no set schedule
  • Explore a new kind of battle royale game mode
  • No risk, all excitement

If you are looking for a battle that never ends, then this training server is definitely a must-try.

CosaNostra Rust Training Server IP:

CosaNostra Website:

CosaNostra Discord:

4. Perfect Aim Train

Rust Done

Need a Rust aim trainer? Welcome to the Perfect Aim Train. With a diverse arrangement of events and game modes, you'll be able to master your weapons in no time at all!

Their Combat Arenas are designed for enemy elimination with many maps available that simulate real-life battles. Targets & Aimtrain bots help you perfect your skills from any distance - moving or stationary bots will ensure victory on the battlefield soon enough!

If Free For All is more up your alley, fight it out like there's no tomorrow; when death doesn't mean anything anymore then everything becomes fair game.

It also includes a number of mods such as Helicopters and increased loot. You'll have the option to use your favorite weapons immediately and you can also use your own preferred settings to play the game.

  • Fun, engaging, and easy to use
  • Plenty of content for endless playtime
  • Teaches difficult skills without risk
  • Variety is the spice of life

The fact that you've got a lot of mods to make the game challenging and interesting is ample evidence of how deeply customizable the game can get.

This is a server to try out when you just want a fun and engaging online multiplayer match.

Perfect Aim Train Rust Server IP: 199.231. 233.65:28015

Perfect Aim Train Website:

Perfect Aim Train Discord:

5. BekerMelk's Gun Aim Training

Rust Explosive

So, more often than not, you stand a better chance of surviving the game with a gun in your hand.

The BekerMelk's Gun Aim Training Rust server uses weapon skins and PVP arenas to master the art of shooting. This user-friendly server has tons of weapons readily available for use from pistols all the way up to sniper rifles!

It supports 9 players in a group at once so have fun teaming it out as well as playing endless challenges or engaging in new games modes like capture point kingpin mode which is sure to bring hours and hours worth of entertainment into any player’s day!

  • Helps people become better at shooting, especially for situations in the game
  • Features equipment that is available to use
  • Gives an enjoyable way to battle friends and enemies with a variety of playing modes

It's one of the best rust aiming servers because it allows you to play one of the best training modes you can possibly have in the game.

BekerMelks Rust Training Server IP:

BekerMelks Discord:

What Are Training Servers?

Training servers are basically practice Rust servers that can be installed on your computer to give you the freedom to practice the game privately without any additional disturbance or pressure. It gives you the freedom to play with others as well as bots for a diverse and challenging experience.

You can choose to practice your aim or your defense or a plethora of other things in complete anonymity. This is what makes the game of Rust so much more fun and exciting for new players.

It's basically a multiplayer version of the game so you can play with as many other entities as you want and enjoys exciting challenges.

Training servers offer a number of advantages to the Rust player, and the most important advantage is Forge. Forge is a technology used for configuring and altering the visuals of an in-game map. It's quite popular and entertaining so you can make some really interesting maps using Forge. You can also run the training server on your computer to make it highly customized and unique for your needs.

Each of the Training servers mentioned below will provide you with a unique experience, with varying game modes and bot difficulty levels. You will also love the fact that you can select your own map servers and customize them as per your needs.

Rust is one of those video games that have gained a huge viewership and popularity level among players from across the globe. It's a unique, first-person, multiplayer open-world experience from the creators of Garry's Mod it is groundbreaking, spectacular, and hugely ambitious.

You might be surprised to learn that this kind of game was created by a very small team of just 7 people in a span of only 6 months. The experimental, survival-based video game offers multi-player modes, tournaments, trading tools, and a lot more, making it all the more interesting and challenging. However, one of the most important aspects to make a game popular in today's world is multiplayer support.

So how do the Rust training servers play a role in enhancing player experience? Well, in this game players can not only enjoy a serene and solitary survival experience but also indulge in the multiplayer action, learning the basics of the game and even honing their skills in combat and survival.

So, any player can now download training servers and be able to play Rust multiplayer mode with a host of other players.

How Do You Practice Aim In Rust?

Just like any FPS (CSGO, Valorant, PUBG) having good aim can almost always beat any other advantage you can have over your opponent. Sure you might not know the map very well or understand how to properly play as a team but that almost doesn't matter if you have better aim than the enemy. Rust is no different, ensuring you land more hits than your opponent basically guarantees a positive outcome.

It is because of this that many communities have created their own version of rust training servers. This is designed to practice your aim by providing stationary/ moving targets at a variety of ranges, heights and introducing variables such as weather and obstacles.

You can also join a Rust PVE server versus AI enemies. This is a great way to learn to aim without having someone outplay you.


Rust is an incredibly addictive video game that allows you to create your own stories. You start as a lowly rookie fighter against the forces of Mother Nature and within a matter of time, you grow to become a seasoned warrior.

The game is a bit complicated to get hold of, and even the slightest mistake can be your undoing. So, the training servers provide you with the opportunity to explore the game in a risk-free environment. You can enjoy the multiplayer modes and hone your skills in fighting and hunting as well.

Rust Training servers simply add to the overall experience for the players of this game and it's not surprising that they get so popular. If you are keen on getting to the very best of Rust, then you should definitely use training servers to enhance your skills.

Want to host your own Rust Training server? Then check our guide on how to host a Rust server here.


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