How To Change Soulmask Server Settings [All Configs Translated]

June 7, 2024
Soulmask Server Settings guide

One of the best things about Soulmask is the amount of customization it offers. You can really make the world your own. However, sometimes simply using the admin commands doesn't get you the desired settings. Here's what you need to know about modifying your Soulmask server settings through the GameXishu.json file.

This guide is suitable for both local coop and dedicated servers.

GameXishu.json Soulmask Config Location

To access and modify your server settings, you will need to edit the GameXishu.json file located in your server's configuration folder. This file contains all the settings that govern various aspects of the game.

Here are the file locations, both a local Windows version of Soulmask and the server version.

Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\WS\{YOUR-STEAM-ID}\2646460\AutoGames\{YOUR-GAME-INVITE-ID}\GameXishu.json

Server: /WS/Saved/GameplaySettings/GameXishu.json

Make sure your game is stopped before editing any of these.

Soulmask Settings Search

Use the search box below to search all the translated Soulmask server settings and what each setting does.

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DescriptionSettingDefault Value
Active Skill Attribute RatioZhuDongYiJiShuXingRatio1
Add People Toxicity RatioAddRenKeDuRatio1
Allow Others to Open ChestYunXuOtherDaKaiXiangZi0
Allow Others to Open WorkbenchYunXuOtherDaKaiGongZuoTai0
Animal Active Skill Attribute RatioDongWuZhuDongYiJiShuXingRatio1
Animal Damage RatioDongWuDamageRatio1
Animal Damage Reduction RatioDongWuJianShangRatio1
Animal Entity Drop RatioDongWuShiTiDiaoLuoRatio1
Animal Food Consumption RatioDongWuXiaoHaoShiWuRatio1
Animal Growth RatioDongWuShengZhangRatio1
Animal Output RatioDongWuChanChuRatio1
Animal Passive Skill Attribute RatioDongWuBeiDongYiJiShuXingRatio1
Animal Production Interval RatioDongWuShengChanJianGeRatio1
Animal Quality RatioDongWuPinZhiRatio1
Animal Secondary Attribute RatioDongWuErJiShuXingRatio1
Animal Water Consumption RatioDongWuXiaoHaoShuiRatio1
Armor Recovery RatioJiaSiHuiFuRatio1
Attack Building Damage RatioGongJiJianZhuDamageRatio1
Attack Minute LimitJinGongMinuteLimit90
Boss People Drop RatioBossRenDiaoLuoRatio1
Breath Consumption RatioQiXiXiaoHaoRatio1
Breath Recovery RatioQiXiHuiFuRatio1
Breeding Interval RatioFanZhiJianGeRatio1
Building Corruption MultiplierJianZhuFuLanMul1
Building Corruption SwitchJianZhuFuLanKaiGuan1
Building Repair MultiplierJianZhuXiuLiMul1
Building Resource Refresh RadiusJianZhuZiYuanJinShuaBanJing1
Building Teleportation Door Plus SwitchJianZhuChuanSongMenPlusKaiGuan0
Collection Damage RatioCaiJiDamageRatio1
Collection Drop RatioCaiJiDiaoLuoRatio1
Collection Experience RatioCaiJiExpRatio1
Collection Production Building Drop RatioCaiJiShengChanJianZhuDiaoLuoRatio1
Common People Drop RatioPuTongRenDiaoLuoRatio1
Cooldown Minute LimitLengQueMinuteLimit1440
Crop Drop RatioZuoWuDropRatio1
Crop Fertilizer Consumption RatioZuoWuFeiLiaoXiaoHaoRatio1
Crop Growth RatioZuoWuShengZhangRatio1
Crop Rot RatioZuoWuXiaoHuiRatio1
Crop Water Consumption RatioZuoWuShuiXiaoHaoRatio1
Damage Taken from Wild RatioBeDamageByYeShengRatio1
Dance Cooldown TimeTiaoWuLengQueTime4
Defensive Damage SwitchYouFangShangHaiKaiGuan0
Durability CoefficientNaiJiuXiShu1
Elite People Drop RatioJingYingRenDiaoLuoRatio1
Enable Building Health RecoveryKaiQiJianZhuHuiXueBuilding1
Enable Cross-serverKaiQiKuaFu0
Equipment Regeneration RatioZhiBeiChongShengRatio1
Experience RatioExpRatio1
Fire Burning Speed RatioYingHuoRanShaoSuDuRatio1
Food Consumption RatioShiWuXiaoHaoRatio1
Fuel Consumption RatioRanLiaoXiaoHaoRatio1
Game World Daytime PortionGameWorldDayTimePortion0.6999999881
Game World Time PowerGameWorldTimePower24
Global PVP Damage RatioPVP_GAPVPDamageRatio1
Growth Experience RatioChengZhangExpRatio1
Guild Maximum Animal CountGongHuiMaxDongWuCount50
Guild Maximum Recruitment CountGongHuiMaxZhaoMuCount50
GhostCap CountGhostCapCount1337
Health Recovery RatioShengMingHuiFuRatio1
Heat CoefficientReDuXiShu1
Important Animal Entity Drop RatioDongWuShiTiZhongYaoDiaoLuoRatio1
Individual Maximum Animal CountGeRenMaxDongWuCount10
Individual Maximum Recruitment CountGeRenMaxZhaoMuCount6
Individual Maximum Recruitment Count (Level 2)GeRenMaxZhaoMuCount_Two10
Individual Maximum Recruitment Count (Level 3)GeRenMaxZhaoMuCount_Three15
Interaction Exclusion Between Camera and CharacterHuDongExcludeBetweenCameraCharacter1
Invasion Burn City CoefficientRuQinShaoChengXiShu0.6000000238
Invasion End HourRuQinEndHour24
Invasion Intensity CoefficientRuQinQiangDuXiShu1
Invasion Massacre CoefficientRuQinTuShaXiShu0.3000000119
Invasion Monster Level CoefficientRuQinGuaiLevelXiShu1
Invasion Scale CoefficientRuQinGuiMoXiShu1
Invasion Start HourRuQinBeginHour0
Invasion SwitchRuQinKaiGuan1
Item Decay RatioWuPinFuHuaiRatio1
Item Destruction TimeWuPinXiaoHuiTime1
Marauder Active Skill Attribute RatioMaRenZhuDongYiJiShuXingRatio1
Marauder Damage RatioMaRenDamageRatio1
Marauder Damage Reduction RatioManRenJianShangRatio1
Marauder Passive Skill Attribute RatioMaRenBeiDongYiJiShuXingRatio1
Marauder Quality RatioManRenPinZhiRatio1
Marauder Secondary Attribute RatioMaRenErJiShuXingRatio1
Maximum Invasion InstancesRuQinMaxChangCiCount2
Maximum Invasion Monster CountRuQinGuaiCountMax128
Maximum LevelMaxLevel60
Maximum Monsters per WaveRuQinPerBoGuaiMax16
Media Trial SwitchMeiTiShiWanKaiGuan0
Micro Adjustment CoefficientXiShuWeiLing0
Minimum Invasion Monster CountRuQinGuaiCountMin8
Minimum Monsters per WaveRuQinPerBoGuaiMin3
Mining Drop RatioCaiKuangDiaoLuoRatio1
MJ Experience RatioMJExpRatio1
Monster Killing Experience RatioShaGuaiExpRatio1
Monster Killing Experience Share RatioShaGuaiExpShareRatio0.200000003
Mood DecreaseXinQingJianShao1
Mood IncreaseXinQingZengZhang1
Movement OptimizationMovementYouHua1
Mutual Damage SwitchHuXIangShangHaiKaiGuan0
Other Experience RatioQiTaExpRatio1
Passive Skill Attribute RatioBeiDongYiJiShuXingRatio1
Physical Optimization DistanceWuLiYouHuaDist6666
Physical Optimization SwitchWuLiYouHuaKaiGuan1
Player Defensive Damage SwitchPlayerYouFangShangHaiKaiGuan1
Player Hit Building Damage RatioWanJiaHitJianZhuShangHaiRatio1
Player Minification RatioWanJiaBeiXiaoRenRatio0.8000000119
Player Resource Refresh RadiusWanJiaZiYuanJinShuaBanJing1
Player Trial SwitchWanJiaShiWanKaiGuan0
Player Weight Reduction RatioWanJiaBeiXiaoTiRatio0.8000000119
Production Experience RatioZhiZuoExpRatio1
Production Time RatioZhiZuoTimeRatio1
Punishment SwitchPanpaKaiGuan1
PVE Only Shared Guild Ownership SwitchPVEOnlyTongGuiShuCanOpenKaiGuan1
PVP Damage Ratio MeleePVP_ShangHaiRatio_JinZhan0.400000006
PVP Damage Ratio Player to Player (Attacker)PVP_ShangHaiRatio_PlayerToPlayer_DiFang1
PVP Damage Ratio Player to Player (Defender)PVP_ShangHaiRatio_PlayerToPlayer_YouFang0.05999999866
PVP Damage Ratio RangedPVP_ShangHaiRatio_YuanCheng0.400000006
PVP Damage Ratio Without P2P DefensePVP_ShangHaiRatio_WithoutP2P_YouFang0
PVP Time America Non-Work End TimePVPTimeAmericaNoWorkEndTime24
PVP Time America Non-Work Start TimePVPTimeAmericaNoWorkStartTime0
PVP Time America Work End TimePVPTimeAmericaWorkEndTime24
PVP Time America Work Start TimePVPTimeAmericaWorkStartTime0
PVP Time Asia Non-Work End TimePVPTimeAsiaNoWorkEndTime24
PVP Time Asia Non-Work Start TimePVPTimeAsiaNoWorkStartTime0
PVP Time Asia Work End TimePVPTimeAsiaWorkEndTime24
PVP Time Asia Work Start TimePVPTimeAsiaWorkStartTime0
PVP Time Europe Non-Work End TimePVPTimeEuropeNoWorkEndTime24
PVP Time Europe Non-Work Start TimePVPTimeEuropeNoWorkStartTime0
PVP Time Europe Work End TimePVPTimeEuropeWorkEndTime24
PVP Time Europe Work Start TimePVPTimeEuropeWorkStartTime0
Random Invasion SwitchSuiJiRuQinKaiGuan1
Reconnaissance Minute LimitTanChaMinuteLimit20
Regeneration SpeedFuHuaSpeed1
Repair Durability Upper Limit Reduction RatioXiuLiJiangNaiJiuShangXianRatio1
Repair Material Requirement RatioXiuLiXuYaoCaiLiaoRatio1
Resource Health RatioZiYuanShengMingRatio1
Respawn RatioChongsuRatio1
Restore Initial Body DataHuiFuChuShiBodyData1
Resurrection Move Death SwitchFuHuoMoveSiWangBaoKaiGuan0
Secondary Attribute RatioErJiShuXingRatio1
Skill Proficiency Experience RatioShuLianDuExpRatio1
Sleep DistanceXiuMianDistance10000
Sleep Offline DaysXiuMianOfflineDays7
Soldiers SwitchBinSiKaiGuan1
Special Item Drop Coefficient Bonus SwitchTeShuDaoJuDropXiShuJiaChengKaiGuan0
Stamina Recovery RatioTiLiHuiFuRatio1
Treasure Chest Drop LevelBaoXiangDiaoLuoDengJi0
Treasure Chest Drop RatioBaoXiangDropRatio1
Wake DistanceHuanXingDistance9000
Water Consumption RatioShuiXiaoHaoRatio1
Wild Damage RatioDamageYeShengRatio1
Wild Hit Building Damage RatioYeShengHitJianZhuShangHaiRatio4
Wood Drop RatioFaMuDiaoLuoRatio1

Why Customize Your Server?

Customizing your Soulmask server allows you to tailor the game experience to your liking. Whether you want to tweak difficulty levels, adjust resource consumption rates, or modify PvP settings, the ability to change server settings provides unparalleled control over your gameplay environment.


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