Valorant Dodging Penalty (Do Players Who Dodge Games Get Banned?)

June 18, 2023
Valorant Dodging Penalty

In the world of competitive gaming, every action has a consequence. In Valorant, Riot Games' popular first-person shooter, this principle is no exception. One of the most common offenses in the game is queue dodging, a practice that has been under Riot's microscope for some time. In this article, we will delve into the Valorant dodging penalty, its implications for gameplay, and the changes introduced in patch 6.07.

Understanding Queue Dodging

Queue dodging is the act of entering a queue for a match and then abruptly leaving it, often during the agent select phase. This behavior is common across players who didn't get their agent of choice or those trying to avoid a perceived disadvantageous match. However, Riot Games views this as a disruptive behavior that undermines the integrity of the game and the experience of other players.

The Penalty for Queue Dodging

To penalize this common offense, Riot Games introduced a queue dodge penalty system. The system is designed to discourage players from repeatedly engaging in queue dodging behavior. The penalty for players who dodge games ranges from a short queue timeout to a loss of RR (rank rating), depending on the frequency of the offense.

Patch 6.07: A Game Changer

The introduction of patch 6.07 marked a significant shift in how Riot Games handles queue dodging. The patch increased the amount of ranked rating loss for repeated queue dodging, reflecting Riot's firm stance against serial queue dodging. The patch also introduced a 1 day ranked restriction for players who frequently engage in this behavior.

The Impact on Valorant Players

The changes brought about by patch 6.07 have had a significant impact on Valorant players. The increase in ranked rating loss and the introduction of ranked restrictions have made players think twice before deciding to dodge a queue. The penalties in patch 6.07 have been effective in curbing excessive AFK behavior sooner than previously introduced ranked restrictions.

The Secret Penalty

In an interesting twist, a Valorant dev revealed a secret penalty for players who dodge games. This penalty, not displayed in the UI anywhere, is a hidden RR (rank rating) loss. According to EvrMoar, a Riot Games developer, players who dodge lose 3 RR for the first dodge of the day and tally 18 RR for the second. This revelation shows Riot's commitment to quietly delivering justice to players who disrupt the game's player dynamics.

The Consequences of AFK Behavior

Away from keyboard (AFK) behavior is another issue that Riot Games has been addressing. Similar to queue dodging, AFK behavior disrupts the gameplay and negatively impacts the player participation in a match. Riot Games has been taking steps to penalize excessive AFK behavior sooner than previously introduced restrictions.

Final Thoughts

Riot Games' approach to handling queue dodging and AFK behavior in Valorant is a testament to their commitment to maintaining fair gameplay. The penalties introduced in patch 6.07 and the secret penalty for players who dodge games show that Riot is serious about punishing disruptive behavior. As Valorant continues to evolve, players must adapt to these changes and understand the consequences of their actions.

Remember, Valorant is not just about winning or losing a game. It's about participating in a match, respecting the rules, and enjoying the gameplay. So, the next time you think about dodging a queue or going AFK, remember the penalties and think about the impact of your actions on other players.


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