What Does "nt" Mean In Valorant?

July 27, 2022
What Does nt Mean In Valorant comp

In-game chat can be a daunting place for someone who is new to the realm of a multiplayer game or tactical shooter game.

There is always some lingo or acronyms that most veterans are well aware of, but it's hard for a low-ranked player to understand.

Valorant's in-game chat is no different (I mean, you're here looking up what does nt mean in Valorant right?)

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will understand the most general gaming terminology used in Valorant and in some Riot games.

What Does It Mean When Someone Types NT In Valorant Chat?

When players chat "nt" in Valorant, it means "nice try". It is a term used not just in Riot games title but is also common in other games. Players usually use this term when one of their teammates or a lone player fails to win a clutch situation despite giving notable efforts.

This gives positive reinforcement to the remaining player and the team in general. Saying "nt" via chat or voice goes a long way and helps your team as a whole!

Spreading toxicity won't help as it may result in players getting tilted, getting mad, raging, or they may end up throwing the game!

In the past, most other multiplayer games such as first-person shooters like Quake (boomer shooter) used the term "n1", meaning nice one.

These days though, all the popular games zoomers play use "nt" or nice try as a way to spread positivity!

Here are a few scenarios as well where "nt" is applicable:

When the last lone player on the team is in a clutch situation, all the other players are watching them try to defuse the spike, they did everything they could and gave notable efforts to try to win, however, they die close to the end.

Teammates spamming NT in your chat and other positive affirmation so you won't get distracted from toxic messages coming from your enemies or maybe someone from your team.

Popular Valorant In-Game Terminology

Aside from "nt" or nice try, here is a handy compilation of the most used acronyms and what they mean in Valorant.

  • GG - Good game (mostly used at the end of the match regardless of the result)
  • GLHF - Good luck, have fun! ( used at the beginning of the game and wishing everyone luck and just enjoy the game!)
  • GGWP - Good game, well played!
  • EZ - Easy. Players on the winning team usually say this at the end of the match! Triggering the losing team! šŸ˜€
  • TP - Teleport

As players, we all know that communication is vital in winning competitive matches. Not just in Valorant but also in other competitive games. High knowledge of jargon and in-game terminology puts your team at an advantage. Remember, communication is the key!


Are there any other in-game acronyms and jargon you have encountered and are not familiar with? Leave it down below and will sort it out for you!


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