What Is Ark Genesis: A Journey Through the Ultimate Survival Experience

May 9, 2023
what is ark genesis comp

As you know, I've been diving into a plethora of games, but this time I want to talk about one game that has truly captured my heart and soul - Ark Genesis. This game has been a rollercoaster of emotions and excitement, so buckle up as we explore the depths of this incredible survival experience.

What is Ark Genesis

F?or those of you who might not be familiar with it, Ark Genesis is a massive expansion pack for the popular game, Ark: Survival Evolved. Developed by Studio Wildcard, the expansion pack is split into two parts, Genesis Part 1 and Genesis Part 2. Released in February 2020 and June 2021 respectively, these two parts have taken the Ark universe to new heights with mind-blowing content and gameplay mechanics. Here's what you can expect:

  • A rich and diverse open-world environment, filled with prehistoric and fantastical creatures.
  • New biomes that offer unique challenges, resources, and creatures.
  • A gripping storyline that adds depth to the Ark universe.
  • Brand-new creatures, items, and structures that enhance the overall experience.
  • Innovative mission-based gameplay and environmental hazards that keep you on your toes.

In this blog post, I'll be sharing my personal experience with Ark Genesis, discussing the different aspects of the game, and sharing some tips and tricks that I've picked up along the way.

The Genesis Adventure Begins

The Genesis Adventure Begins comp

As an avid Ark player, I was both excited and nervous when I first loaded up Genesis Part 1. The thought of starting fresh in an unknown environment was daunting, but I was eager to explore the new biomes and face the challenges that awaited me. Little did I know just how intense and rewarding my Genesis journey would be.

Biomes of Genesis Part 1

Genesis Part 1 features five distinct biomes that are interconnected within a massive simulation. Each biome has its unique challenges, creatures, and resources, making them perfect for players with different play styles. Here's a brief overview of these biomes:

  1. Bog: A swampy, treacherous biome with dense vegetation and deadly creatures. Insects and carnivorous plants are abundant, and the threat of bloodstalkers (spider-like creatures) is ever-present.
  2. Arctic: A frozen wasteland that's harsh and unforgiving. The freezing cold and scarce resources make survival difficult, but the challenges are rewarded with valuable loot and rare creatures.
  3. Ocean: A vast underwater playground filled with exotic marine life and hidden treasures. Navigating the depths can be perilous, but the rewards are worth the risk.
  4. Volcanic: A searing hellscape where lava flows and eruptions are commonplace. The heat and dangerous terrain make it one of the most challenging biomes, but it's also home to some of the game's most powerful resources.
  5. Lunar: A low-gravity, alien landscape with minimal atmosphere and extreme temperature fluctuations. This biome is home to some of the rarest resources and creatures in the game, but is also the most hazardous.

Taming and Surviving in Genesis Part 1

As I ventured through the different biomes, I found myself facing new and exciting challenges. Taming creatures in Ark Genesis requires a different approach compared to the base game, as some creatures have unique taming methods. For example, taming a bloodstalker involves allowing it to ensnare you in its web and then feeding it blood packs.

Survival in Genesis, Part 1 is also an exhilarating experience. The introduction of environmental hazards, such as avalanches in the Arctic biome and volcanic eruptions in the Volcanic biome, keeps you on your toes. Additionally, the mission-based gameplay offers various challenges that test your survival skills and reward you with valuable loot and experience points.

Genesis Part 2: The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier Ark Genesis

Following the gripping conclusion of Genesis Part 1, I eagerly jumped into Genesis Part 2. The expansion transports you to a massive starship traveling through deep space, where you must continue your mission of survival while uncovering the mysteries of the ship and the Ark universe.

Exploring the Starship

The starship in Genesis Part 2 is divided into several biomes, each with its unique challenges, creatures, and resources. Some of the biomes I encountered during my journey include:

  1. Eden Zone: A lush, Earth-like environment teeming with life and resources. This zone is relatively safe and serves as the starting point for most players.
  2. Rockwell's Garden: A twisted, nightmarish version of the Eden Zone, corrupted by the sinister influence of Rockwell. This biome is filled with aggressive creatures and dangerous plant life.
  3. Space: An expansive, zero-gravity environment outside the starship, where you can find rare resources and valuable loot. Beware of deadly space hazards, like solar flares and meteor showers.

New Creatures and Gameplay Mechanics

Genesis Part 2 introduces a host of new creatures and gameplay mechanics that add depth and complexity to the Ark experience. Some of the most notable additions include:

  • TEK Suits: These advanced suits provide players with various abilities, such as flight, enhanced strength, and underwater breathing. The suits require an Element to function and play a significant role in the gameplay of Genesis Part 2.
  • Astromancy: A new skill that allows players to navigate the starship and locate points of interest using a star map.
  • Hover Skiffs: Personal flying vehicles that make traversing the vast environments of Genesis Part 2 a breeze.

I had a blast discovering and taming the new creatures in Genesis Part 2, such as the fearsome Shadowmane and the agile Maewing. Each creature has unique abilities and characteristics that make them valuable assets in your quest for survival.

Tips and Tricks for Ark Genesis

As I progressed through my Genesis adventure, I picked up several tips and tricks that I'd like to share with my fellow GhostCap gamers. These tips will help you get the most out of your Ark Genesis experience:

  • Be prepared for environmental hazards by carrying appropriate gear, such as fur armor for the Arctic biome and hazard suits for the Lunar biome.
  • Tame creatures native to each biome, as they will often have abilities that help you navigate the environment more efficiently.
  • Complete missions to earn valuable loot and experience points. Some missions also unlock unique skins and emotes.
  • Utilize the HLN-A companion to help you navigate the environments, provide useful information, and assist in various tasks, like hacking terminals.
  • Experiment with different strategies and loadouts to tackle the unique challenges presented by each biome and mission.

Final Thoughts on Ark Genesis

My journey through Ark Genesis has been an unforgettable experience. The expansion packs have elevated the Ark universe to new heights, offering a thrilling blend of survival gameplay, exploration, and storytelling.

The diverse biomes, unique creatures, and innovative gameplay mechanics make Ark Genesis a must-play for any fan of the Ark franchise or survival games in general.


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