CS GO Surf Servers

Best CS GO Surf Servers

Receiving immense popularity, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game is today one of the most played first-person shooting games. The gameplay includes five individuals on each team competing against each other in either demolition or a hostage-rescue mission.

Each player or team takes the role of either attacker or defender, with an objective of completing the predetermined task or eliminating the opposing team.

This game has a lot of maps, including the classic Cobblestone, Dust II and Cache. In addition, it also includes a lot of game modes such as a classic bomb defusal mode, and a hostage rescue mission. It is because of this popularity many smaller communities have created their own take on the game and it’s mechanics, CS GO Surf Servers are no exception to that.

But regardless of the mode, the best way to play this game, and to maximize its enjoyment, is by playing it on a community server, especially ones with high players and a good map rotation.

What Is A CS GO Surf Server?

Dedicated servers are used for hosting CS:GO games on the internet. The server itself is hosted on a private computer, or a powerful dedicated server connected directly to the internet that has the ability to connect up to 64 players at once all to the same map and instance.

The server will then keep track of all the online players and their allies. In addition, it will be also responsible for running the game in the background, and controlling all game processes externally. Since the server can be accessed by anyone in the world, there is a high chance that players from different countries may be on the same server (Usually not higher than 200ms).

As long as they have a basic knowledge of the game’s maps, they can then start joining the action and start playing with players from other countries. In short, surfing servers is to play the game by entering a server that has been created by another player, and then allow oneself to be carried by other racers.

How To Surf In CS GO

Since CS GO surfing servers have existed since the launch of the game, players have found that it is not that easy to effectively surf. A successful racer should be familiar with a number of maps. He should be also capable of learning the routes on most of the maps to avoid getting killed. He should be able to properly use the recoil to kill opponents, and most importantly, he should be good at maintaining his health.

As stated earlier, since this game is a shooting game, the ultimate goal is to eliminate the opposing team. With this in mind, it is clear that surfing servers is not an easy task. Gamers should also be familiar with basic weapons, as well as their running speed and jumping skills.

All these factors would help them to maintain their health while racing. At the same time, these factors will allow them to kill enemies or eliminate them.

Best Surf Maps For Beginners

This game has hundreds of maps, but most of the maps are meant for experts. In addition, most of them are very difficult for new players to master. For beginners, the best way to learn to surf is to start with the basic maps, and master all the obstacles before moving on to more difficult maps.

– Dust II: This is by far the most famous map in Global Offensive, and is also considered as the most popular map. There are also numerous CS GO servers that support this map. Beginners can easily find this map in various servers. The map itself has few obstacles and is easy to master. Combining this with many players’ awareness on its features, beginners can easily join the action and start surfing.

– Nuke: Unlike Dust II, this map is only supported by a few servers. But despite the limitation in its servers, Nuke remains to be one of the most popular games, and is most certainly an ideal map to start with. Because of the obstacles on this map, gamers should start with it at an early stage of their careers. This will allow them to slowly master the obstacles and learn how to effectively use the recoil or to use weapons with ease and precision. You can find this map via its official name as de_nuke.

– Office: Like Nuke, Office is also a map that is mainly used by the more advanced players. But despite this, beginners can still surf on this map. Gamers should be familiar with proper map knowledge to master and draft on this map. It can be found on de_office.

3 Best CS GO Surf Servers

These are the three best CS GO Surf Servers in the business. With a huge player base and a large number of servers to play with, players will surely find the best action on these servers. They include SurfHeaven, as well as the servers of KSF Clan and tangoworldwide.


One of the most comprehensive and active communities of CS:GO players. This gaming community offers a lot of game modes. But as for surfing, players can easily play in any of the many servers that SurfHeaven offers. Check out their official website for more details.

KSF Clan servers

Launched a little earlier this year, this gaming community has already grown into one of the most complete gaming communities in the internet. Aside from its high-speed dedicated servers, players will also find this gaming community as one of the most credible in the globe. Their servers are also ranked as one of the best.

Surf Utopia

A relatively new gaming community, this gaming community is fast gaining a lot of recognition in the community. It has a huge player base, and it is also equipped with a lot of servers, allowing gamers to surf their servers. It also offers a special betting platform where players can compete for prizes. You can check out its official website for more details.


CS:GO is one of the most exciting online shooting games available today. But the main reason why most gamers consider this game exciting is surfing. Players who have already mastered all the maps can then find different servers and start surfing.

The official servers of the game are all in favor of beginners. However, they are mostly crowded and too competitive for a new player like you. The best way to be successful in this game and to make the most out of it is by surfing.

And to do so, you have to become a member of a reliable community. But there are times when trusting other players is dangerous. To protect yourself from possible frauds, you should always start with the community of your choice and check it out first.